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Rain Cannot Wash Away RBVL Action              

By John Sica and Joe McGivney                    8/5//11

more pictures added below

The weather was less than perfect for the first time in the 2011 RBVL season as a steady rain fell all evening Wednesday but volleyball action went on anyway.  The mood was captured in the lyrics sung to the tune of Harry Chapin’s “Taxi” - “It was raining hard in Breezy.  I needed one more beer to make my night.  A lady at the bar waved to flag me down.  She got me a Bud Light.”  And so it was at the Sugar Bowl, where the craziest volleyball players braved the rain and their wet clothes to celebrate another memorable night of RBVL action.  When you think about it, the members of the RBVL are tougher than baseball players who seek refuge from the rain in their dugouts, while our players are digging balls out of the sand as they are pelted by a downpour.  Maybe the baseball players are lacking our coolers.  One thing to note is the Sugar Bowl’s bad luck for weather.  This was the third year in a row where it’s rained (and poured) on the night the beach-front bar sponsored the party.  Some were hoping to set up a nighttime game on the outdoor court, but instead had to huddle inside with sweatshirts and frozen Twisted Teas.  I guess they didn’t mind too much.  Frank Ganun, fresh off his Sugar Bowl tournament victory, was brought back to wet earth when his Sugar Bowl team went 0-4 ˝ to the Freedhand’s of Rich and Company before they convinced Coach to call it.  Despite the loss, James Reilly blocked Big Rich at the net more than once.  After that Richie took off his 6 ounce micro fiber shirt because it was weighing him down.  Meanwhile, Rocky had Trish on his shoulders to the tune of Thunder Road.  Speaking of the Sugar Bowl, Bobby Butler showed up fresh off his tour of Ireland with the band formerly known as Indaculture.  Their new name is Jenna and the Adjectives, and their first gig will be at the Alcohol and Music Festival at an unknown time and location.  Don’t check back for details.  But if you are at the Tiki Bar on 8/20 keep your eyes and ears open.


The Wharf Rats dominated the Blackwater Boarders 5-0, despite John Sica being able to make the match for the 10th straight week thanks to his bosses letting him go early once again.  The team was still short handed and played close the first three games.  After the match, when asked how the team would have done if they had their whole team present John declared that they would have only lost 0-5.   Despite the loss, Christine shined serving and hustling, and Rita got back some of her moxie after her intensive practice sessions at an unknown Tiki location.  The Flip Cup All Stars wallowed in the basement all of last season and then pulled off a stunning upset in the playoffs only to fall short in the finals of the top division.  Once again they were reminded by Coppersmiths before the match that they were in last place again this year.  They proceeded to win 5-0 to alleviate that situation.  Leigh Ann may prove to be the best Salica as the rarely used player led the squad to victory.  New addition Brian Bagely led the charge as the two Mikes, the two Sica’s and the Kearns got their act together for the first time this year.  The Bungalow Baranhas battled Rogers Irish Setters, losing terribly in the first game by a score they refused to admit. The Baranhas regrouped with a mysterious new strategy that cannot be published to win 3 of the next 4.  Mr. Butler, hours off the plane from his historic tour in Ireland, played like Rory McIlroy plays golf.  Either he kissed the Blarney Stone or the other team drank all day at the Blarney.  Sue O’Shea played like a champ as did the Star Agoglia Fam, All-Day Ray and Coach Jackie.  The Baranhas lived up to their new motto: Clear Eyes, Full Beers, Can’t Lose.  Simba’s Pride served the ball to Sal’s Auto Sandstorms and Derek was ready to use both hands to set the serve with open fingers.  Then he realized that in this league it’s a no-no so he used his head for once, literally, to pass the ball and win the point.


            Connolly’s lost all five—again.  They can’t remember the last time they won a game. Grace, we needed you.  Karen, where were you?  How did Laura get so old, but still look so young?  They really got mooshed by the Mighty Boosh.  Despite the many L’s week after week, the team has a challenge for George Johnson—are you ready for musical chairs next week?  We’ll bring you plenty of Margarita’s on the deck like last year.  Dalton’s Grill won all five, not even bothering to learn the name of their competition.  Lorae was the self-proclaimed MVP, but she also said nice things about A.J (he showed up finally.)  Jimmy gave a great effort, but he says he played “awesome, as usual.”  The Hardest Working Guy in the Bar then switched from his tank top to his red polo to get to work at the Sugar Bowl, making sure nobody under 12 was admitted.  The Federation continued to fight as they won 3-2 despite the absence of Maureen and Heidi, who are enjoying Brant Lake.  Allie and Ellie picked up the slack to set Ryan, Tommy, Greg and George for a fundamental bump, set, spike night.  Brian O should check into volleyball rehab, or some other rehab to lead the team.  With the rain and the confusion, It’s All Good Tee’s were waiting for their opponents to show up, as they were missing one girl.  Most of the men on It’s All Good can relate as they also are missing one girl.  However, TBG used his mental telepathy on the missing second girl of their rivals from showing up.  That makes him 11-0 as coach, up there with Billy Martin, Bill Parcells, Pat Riley, and Coach.  This is a Public Service Announcement to every team in the league: Next week the party’s at the Yacht Club, so bring your dancing shoes and your Musical Chairs strategy.  Remember the dance-offs get sweaty and the chairs get vicious so we suggest taking Thursday off of work as soon as you can.


There is one more week of regular season action and only three division races have been decided.  Freedhand’s, Sal’s Auto Sandstorm and the Odd Couples have clinched the Ocean, Sun Ray and Moon divisions but all of the others are still up for grabs.  The Ocean Breeze comes down to Bryans Auto Accelerators and Dig This separated by two points which is the same margin between the Wave’s Wharf Rats and the Mighty Boosh.  Only three points divide Miley’s Home Improvement Posse, Healy’s and nycwatershots.com in the Beach and ROCFAM, U Got Served and Bayview in the Boardwalk section.  Four points separate the battlers in the Star with the Rockaway Breakers leading and the Social Yachties and ServPro NW Brooklyn close behind.  Keep an eye on the tightest race of them all, the Sun division.  The Breakaways and Coastal Real Estate are tied for first place with veteran contender, It’s All Good, only two points back.  Amazingly enough, none of these close races will be decided by head-to-head matchups.  Scheduling does not pit any of the contenders against each other in week 11.  They will all have to play well and keep one eye on the scoreboard.  Expect a big finish Wednesday night as the pennant races are settled.  And then expect an even bigger finish on Saturday, August 13th, when the Rockaway Beach Volleyball League holds its season-ending playoff extravaganza at Riis Park.


The RBVL was well represented at the Sugar Bowl Tourney and the best "Representor" was the quote machine, PR man of the Rockaway Breakers, who was the only RBVL’er wearing his classic RBVL shirt both  days!  On day one, he and his clan biked in for the big day and on day two, he and his bride Theresa took the "Blue Goose" to the Sugar Bowl.  Now that’s dedication!  (Or thirst.)  Harry Potter’s Lord Voldemort is not stylish enough to wear a pink scarf to accentuate his look.  He’s not much of a dresser but since he doesn’t even have a face can we really be surprised?  President Patty was very happy to see all the RBVL’ers moving from net to net to cheer each other on!  And the Gals of Rockaway really made the leaguer proud.  We got through the still rain tonight!  Thanks for your patience and perseverance in roughing it in bad weather.  The RBVL Rules.  And thanks to the refs who hung in there during some very inclement weather.  Big congrats to Eddie and Kathie on their recent wedding.  Eddie took his time in making the big jump, about 58 years worth of time.  After all, what’s the rush?  Who was glowing more, Eddie or his gold wedding band?  Cement Shoes phoned it in and TBG mailed it in with their 5-0 score on Tuesday and they didn’t even have to show up Wednesday for the actual sweep.  They will send in next week’s score on Monday or Tuesday.  Next week’s final Wednesday night party will be held at the BHYC and promises to be a great bash like in year’s past.


            Dig Pink and Beat Cancer.  On Saturday, 8/6, a charity volleyball tournament will be held in Jones Beach.  The available levels of play are: 6’s Recreational, 6’s Competitive, 4’s Competitive and Juniors.  It might be the perfect way to prepare for the RBVL playoffs a week later on 8/13 as well as contributing to a worthwhile cause.  For more info, visit www.bbvolleyball.com or call 516-732-2544.  As always, if you have any questions please call Patty at 917-613-0908.  (Be sure to call between 10 AM and 9 PM.  Remember, Patty has a life outside of VB, too.)  Or just check our website at www.rbvl.com.  You'll find the answers to most of your questions there, not to mention pretty pictures and funny stories. 


See you on the beach!