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Position Night Heats Up Pennant Races

By John Sica

 The Blackwater Boarders have hit rock bottom.  That might be a good name for their team next year - Rock Bottom.  After losing last week 3-2, the Mormons had divine intervention and took all five games, sending Blackwater into volleyball purgatory.   Krista and Christine have elevated their game over the course of the season and are playing their best volleyball, but the old guard is, well,  getting even older.  The Baranha’s played IFMA’s for the second straight week.  The Baranha’s won only two last week and one this week but were very happy with the communal spirit between the two teams.  This week they even brought music and the match resembled a dance party more than a volleyball match.  They will play each other for the third straight week next week and have a musical surprise for the league.  Be sure to find out what net they are playing on and check out the show.  Brian Bodie missed his first match in five years thanks to Con Ed.  There wasn’t even a blackout or a strike to blame.  Maybe it was tuition.

 Team Stanii was planning their game plan for this week last Thursday deciding how to utilize their best player Suzy Vlkovic.  Someone else, other than the team, had the same idea.  Richie Coughlin eloped with her in Long Beach on Friday and took off on their honeymoon to the Dominican Republic.  (Is that an excused absence?)   Suzy’s brother Thomas didn’t show up this week either.  Did he go to DR, too?   Good luck, Richie, you’re going to need it.  Watch her sets.  And her bumps.   Welcome to the Stanii family.  Team Stanii took four games against the Snotty Yachties, and the camaraderie between the two teams was what makes this league great.  The RBVL family wants to wish a happy birthday to one of our best and youngest refs, Juliana, who is ready to retire after week eight, having made enough to live until high school.  Even though the Stanii beat the Snotty Yachties 5-0, the games were close, the match was great and the sportsmanship was top notch.  However, if Billy Collins was on the court the outcome would have been much different and sportsmanship would have been ugly.

 As you look at the committee that makes this league happen you should start to worry.  Rocky was seen limping down the stairs for another week.  Joe is nursing his knee.  Patty was trying to decide which is worse, her knees or ankle.  Sica is torn between burning out or working.  Mr. Happy is getting less happy, and Denise is getting too happy to run this league.  Suncycle Fitness Studios Island took four games tonight against EZ Company who were in every game despite the loss.  Pat “The Pounder” Tansey had his best night in ten years, being on the court for three wins.  He was the only Suncycler to win three.  Maybe he should find a better team to lead next year.  The weight on his shoulders will keep him from getting off the sand and keep him grounded.  EZ Company, despite the loss is always a threat when it comes to one Saturday in August.  Don’t count them out.  The Sunray division is battling it out fiercely as three teams are now tied for first place.  Playland Hotel won three against Simba’s Pride, pulling them into the ménage a trois with the Sleaze Fries and Digging and Swiggin.  Playland was aided by great spikes by Vinnie Geary at opportune moments to carry them to the victory

 The Notorious D.I.G.’s tried a new gymnastics strategy to distract the other team.  Unfortunately it only worked to distract its own players. The D.I.G.’s took three games against Team Margarita and is looking forward to seeing them in the playoffs.  Mike Martin from West End Tents has a crush on an RBVL Committee member. Can you guess who?  As per last week, all that stretching may have helped Mike Martin but the two star players as usual were the girls of the Breezy Point Dynasty.  West End Tents took all five against last year’s final playoff opponent.  Thanks to Deirdre Donavan and Nicki Nies who played together as a team for West End  once again.  The Cinderella Story Continues.   Meanwhile for Flip Cup, Brian Sica elevated his legs and game to no avail.  The All Stars were getting every ball and never gave up, keeping every game close.  Mike Sica’s thunderous hit was struck down by Nicki’s lightning block sinking him into the fog.

         The Mighty Boosh and Casino Towing might have to rent rooms in the same hotel because they are getting ready to play each other for the third week in a row in their position week battle in the Ocean Breeze Division.  The first time out Casino won 3-2, followed by a Boosh 3-2 victory in meeting number two.  Now both squads are preparing for the rubber match on the final week of the RBVL regular season.  Either team could finish between 2nd and 5th depending on the scores around town.  When their mini civil war ends on 8/10 Brian, Allison, John and Joe can reunite and begin their defense of their recent indoor championship at Aviator.  Several teams have clinched the regular season title in their divisions – Freedhand’s, Bryan’s Auto Accelerators, Jameson’s and ServePro NW Brooklyn.  That leaves five other division titles up for grabs and plenty of jockeying for better playoff seeding.  Next week the post-game party is at the BHYC, which is traditionally the season-ending finale.  Clear your calendars.  No one is going home early.  And then the RBVL season ends on August 10th.  Is that possible?  Is the season really only 8 days from being over?  Wow! 

 Just to clear up the issue of the shirts.  They will be arriving in the near or distant future.  Remember that It’s All Good Tee shirts was destroyed by the storm and Chris is working his way back.  Everyone seems to have gotten the message, “Set up early and bring in quickly.”  Keep up the good work the last two weeks.  Remember, it gets dark earlier each week.  Captains who have handed in unsigned rosters must now get them signed.  SIGNED rosters were due in week three (6/26).  Most of the teams have complied but a few have not.  Please get that taken care of.  Because of Hurricane Sandy and our late start this season this item has been put on the back burner by the league but it needs to be completed ASAP.  All six people on your RBVL Committee are willing to help you with any problems that come up or just check our website at www.rbvl.com.  You'll find the answers to most of your questions there, not to mention pretty pictures and funny stories. 


See you on the beach!