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Week Eight

Happy Hour is, well, happy!

First Place Battles Highlight RBVL Action

 Commissioner Patty will hold a very important 5-minute safety meeting next week at 6:00 PM.  All teams must be represented by their captain or a representative.  In addition, all parents who bring their kids to the games should try to attend.

The top two teams squared of in four of the six divisions this week as the season turned into the backstretch.  Freedhand's maintained a healthy lead in the Ocean division with a 3-2 win over Mark's Maintenance while Papa's Pizza broke a first place Wave tie 4-1 over Jameson's.  Beach rivals Mahooshkas and It's All Good Tees went down to the wire before the Mahooshkas won the decisive game 5.  In the Sun division Coppersmith's spanked Vaughn's 4-1 to draw closer to first.

This week's post-game party was held a short trip over the Cross Bay Bridge in Broad Channel at the Grassy Point Grill.  They matched their spectacular 2004 debut with a great BBQ and even better hospitality.  Owner John McCambridge made it a family affair with John Jr. and Christine handling the drink orders capably while he handled the grills.  Thanks also to Sean and the rest of the staff for a job very well done.  Captain Mike Heinz would like to thank everyone who made the journey and contributed to a great night.  Too bad he couldn't enjoy it himself because of a back injury sustained body surfing.  Mike, check your birth certificate, you're not 18 years old anymore.  Raspberries go out to everyone who was afraid to cross the bridge.

Cubby and Jimmy made it into the bar just before midnight, maintaining their perfect attendance streak.  Bobby Fash made it three in row and seems to be back in All-Star form.  (For drinking not volleyball.)  He is wondering where all his teammates went.  He reminds everyone that he has spies everywhere and knows who comes and goes at all times.  Cement Shoes was seen spiking during the game and he looked for the kill when a Rogue Shark put the bite on his cooler.  Casualties are expected and heads will roll when the culprit is caught.  Sons of Beaches hopes that the young man who cut his eye is alright and that no stitches were needed.  The Beach Orphans are a bit shaky on the court but solid at the parties.  Who else sent 9 players to Grassy's?  No one!

Connolly's Island lost 4 to One Win Away but looked good doing so.  It turns out the team didn't miss Denise as previously reported; it was actually Dennis they wanted all along!

 EZ Company put up a gallant effort (2-3) against Last Call, especially D. Munns who played everyone.  Good luck to CR on 8/4 against Mr. Relish.  (Betting odds will be posted next week.)  P.S. If the bun fits, wear it!  Monica, Chris was not the same during the Harvest Moon.  The Last Call investment in "Janus" funds proved beneficial when her right hook scored a TKO.  Where was Big Brown's little friend and his clipboard?  Why was Spike expecting dwarfs at Grassy's?  Last Call, remember this is volleyball, not golf and this is Riis Park not Hilton Head.  Where was Air Steinberg?  Still duct taped at the knees?  A Hooters tee shirt was awarded to Gabrielle Reese for her tossed salad fumble.  Where was Anthony this week?  He should be signed up as "Celebrity Server".  The Brooklyn Transplants were disgruntled and scheduled a late night team meeting at the Night Owl.  The fate of the smiling server and his significant other was going to be decided.  Prospective replacements are being interviewed for next year.

Congratulations to the NIC Ramblers and Gamblers, who report that Sue and Spanky welcomed Elizabeth Sonny while Matt and Kelly delivered Sean Matthew into this world.  Both on the same day!  It must have been a cold and lonely day back in October.  The NIC gang was not at their best, what with "Chipped Ankle Joe" and "Broken Rib Paul" ailing but they pulled one out thanks to the closer, Gerard.  Billy B. suggests to Mike Heinz that there is no anticipation left, just a small cold ice flow, where old VB players should send themselves.  In other words, retire!

Coach Steve (Bike Man) inspired Connolly's to a 3-2 victory over Almost All in the Family with the help of his partner Sean.  Practice may be paying off, as the serves, volleys and net play were, dare we say, awesome.  McIver resurfaced after a 4 AM night.  After a week off at Rogers, E.J. regained her form and led Healy's to a 4-1 win over Abbracciamento's.  No help was received from Dog Dish but Healy's is getting in form for the playoffs.  Hats off to the Dempsey girls, who we couldn't get anything past. 

Although our writing staff is pretty creative we need your input each week to complete these stories.  Stop by and give us a couple of sentences for the next edition of the Wave.  Also, make sure to visit our website at www.rbvl.com each week.  Webmaster, John Sica has done a great job of integrating, pictures, stories, weekly results and standings and it is well worth a visit to the site.

This summer Gateway National Recreation Area is participating in the “Healthy Parks-Healthy Living” program with support from Lipton® Tea and the National Park Foundation.  A program of the National Park Service, Healthy Parks-Healthy Living is designed to highlight the vitality, wellness and recreation benefits inherent in National Parks.  As part of the program, Gateway will be offering a recreational workshop every week during the summer.  This week’s Healthy Parks-Healthy Living program is a Yoga on the Beach class to be held on Tuesday, July 26 at 9:30 a.m. at the Fort Tilden Visitor Center.  Please stay tuned for more details about our upcoming Healthy Parks-Healthy Living recreational workshops, including a Golf Clinic at the Flatbush Avenue Driving Range on July 30th and the RBVL championships on 8/13.  For a complete list of Healthy Parks-Healthy Living programs or to reserve a space in a workshop, please call (718) 318-4304. 

Please make note of a change in the party schedule for 8/3.  The post-game festivities will be held for the first time at the Blarney Castle in Breezy Point.  Next week is position week where the match-ups are between the 1st and 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 5th and 6th, 7th and 8th placed teams.  Check the standings and you can find out who you are playing.  The games should be close and the contests heated.  And isn't that what it's all about?

We'll see you on the beach and at next week's party, hosted by Pier 92.




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