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            Kerry Hills would like to thank the Rugby Fishheads for finally giving them a week where they actually had to play their hearts out.  The outcome was the same though, Kerry Hills 4- Fishheads 1.  They finally used Brian for all five games, utilizing his great sets, along with Trish the Dish.  The Hills would also like to thank Tyrone for being the best ref in the league, he really knows his “nets”.  P. S. did “Billy the Tree”  find his shoes?  They are just watching the calendar, looking forward to 2003, so they can show the Red Division they belong.

            Just to let everyone know, Wonder Women is alive and well.  She will appear in costume sometime soon !!  She wants to report, TNT su*ks … they are in last place, because .. cannot answer that question right now.   They are having fun and at this point, who cares!!  And isn’t the camera man such a DOLL …. Now stop grabbing my a$$.

            The Bikini Bottom All Stars thought they were back on track taking the first three from Connelly’s, but they dropped the next two after leading game- four, 10-5.  TJ Tooey  was the big man at the net, to Bernie’s surprise.  For the “All Stars” George made a rare appearance to shake the rust off for the playoffs. Afterwards the team held an emergency meeting on the beach late into the evening and have decided it’s time to fine tune for the playoffs.  Look out next week, Just Healy’s.  P.S. full moon, high tide at 8:30.

            The Irish Circle Win, Place and Show were not thinking about Place or Show after winning the first game.  However, as fate would have it, it didn’t go that way the rest of the night.  It’s All Good was all good after that first game.  They put on their best show early because their best fan was their, Ann Walsh, (Ward).  Thanks Mom.

Lost and Found, glasses, watches, shirts, hats, beers.  Stop at the chalk board next week to claim anything but the beer.

            In other news Coppersmiths continues to roll, beating Abbracciamento’s 4-1.  No wonder that Rocky, Joe, Charlie, etc. were not to be seen in The Irish Circle post game party.  But what was Coppersmiths excuse?  It didn’t matter as the party was one of the best of the year.  There was an enormous amount of talent, and the volleyball players were pretty decent too.     

            The Federation can’t wait until Monday at 4:30 at beach 119th St. when they have a chance to win at the Sica Volley ball clinic.  This week was the same result as they lost 5-0 to Just Healy’s.

            P.S. from Fillmore, are you serious about L.B., next year?  You know who.  We miss your fancy pants Jim.