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By Young Fluff:


The civil war between the Sica family was won again by the younger generation.  Kerry Hills defeated the Bikini Bottom All Stars by a 3-2 score as they did on the opening weekend.  Brian and Patricia outplayed their shaky brother and father, Michael and John again.  Kenny Kearns and the crew proved that they belong in the upper division.  The question is, do the All Stars? 


Fillmore Insurance takes three out of five from Jameson’s tonight.  We would’ve taken all five if it hadn’t been for the miserable, horrible, embarrassing play of Tim (the not so great Devlin).  Tim, next week, is it possible to move your flight up one day? The team would appreciate it.  Tim left the bar early tonight to pick up his son, it’s a good thing he’s picking something up because he couldn’t pick his team up tonight. Has the soccer teamed formed?  Tim they don’t let you kick in the Sugar Bowl Tournament, so I guess you’re out.  TC, what was that guy’s name again?


Thank you Steve Collins for gracing The Bikini Bottom All Stars with your presence this evening. We won your two games and no others. We’ll probably not win again because of your bum knee.  Enjoy your retirement!


The battle of the Nice Guys continued this evening with Connolly’s edging the Federation 3-2.  Party Boy played great and said he is shopping for his outfit for position week.   As for Steve O, he is still chasing after the kids for their cookies every Thursday night.  What would happen if there were no sprinkles on those cookies?


Irish Tunes, what can we NOT say?  Tracy (Baby B) who is due in October played so well, that we are recruiting the baby for next year. Why not?  Connolly’s Island gave us their all, especially the guy in the RED SHORTS who played and served so good!  Denise tried to be Wonder Women, until the real Wonder Women showed her who was boss.  Didn’t matter, we were defeated 4 games to 1.  Can the baby be induced before position week?  Thanks for the entertainment and laughs, Connolly’s. We had a ball!


After battling the fire in Rockaway (with flip flops, what else in Rockaway), it occurred to George just how many VB teams is Butler on?  Will the real Jay Butler please stand up!  The Beach Club says that Wednesday Evenings Sideouts are Useless with Cherry Kool-Aid.  Congrats to Timmy and Lisa on their new daughter Grace Elizabeth.


Marie’s Traitors took down Healy’s in a tightly played match 5-0.  Although it seemed like a blood bath, no love was lost.  Even though Kevin “Potty Mouth” O’Malley lost his cool.  Kudos to “Big Toe” Bobby Whelan.  He handled himself like a real gentleman all night.  Marie wants Dancer to know that he is still one of her favorite guys.


In the beach division, Mary Beth served up a victory in the second game and “Helium Shoes Flanagan” led a game four and five resurgence as It’s All Good stole a 3-2 victory from the Beach House.  Seal missed the game leading to speculation that he had signed a long-term deal with Rocky. That rumor was squashed when Seal showed up at the Irish Circle with a pulled hamstring.  He’s simply aging and breaking down. (That sounds more like Murph.)


The “Ramblers and Gamblers” played Kerry Hills tonight but the Ramblers were a long way away from winning…. The final score was 4-1.  If Della didn’t have a head it might have been different.  It was good to see some old friends on the court tonight and we mean “old friends”.   


One Win had four wins and moved into a tie for first place with the Odd Couples in the Boardwalk Division. They’ll square off again this week during position night.


Suns of Beaches continue to improve and lost a close one to the Tap & Grill Cheese Fries 3-2. Commissioner Patty Moule’s family has filled out the roster nicely with Mike, Keith and the kid from NJ, Kimberly all contributing mightily.  Bingo Bob and The Cheese Fries want to thank your Captain and Co-Captain for ditching them and going one on one instead of free food.  And we love Jean. 


Abbracciamento’s outfought defending champs, Coppersmith’s 3-2, with every game going down to the wire. Kevin Begley was out of breath for the first time in his RBVL career and Joe has started him on a new training program to improve his stamina. The Sisters (Jeannie and Kathy not Venus and Serena) were awesome as usual.


The two Rugby Club franchises had a very pleasant and friendly match with the Clubhouse winning 4-1 over the Fisheads. Why was this match so pleasant? Was anyone missing? George Johnson capped his night with a second place finish in the musical chairs competition. Word is he’ll have to move up to the first division next year – for musical chairs not volleyball.


Did anyone have the Cubby-Jimmy Mack exacta? If you bet that both of these all-stars would be drinking water instead of beer at the beach after volleyball on Wednesday night the payoff was astronomical. The Circling Sharks have tumbled recently but look for them to return to playoff form in the next few weeks. By the way, inquiring minds want to know, what is a Mahooshka?


As for the Irish Circle, the cold beers and drinks were great but what up with the food? Thanks for all the fun! The 3 Corona Ladies were hot and promise to make several more appearances this season, maybe even next week when the party moves to the Kerry Hills Pub.  Wednesday night is a position week, promising many tight games.  Don’t miss it.  We’ll see you on the beach!