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RBVL Heads for Home                   

By Rocky D.               7/29/11

More perfect volleyball weather highlighted the 9th week of action at Riis Park and the Rockaway Beach.  When will it ever end?  In two weeks, that’s when!  As hard as it is to fathom, the Rockaway Beach Volleyball League has only two more Wednesdays of regular season play followed by its playoff extravaganza on Saturday, August 13th.   With two weeks to go the Ocean division’s top two teams, Freedhand's and the Sugar Bowl are separated by a single point as are the Beach leaders, Miley Home Improvement Posse and Healy's Rat Pack. 

The Ocean Breeze, Wave and Star groups have first and second place teams within two games of each other.  They are Bryan’s Auto Accelerators and Dig This, the Wharf Rats and the Mighty Boosh and the Rockaway Breakers and the Social Yachties.  Expect fireworks as the pennant races are settled in August. 

Casino Tow, led my middle-age heart throb, Joe McGivney, took three games from Jameson’s.  Joe’s deliberative, lumbering style had Jameson’s confused.  Charlie Brady commented, “For an old guy he really moves pretty slowly.”  Lauren Ganun would like to thank Joe, Rocky and Charlie for help in honing her game.  When questioned about her father, Frank’s, contribution to her volleyball development, she replied, “He drove me to some of my games.”  Next year, Casino Tow is changing its name to Over and Under.  The men are over 50 (except John) and the women are under 20 (except nobody).  This sounds like a reverse cougar club.  Sands Point Physical Therapy played Simba’s Pride, winning the first two and dropping the next two.  Sands Point then took the rubber game to win the match.  Jessica, Deidre and Nicole paced the squad all the way with deft serving and passing.  The season is in full swing and if you fall off your swing, Tim and his crew are waiting at Sands Point Physical therapy.  That reads like a John Sterling commercial.  Team Margarita (minus no show Old-golia) swept Hamilton Hardware Hammerheads. Maybe because Tommy Loc was out shark fishing.  He should be with the Hammerheads instead of trying to catch one.  His wife Cathy takes full responsibility for all five losses.

The Blackwater Boarders took four games as Christine and Dylan proved that its good to be young on the aging team.  Timmy couldn't make it over the back line, so when he ended up on all fours he crawled across the sand and was able to pop the ball up and his team did the rest to win the point.  Serge and John Sica are still trying to figure out why their once mighty serves can't even go in.

as their teams continue to struggle, the Sica boys reconsider their 2011 breakup and think about a 2012 reunification

Bungalow Baranhas took three games against the Arverne Avengers with the help of Neil’s monstrous serve and “All Day Ray’s” plays.  Be careful before you step on the court because the Baranhas are eating up the competition.  Simon Says the girls of Bogatell Vino represented well; Susie, Debbie, Renee and Patty hustled and played well despite losing 4-1.  Sure.  And the band played while the Titanic was sinking.  It was a terrific, well played match with the Breakers prevailing.  Tommy Reilly would like to thank the RBVL for providing such great weather this year, including a pair of rainbows.  Happy belated birthday to Juliana, future RBVL player.  Patty would like to welcome newcomers to the league, Luz and Jason.  They have fit into the RBVL like Liz and Dick in Hollywood.  The Come Back Cats came back.  (Say that three times fast.)  Meow!

The Las Vegas odds on the Snotty Yachties reaching double digit wins is 4 to1, about the same odds as Marty McManus setting the ball, or Brian Kelly showing up.  Players will be cut and pink slips handed out after the Snotty Yachties lost a challenge match to the fifth grade AAU team.  Get well Jen Kelly.  Cement Shoes Flanagan made a rare early appearance at the Wharf.  “Hey, I thought they had a happy hour from ten to eleven o’clock.”  Former Buzz Lite Years stunt double, Cubby, has the right idea on life - when life gives you lemons…..make vodka and lemonade!  Everybody on Connolly’s was moving better tonight - Steve with his toe, Jim with his snip and George and Karen at the bar.   

The outdoor party season of the RBVL returned to the peninsula, where the Wharf hosted the festivities.  Behind the gas station, another world awaited and it was filled with beef tacos and other treats for the hungry players of the RBVL.  A few cold brews and a cool summer breeze made the conditions ideal out on the back deck of the Wharf.  Special thanks to Wharf employees, Tommy, Debbie and Maryann for their service and can-do attitude.  They handled the large crowd at the Wharf like a Coney Island juggler.  Dig Pink and Beat Cancer.  On Saturday, 8/6, a charity volleyball tournament will be held in Jones Beach.  The available levels of play are: 6’s Recreational, 6’s Competitive, 4’s Competitive and Juniors.  It might be the perfect way to prepare for the RBVL playoffs a week later on 8/13 as well as contributing to a worthwhile cause.  For more info, visit www.bbvolleyball.com or call 516-732-2544.  As always, if you have any questions please call Patty at 917-613-0908.  (Be sure to call between 10 AM and 9 PM.  Remember, Patty has a life outside of VB, too.)  

See you on the beach!