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Week Four



Even the bite from the Sea Monster to Mr. Happy’s left foot couldn’t stop him from going to Kerry Hills, even though it stopped most of the healthy league players.  They missed Carmel’s famous Shepherd’s Pie, Lasagna, meatballs, sausage and peppers, chicken primavera, baked ham and great salads.  This is one of the long time league sponsors who never disappoints but the league disappointed them!  In the moon division "CHICKS TO GO" took 3 from Rathbones which was surprising to everyone after the 1st game blowout! But the competition was great with one game even going to OT 23-21.  No matter what the outcome, you can always order delicious Peruvian chicken to go afterward.  EZ Company went 2-3 against long time division mates Last Call.  She Who Kisses Fishes is rumored to be sleeping with the fishes as she was AWOL again.  But she Debra-tized her man to take charge and so he did.  Young Dan the Tin Man was looking for his oil can but would settle for a little Rustoleum.  Old Dan showed 101 things to do with a 5 pound bag of feathers and an alligator.  Has the Princess of the Seas set sail on TJ?  Word is he hates to play on gorgeous summer nights and is saving himself for a windstorm night. But he knows who hid the Fig Newton’s and he knows how to get them.   Martina cut her commute by 40% and it helped a lot.  Mrs. New Mom was really truly absolutely just happy to be out and she deserved it!  Grandparents get many thanks, but you know you're still expected and welcome on Wednesday nights.  The Woman Who Speaks In Code spoke loud and clear with her laser serves and her  devoted attention to drinking her husband's beer.  Jill delivered again, unlike her namesake from that classic TV sitcom.  Kudos to visitor KQ for trying to whip Mr. New Dad back into killer VB shape, but maybe next time not on a Wednesday.