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It rained it poured, but when it came down for time for volleyball, God looked down on Rockaway Beach, and there was light.  If you are reading this it must be playoff time.  Don’t be surprised if you are surprised.

Steve was wearing his original first year, hand made Fort Wade volleyball shirt, by Kathy Donnellan.  Check the web page next week for some photos. He took first place in the retro T- shirt contest while Pappy took second with his original season shirt for the Shore Sharks.  Patty, Bob and Janet Fash, and Dickey Ferren wore their second year shirts with the Beach House. Rich Whalen and Company returned from their world tour triumphantly, and I saw the photos to prove it.  They also will be available on the web site next week.  Our Bravest were treated with the honor and respect they deserve.

As the playoffs approached one thing became apparent.  The “everyone makes the playoffs formula” makes it too easy to not show up in the last week.  The Bikini Bottom All Stars and The Federation both forfeited in this “crucial” last week before the playoffs.  And it didn’t affect their opponents for the big show down on Saturday.  John Sica wondered what happened to his team while he was away for two weeks.  It looked like they all quit.   The one player who could have shown up to bail them out from their forfeit at least had an excuse.  He can’t help it if the guys kept yelling at him for not bringing a cooler.  If only the cooler had instructions on how to use it.  DO NOT OPEN
UNTIL YOU ACTUALLY GET TO RIIS PARK.   Don’t drink it all day and not show up.

For the defending champs, Captain Craig Carey is giving up his leadership role to, from Barcelona … Marko.  Since he played so well overseas he felt his teammates needed a more experienced player to help the team to victory.

Good luck Harry McVetty, the most experienced lifeguard on the peninsula.  His last day of work will be Friday on 112th St. Come see the legend and wish him good luck on his last day of action.

Once again, another great match was played between Jameson’s and the Rugby Clubhouse.  Jameson’s jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead when a thunderous roar was heard out of the mouth of John Biscano which woke up the Clubhouse squad.  The Clubhouse won the last three games to secure their first place standing entering the playoffs.  After the game, Jay Butler was overheard saying, “The only reason Jameson’s won the first two was because of jet lag, and a bad ankle.  And by the way, timeouts work

Mary “Wow”” Whelan reminds all that her block party will be on August 23rd from 4 o’clock on.  Rumor has it her friends Spiderman, Spongebob, and the Hulk will be making appearances.  Or should we say her “Super Friends? 

Healy’s Mohawk “The Rooster” Bryan is cheering his team on for Saturday and wants everyone to know he will be back, better than ever.

In a showdown for first in the Beach Division, the Stealth played the Beach House in the Fash Bowl, Janet against Bobby.  Bobby used stealth tactics by bringing the love seat to lure his wife Janet into a nap.  Unfortunately, Bobby was the one napping.  Janet reminded Bobby’s teammates that big boys don’t cry, to no avail.  Since the rain stopped, the firemen hosed down the beach with their crying to the ref.  They will probably meet again, perhaps in the finals, so John  Brennan says enough with the rules, let’s play ball.  John Jr. and Patrick are peeking at the right time.  Janet dropped a few aces in on the napping Bobby.  All is well in Stealth Land.  Steve “The Fly” Wallace was all over the place and ready for Saturday.  He was the Bomb.

Connolly’s Island finally brought the funnel down and won a game.  If it wasn’t for the wind, the way the net was set up, (and their athletic ability) they might have won two games.  The Odd Couples showed real class and sportsmanship as they hammered spikes down on the Baby B., who is only eight months old in the womb.  Baby B. will not forget though, and in sixteen years will repay the favor.  Ricky was inspired by the use of the funnel, fooling the Odd Couples into trying to serve to him and of course they failed.  Connolly’s has the division just where they want them, overconfident about this sixth place team.

The defending champs, Coppersmiths, warn the league they are peeking at the right time and are ready to defend their crown.  They attribute the newfound energy to the change in captainship, from the tough disciplinarian Craig Carey to a surprise captain to be named for the playoffs.

What a season Kerry Hills had.  Della, Michelle, and Noelle were proud of their consistent play and improvement over the season.  Bulger, age has caught up with you, so enjoy your twilight years.  John, Augie, and Timmy are wonderful new rookies and Dave, Allen and John get MVP for the season.  Up the west, F#$@% the rest!  Thanks to Jimmy O and Carmel for their wonderful support, encouragement and their great hospitality making us feel like family.

The Tap and Grill Cheese Fries have something to say.  Happy Birthday Bingo!   Jean did a fine job.  Pat needs to stop thinking he is the Captain.  Thanks Becky for bringing the beverages.  Final word, bring on the playoffs.   As Kara and Holly bring on the heat.

The Ramblers and Gamblers had a showdown with the Beach Club, edging them 3-2.  Fun was had as always when these two teams meet up.  The Beach Club supplied the beer for both teams this week, which caused Nancy to refinance her house.  This was either to get them drunk, or let them down easy.  Either way, who cared what their motives were?  It was appreciated immensely and shows what the league is supposed to be all about.  The R & G’s will be there Saturday to root their friends on.  One last word of advice though, “don’t forget to call the ball.” 

Jameson’s had a great strategy to attract the players back, even though Connolly’s was holding their bikini, hard body contest.  Serve no food and order a couple of slices.  The funny thing is, they could have all you can eat at Connolly’s. 

Commissioner Patty wants to know why she had to pay for her own slice of pizza.  Jameson’s, “What’s up with the food?”  Their strategy worked though as league members, including former Commissioner Nancy, had to resort to ordering their own burgers.  Let’s hope other league sponsors are not reading this.

Teams are reminded that they must be at Riis Park at 10 a.m. on Saturday 8/9 for the 10:30 start time.  Nets will be available at 9:45 a.m. for setup.  Volunteers to set up the food court tables and tents can arrive at 9:30 a.m. to lend a hand.  Although the playoff games are very important, running the event in a timely and efficient fashion are more important.  Just like last year, games will be forfeited if teams are not ready to go on time.  Come early and stay late. Bring liquid refreshments and enjoy the bagel wheel sandwiches provided by the league.  Try to outlast Joe, Rocky, Eddie, Murph and Cement Shoes as they settle in to watch the sunset after the tournament with the soothing sounds of Led Zeppelin filling the airwaves.

The final event of the year follows with the RBVL Awards Dinner scheduled for Friday 9/12 between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m. at the Beach Club.  The band has been confirmed for the night and it will be local favorite, Tabazco Road.  Captains should begin to get commitments from their teammates because deposits need to be collected.  The cost is $50 per person and should be delivered to your captain by 8/30 at the latest.  If you have any questions, feel free to call Rocky at 718-338-3951 or Denise at 718-474-2512.

See you on the beach, Saturday!