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Kobeyaki Got Kills Got First Place

By Joe McGivney                                                          7/8/16


The Rockaway Beach Volleyball League played under perfect conditions for the third week in a row and Riis Park was packed with players both during and after the matches.  The new kid on the block in the Ocean Division, Kobeyaki, rang up their second consecutive shutout and moved into first place in the RBVL’s premier division.  Is this the changing of the guard?  We shall see.  Four of the stars of Daltons, who hosted the after-party tonight, telepathically wore last year’s jersey to the game. The same synergy was matched on the court, and they defeated Pico three games to two in a great night of VB action. The games were very close, with everyone pitching in for good volleys. Amy Rutter was ready to bump with her ‘bump,’ and the team expects a Baby Lind next summer, ready to pitch in during games.  The 3rd game was highlighted by a come-from-behind win by Pico thanks to Philly (Cheese Steaks) Hugh serving it up.  The after-party was held at Dalton’s and was highlighted by great food under the tent in the back along with fantastic live music and great service. It’s great to see so many teams enjoying Riis Park after the games and played and the nets are put away. It’s also great to see our sponsor bars packed with hungry and thirsty players. We appreciate all of the sponsor support.  The last few weeks the old Wine with Sue gang seems to be making inroads into the historic Cubby Cove for post-game celebrations.  Questions are being asked.  Is this legal?  Have they purchased the deed?  Have they prayed for Kirby’s blessing?  Does Cement Shoes know this is happening?  And finally, Cubby who?  Stay tuned for future developments.


The Beach Bums and Baranha’s were red hot throughout five games tonight, running down plays, diving and getting in plenty of volleys. Although the games were close, the Baranha’s took all five with exceptional plays from the entire roster, including “Acey” Brouder, whose hot serves brought home many points.  Tara Vasselman, who was traded from the Baranha’s to the Community House Cheese Fries in the off-season, is getting sick and tired of having to play in every game. Her arms are bruised, but her liver is not as bruised as she would like with too much playing and not enough drinking. She misses Catherine Grady, who needs to return as soon as possible to get Tara back to the sidelines.  The All-American Heroes played the Star Wars Cantina in what was dubbed the Cross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge Battle.  Prized Pugilist Marty Tubridy, who will be fighting in the St. Camillus Parking lot Friday in a peninsula grudge match, was one of the stars on the Heroes. The Broad Channel Bruiser bumped, set and spiked all night in preparation for the ring. The Cantina players faced defector Chris Gahn, an original founder of the Star Wars Cantina who married into Broad Channel Royalty, thereby switching his volleyball allegiance. Danny Donohue, the pride of Dayton, defied the laws of physics and towered over Gahn along the net, spiking him back over the bay multiple times. On the sidelines, Big Mouth Blutstein, who has yet to set foot on the court, got reprimanded by the ref for running his mouth. Who would have guessed it?


Boarders Surf Shop won three games against Rathbones in a fun match. Christian Stathis had a couple of great spikes, and Dennis Doda’s serves kept the games together. Impatient Brian Conlon got called for the easiest mistake in the book: Serving before the ref blew the whistle.  The Riis Park Beach Bazaar won three games against Hall of Fame Billiards. Mr. Happy said he’s used to getting slaughtered every year and promises to get cable this winter to watch how real beach volleyball is played. Sean Shevlin is playing in his mid-season form, with the ability of a spry 80 year old. Happy wants to welcome back Mike, who’s played like he hasn’t played all year. One day Will may serve like a man, but it wasn’t this week. And John, who just came back from China, didn’t seem to learn anything about the game while in Asia. The Bazaar would like to give a special shout out to Colleen, Brendan and Sinead, who work at Kennedy’s when they’re not playing great volleyball. A night on the court with their dad beats a night busing tables (or so their dad hopes.) The team played great even without Mary and Connor Gallagher, who instead were on a plane to Oregon to watch their sister, Kerri, run in the Olympic trials. If she makes it, she can play some beach volleyball in Rio. The Fordham alum, who started running track at Bishop Kearney, has been training for six years in Washington, D.C. She’s the third oldest of nine Gallagher kids, and everyone is rooting for her back home. Welcome back to the beach, Theresa Sutterlin, who got her feet back in the sand. It’s good to have her back.


EZ Company took 4 games against the Beach Orphans.  Greg the Keg brought his "A" game; even better he brought Cheese and Pepperoni (the foods, not Old Dan's college sweethearts).  Annie M had more letters on her shirt than if she spilled a can of Alphabet Soup on herself.  TJ was quite the spectacle with the new spectacles.  Los Tres Reyes played in the same game together for the first time but it was La Joven who stole the show from Los Viejos with a number of great shots.  Martina's forehand was superior as usual, but would have been even better if they were playing the doubles lines.  Cecilia bolted early because it seems she's also a bookie.  Mr. and Mrs. New Parents realized there actually is no such thing as a bad babysitter but that doesn't mean that everyone is a good babysitter.  And with that, OQ and SQ remain leaders in the clubhouse in the babysitting tournament.  Double M might be planning his secret golf and lobster run to New England, but whatever he has to say about it, he isn't saying.  Coach is on a 2 week streak of winning the coin toss, and has unofficially won 93% of coin tosses over the years.  When the RBVL starts a Hall of Fame she is a first-ballot lock in the Coaches Wing.  In the moon division "CHICKS TO GO" took 4 from dysfunctional thanks in part to the solid serving by long time member Sue.  With 3 men MIA this week the ladies stepped up and represented.  Thanks to Jacqueline and our newest member Cathy.


Five Rock and Notorious DIGS played exceptional close games without a referee and without an argument.  The camaraderie and the fun they had was duly noted by the RBVL committee members.  Everyone should be reminded that sometimes referees don't show but you can still compete and have fun. It was nice to see two teams compete with mutual respect taking turns as the referee calling their own infractions.  Five Rock is talking about losing Jimmy next year but it would be a terrible loss for their team. Also Matt Hayes played exceptionally well for Notorious DIGS, pictures to follow, one day.  Casino Auto Body is probably the only team with two sexagenarians on the roster. If you consider the four twenty-something millennials on the team it triggers a thought of Hugh Heffner and his older brother playing on a volleyball team with his playmates. Don’t be surprised if you see Joe and Rocky playing in bathrobes soon. They have always said the first forty years of childhood are the hardest.  Next week the league is scheduled to have their after party at the Community House.  It is a new sponsor and it would be nice to see a good turnout. They have a beautiful space with plenty of room to hang out and dance, so bring your team.  It is kind of interesting getting to Riis Park early to set up for the evening.  It’s quiet, something like a ghost town, but with some people around here and there.  At six o’clock or so people start wandering in; slowly at first and then increasing steadily until our weekly version of Brigadoon on the beach is completed.  Somewhat reminds me of dropping a Marino’s ice on the hot sidewalk and watching a few ants making the discovery, then it’s an insect mob scene.


Captains should take ten minutes and read over the RBVL rules.  Forfeit times (6:45 PM for game 1) and legal teams are all explained, including, “Teams consist of 6 players with a minimum of 2 female players.  (Exception - Game 1 may be played with 5 players with a minimum of 2 female players.)”  Also, if game 1 has been forfeited:   Game 2 will have a forfeit time of 7:00 p.m.; Game 3 will have a forfeit time of 7:15 p.m.; Game 4 will have a forfeit time of 7:30 p.m.; Game 5 will have a forfeit time of 7:45 p.m.  However, if a legal game has been played, the next game shall be deemed to start immediately following.  (There is no additional 15-minute waiting period once play has begun.)  And the Home team is responsible for timely net set up.  Teams are improving and that is good.  However, we are not quite there yet.  Return your nets ASAP after your match is over so Steve and the other Committee members can get to the after-party.  Have some consideration.  It’s the least you can do.  Captains are reminded that they can have team items entered in the weekly Wave article by showing up at the sponsor bar or by e-mailing Joe at jmcgivney2@nyc.rr.com by midnight on Wednesday night.  The RBVL has a Facebook page and, if you like it, you will receive timely updates, whoever you are, captain or not.  Your RBVL Committee members will be around each and every week to help out on any matters and answer your questions.


See you on the beach!