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Riis Park

Wednesday Nights


Net Setup:    6:00 p.m.

Coin Toss:    6:15 p.m.

Games Begin:  6:30 p.m.




We use USVBA (United States Volleyball Association) rules, somewhat modified for our league.  Many calls made in volleyball are judgment calls.  Referees can only make a call if they actually see it.  Their eyes follow the ball.  Should a fault occur away from the ball, it is very possible the referee will not see it.  They do not make calls based on the sound of a hit or the spin of a ball.  Calls are made to the level of play.  Help the referees with line calls.  If you have a question you would like answered concerning a particular play in your game, and the reason a call was made or anything that you’re not clear on, the referee will be glad to elaborate on it.  But please, wait until the game or match is completed.





The decision to cancel or postpone games due to inclement weather will be made at game time.  If the weather is questionable, we may not make the decision until we arrive at the beach.  Please be prepared to play.  Weather conditions at the beach are sometimes much different from where you are.  Games are only canceled for lightening, heavy rain and very strong wind.


Rained out games will NOT be made up on the following night.  If matches have begun and are stopped due to weather, the completed games stand.  Partial games will count if one team has scored at least 11 points.  Play will be suspended by the sounding of an air horn if league officials determine that games should not continue.  All play should stop immediately, no matter the score. 2005


In the event of a complete or partial rainout the party is still on at the sponsor bar. 2005







1.  Net Height – 8’.


2.  Teams consist of 6 players with a minimum of 2 female players.  (Exception - Game 1 may be played with 5 players with a minimum of 2 female players.)


NOTE: We strongly suggest a team have at least 8 players (5 male and 3 female) if not more. The average team size is 12 players. There is no limit to the number of people on a roster. Remember that people like to go on vacation during the summer. You joined the league to play volleyball, not forfeit.


3.  All players must be a minimum of 14 years old and no team may have more than 3 players under the age of 18. 2005



4.  All volleyball matches will be played at Riis Park on Wednesday nights.

Nets will be available for setup at 6:00 p.m. every night.  It is the home team’s responsibility to set up the net.  However, if both teams help out, the process will go faster.  If the net is not ready for the first game to start at 6:45 p.m. the home team will forfeit game 1.


Both teams are required to field legal teams by 6:45 p.m.  If they do not, a forfeit will be declared.  (If both teams do not, a double forfeit occurs.)


If game 1 has been forfeited:

  Game 2 will have a forfeit time of 7:00 p.m.

  Game 3 will have a forfeit time of 7:15 p.m.

  Game 4 will have a forfeit time of 7:30 p.m.

  Game 5 will have a forfeit time of 7:45 p.m.

If a legal game has been played, the next game shall be deemed to start immediately following.  (There is no additional 15-minute waiting period once play has begun.)


Should a player become injured during the match and unable to continue playing, the team will be considered incomplete unless there is a substitute on the sidelines.  In this instance, the substitute may enter onto the court regardless of the position.  The injured player may not substitute in that game but must wait for a subsequent game to return.


5.  If a team forfeits an entire match they will be penalized a $50 fee.  This fee must be paid by the following week or the team will not be allowed to play.


6.  Any team that forfeits three matches during the season or two consecutive weeks will face expulsion from the league the following season. 2005


7.  The home team is responsible for setting up the net.


8.  At the beginning of a match, the referee will toss a coin.  The home team will call the toss.  The winner of the coin toss will elect to serve/receive or side of the court.  Initial service will rotate in following games.  There is no re-toss before Game 5.


9.  All games are rally scoring to 21 points, win by 2 (with no cap.) Teams will change sides when one team scores their 11th point or as soon as it is realized that this point has been scored.  In extreme weather conditions, the referees will be instructed by league officials to change sides every 7 points (cumulative i.e., 6-1, 5-2) or as soon as it is realized. Change sides without causing any delay, such as beverage breaks. RBVL


10.    Teams always start a subsequent game on the side of the court where they finished the previous game. EXCEPTION – when the wind rule is in effect, captains will alternately decide to choose serve or side before each new game. 2005


11.    No player may penetrate an adjacent court to play a ball.


12.    Only team captains may address the official.


13.    Only players listed on the submitted roster will be permitted to play.  If a captain questions the eligibility of an opposing player the entire team must sign the back of the score sheet.  Play will continue and at the end of the match the referee will inform league officials that a player eligibility protest has been filed.  A review and determination will be made before the next scheduled match.  Use of illegal players will result in forfeited games. 2004


14.    Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.  The offender will be immediately issued a red card meaning both a side-out and a point given to their opponents.  The penalty will be issued to the team captain if the referee is uncertain who committed the violation.  If unsportsman-like conduct is the fault of a team spectator, again, the team captain will be held responsible and penalized.  Any and all conduct matters must be brought to the attention of the league organizers and appropriate actions will be taken.


15.    Unsportsmanlike conduct toward any league official or referee will not be tolerated.  Offenders face sanctions at the discretion of the league from match suspensions up to and including permanent disbarment from the RBVL. 2004










1.  Teams must rotate on every side-out, even after the first side-out of a game.


2.  The ball must be served anywhere from behind the end line and between the sidelines.


3.  The ball does not have to be released before striking for service and can be hit directly off the hand. RBVL


4.  The server must wait for the referee’s whistle, beckoning the serve, before serving the ball.  Should a player fail to wait for the whistle, the referee will signal a replay.  Players are allowed only one such replay per term of service.  Should a player serve a second time in the same term of service without waiting for the whistle, a side-out will be declared.


5.  A server has 5 seconds to strike the ball.  If a ball is poorly tossed, the server may allow the ball to drop or catch the toss.  The referee will authorize a re-serve.  A player is allotted one re-serve for each successful serve executed. RBVL


6.  Players must remain in their correct positions and not overlap until the ball has been struck for service.


7.  A serve that touches the net is playable.





1.  A serve may be received with open fingers, as long as it is played cleanly. RBVL 2012


2.  The serve may not be blocked or attacked unless a portion of the ball falls below the height of the net.





1.  Substitutions may be made from the left and middle back positions only.  Substitutions take place during a rotation.


2.  Each Team is allowed 2 timeouts per game.  Timeouts are 1 minute in duration.





1.  The ball may be played off the net.


2.  The ball may be played off any part of the body, including the foot.


3.  The ball may be played when any part of it has crossed the top of the net.  You may follow through over the net.  However, you may not attack the ball while it is still on your opponent’s side of the net nor interfere with their setup (1st or 2nd contact).   If an opponent attempts to send the ball to your side (either the 1st, 2nd or 3rd hit), it is legal to block completely over the net.


4.  A player may not come in contact with the net at any time.  RBVL


5.  A “carry” will be called if a player lifts, scoops, throws, pushes, slam-dunks or allows the ball to rest momentarily.


6.  A player may not hit the ball twice in succession.  If a player makes the first contact, he/she is allowed to make the third contact.


7.  A block is not considered a hit!


8.  Players may partially or completely cross under the net, during or after a legal play of the ball, providing this does not interfere with the opponent’s play.  Should incidental contact occur, it is ignored.  No centerline violation occurs unless there is interference with an opposing player.


9.  A double fault results in a re-play.


10.    A ball landing on a line is good.


11.    A back row player may not attack the ball while the ball is above the height of the net and closer than 10 feet from the net as he/she will be considered back row attacker.


12.    It is not a fault when a ball is driven into the net and causes the net to touch a player.


13.    A double hit by one person in one attempt on any first ball is OK unless it occurs using the fingertips.


14.    A hard driven ball can be overhand lifted or pushed.


15.    Any player may indicate a net violation on his own team.  Players may also give referees an assist with line calls.  However, the referee’s call is final.  No player may call a carry or make any other judgment call for his own or his opponent’s team. RBVL





Teams will be assigned to a specific court with a corresponding net.  HOME TEAMS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SETUP OF THE NETS, BUT BOTH TEAMS SHOULD ASSIST TO SPEED UP THE SETUP.  Report any missing pieces immediately.  Teams will be held accountable for any missing parts.  Raking of the court (if necessary) is the responsibility of both teams.  The taking down of the net belongs to the AWAY TEAM.  The net should be returned to the equipment room immediately following the match.  (As a reminder, 1 vs. 2 means 1 is the away team and 2 is the home team.)








Players must have played in at least 5 regular season matches in order to be eligible for the playoffs and finals.  RBVL 2016





At the discretion of the League, injured or “dropout” players may be replaced in order to maintain a full roster.  The 5-match rule for playoff eligibility will still apply (see above).  The intention of this allowance is to prevent a team from having to drop out of the league due to unforeseeable circumstances.  It is not meant as a way to pick up “ringers.”





A regular season match will consist of five 21-point rally-scoring games (no cap).  All wins count in the standings.





Tie-breakers for position will be in the following order:

1.   Head to head games

2.   Head to head point differential

3.   Overall point differential


Teams will not be eliminated from the playoffs by a tie-breaker. One game to 11 points will be played. RBVL





The playoff format will be determined after the league divisions are formed. It will be distributed to all captains and publicized on the RBVL website, in the Rockaway Wave articles and on the bulletin board at the beach. This may change from year to year because the number of teams in the league and in each division may change from year to year.





Bar nights will be assigned at the discretion of the league. 2005





The RBVL reserves the right to add, change or supercede any rule at any time as the situation may require. RBVL