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RBVL Season Half Way Home                 

By John Sica and Joe McGivney                    7/8/11 

The weather was perfect for the 6th straight week of volleyball action at Riis Park and RBVL players are wondering if they can make it through an entire season without turbulence (off the court).  Captain Elaine of the Breakaways played one week after getting viciously elbowed in the face.  Apparently drinking a lot of fluids at Connolly’s helped her recovery.  Over the holiday weekend it was difficult for her to accessorize to match the color of her black eye but she pulled it off.  And league records indicate that this week she became the first person to play a match encased in bubble wrap for protection.  Her inspiration and Dylan and Shane’s playing led the squad to two wins against the first place Coastal Real Estate.  She still looked good in the Irish Circle at 10 pm; no one seemed bothered by the black eye.  Connolly’s Mrs Happy is slipping up.  She let her family subscription to the Wave expire.  And her husband is one of their premier photographers (but not writers).  But now we can write some dirt on Mr. Happy.  Enjoy the car.  Connolly’s was on such a run that Mr. Happy played the fifth game.  Despite the close games against a feisty Third and Long, Connolly’s won 5-0.  Not everyone showed up but the Pfisters did not let the team down.  Jim showed up with an undisclosed injury.  Snip, snip, you women are all safe.    

Coach Rocky of Casino Towing was stuck as his match was about to start and his star setter, Sarah, was nowhere to be found.  It looked like seldom used substitutes, Teri Ganun or Alana McCarthy, might be called on for emergency duty.  But luckily Sarah got to the beach in the knick of time.  But how bad would it have been with Teri serving since she is rated 2nd in her family behind Lauren but in front of Frank.  The Rockaway Breakers competed well again, winning 4-1 and moving back into first place.  They played loose and easy and were not encumbered by the annoying orations and complaints of one of their extra players who missed yet another week of action.  He is like Lord Voldemort and shall not be named in this family publication.  The last place Notorious D.I.G.’s scored two more wins against Le Greann and their playoff push continues.  Beware, young teams improve with time like a fine wine.  Unfortunately, the Rockaway U-13 Girls did not fare well last week in Atlanta at the U-13 National Championships.  They lost many games to teams that looked nearly professional and sported many 6’2” girls who were proficient jump-servers.  But they deserve kudos because, read this slowly, THEY PLAYED IN THE UNITED STATES NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS.  Well done, ladies. 

The outdoor party season of the RBVL begins next week when the Bungalow bar hosts the post-game affair.  That night is always a fan-favorite amongst league members.  Then, on July 20th, the tour moves north over the Cross Bay Bridge to the Bayview.  In 2010, they received the award for “Best RBVL Food” and 2011 promises to feature more of the same.  In 2011 they plan to add drink specials as well, featuring $2 beers all night and $5 frosted drinks.  And there might even be some surprise RBVL specials during the evening.  So start saving your money for the toll charge in two weeks.  On July 27th the party leaves the mainland and returns to the peninsula where the Wharf will host the festivities.  Just go behind the gas station and another world awaits you.  Thanks again to Bud Light who are sponsoring the RBVL this season.  They were generous with a contribution toward the uniform costs and it is nice to see the many revelers throwing back Buds and Bud Lights at the bars after the games.  It seems you drink beer better than you play volleyball.   Keep up the good work.   

The Blackwater Water Boarders had to fight hard to defeat the Cabana.  After getting wiped away in game one by Shannon’s amazing 11 straight serves, they regrouped and won a hard fought match 3-2.   Every game was close and with the match tied 2-2 Christine found Dylan time after time to put the Water Boarders over the top.  Bogatell Vino won 3-2 over Boarders Surf Shop despite their age disparity.   The experienced overcame the youths in a dramatic game five, when the score was 18-18 and Dancer, Susie and Kieran combined for the bump, set and spike, like it was written in the volleyball handbook to win the match.  Their attention to fun - dementals paid off as the standings were turned on their head.  The ref, Tommy Kearns, had a whistle emergency and Dancer agreed to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation only if Tommy shaved his mustache.  He has a strict no mustache ride policy.  Tommy is a ref extraordinaire but he almost retired by choking on a Mounds Bar in game three.  Luckily he coughed it up and continued reffing.  At least he didn’t swallow his whistle.  The Beach Bums finally proved that they belong two divisions higher than last year, as they beat the first place Daltons Grill.  Even though Katie broke a toenail, she still rose to the occasion, off that toe, and played an all around great match, despite her pain.  Speaking of her pain, her husband Mason still has to pay for her pedicure, unless he jumps in on her appointment.

The White Horse Tavern Beach Posse gave all five games to the Irish Setters.  The games were great; the night was great; both teams will meet again.  Who knows what the results will be?  If Bello had been there earlier it might have turned the tide, but alas it was not meant to be.  Maybe next week!  Maura don’t forget the Heineken.  E6, breathe and do it again.  Nancy, thanks for the coaching.  Peg the Mav would be proud.  With a sleepless night, Decaf stepped up again and said, “This is one small step for our team, and a giant leap for our chance to win the whole thing.  Mike Sica’s recruiting mission to Pacific Beach PB San Diego to get Trish the Dish back not only failed, it backfired.  Not only is she not coming back but Mike is thinking of relocating, and taking Liz with him.  The ripple effect goes to the Federation, who might lose Ryan Ford to PB after another visit to San Diego.  The Blackwater Boarder captain, John Sica , is funding a return to Rockaway trip to Trish to try to restore order by next season.  The Atlantic Service Sandsharks rebounded from a 2-1 deficit to take a 3-2 win on the night.  The match felt more like a hockey game; more teams should work with the ref rather than get after them.  After all, they’re doing their best.  Everyone on the floor did a good job. 

The Bungalow Baranhas lost the first game against Hamilton Hardware in a crushing first game loss 21-5.  The team did some soul searching and regrouped, winning handily in game two and then taking off to sweep the rest of the match 4-1.  Their big roster makes for unpredictable results.  But one result is for certain.  If you are up against Bobby Butler you may need Sands Point Physical Therapy.    Next week they will be hosting the post game meeting, so be ready for a wild night, and the annual dance off.  EZ Company bad a spiritual intervention with Sheila’s birthday party and it brought them good luck. Sheila is a fashion-ista and was pivotal in the match.  Totie finally had sex on the beach, so cross it off the bucket list.  He actually made the post-game party at the Irish Circle but was lucky to get Access-A-Ride home.  The Last Call roster is expanding with the addition of Frank Sr.  Big Brown is going to surrender some court time.  J Wow and Johnny Angel are being excommunicated as they were seen dining in the luscious gardens of the famous 2 for 1 burger establishment.  G Man was missing as he was investigating the whereabouts of Counterfeit C Notes.  Zsa Zsa was in form despite the gas.  The surfer Girl was out tonight because her captain commanded her to show up for the after party or be dropped from the roster.  Dan the Man has no excuse for his no show and his playing time will be affected. The co-captain and his communication officer show such great attention to detail that they are fired.  Inquiring minds want to know, what team their men are playing for, as they sip their Pina Colada’s from their wine glasses.  Recent law changes may affect the 4 guy and 2 girl rule.

Watch out for Noelle and her many comrades who are selling chances for a trip to Disney World in Orlando in support of the Wounded Warriors.  The raffle will be picked this weekend so act quickly for this great cause. 

Our weekly clean-up is being watched very closely and you had been nearly perfect – until this week.  You must continue to bring your garbage bags and pack and lug your empties away from Riis Park.  Empties cannot be left at the top of the stairs around the single garbage can, even if they are in bags.  We face fines and worse if this continues so please get back on top of things.  I think you all realize how critical this is to our remaining at Riis Park.  As always, if you have any questions please call Patty at 917-613-0908.  (Be sure to call between 10 AM and 9 PM.  Remember, Patty has a life outside of VB, too.)  Or just check our website at www.rbvl.com.  You'll find the answers to most of your questions there, not to mention pretty pictures and funny stories.   

See you on the beach!