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Week Six

RBVL Starts 2nd Half of Season

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By Joe McGivney                                                                   7/9/10



Volleyball action resumed Wednesday night on another perfect weather night at Riis Park.  The first place Sandís Point PT won 4-1 against the Bar Flies, led by Neilís spiking and Jessica and Jonís passing.  They were ably assisted by Donna, who is coming on strong.  Additionally, Sandís Point was a stoneís throw away from the party at the Irish Circle, ready to handle any dancing injuries.  After this loss, Vinny might have to dedicate more time to volleyball and less time prancing in spandex with Lady GaGa.  All those Fox 5 and WSJ interviews seem to have taken a lot out of him.  The Side Out babes were struggling this season and against The Cabana, Long Beach, NY until Captain Jason reminded the team that their initials are S.O.Bís and they should start acting like S.O.B.ís.  They did, by crushing the ball to win the last 3 games.  The heat and the Cabanaís short roster hurt them a bit.  Although that worked, there is now a new league controversy as the Suns of Beaches are claiming they own the trademark on the S.O.B. title.  What took them nine years to figure that out?  Watch out people; Bryan found his orange bandana.  The Beach Bums swept five from Rathbones in easy fashion with some good ball playing and even better moral support from Daisy, Ann, Paul, Tom and Mike.  That gives them the best record in the entire league at 24-1.  Wow!  When is Mike P. going to learn how to time that awesome jumping ability? 

The Connollyís squad practiced together on Monday night and it must have paid off as they took one game from the Wharf Rats.  What would have happened if the had not practiced?  Their practice didnít help them on the court and it didnít help them at the party either.  Only Steve and Karen made it out but Steve got shut out on the food, ending his Cal Ripken-like streak which dated back to 1990.  Was that Ref Tony Carty getting the hook from Samantha Schwartz (no relation to Coach Robert Schwartz), formerly known as Patty Killian?  If you think that Lebron James is the biggest free agent question mark in sports, think again.  If league party icon Rustyís teammates donít step it up at the parties, he will declare for free agency at the end of the season.  ESPN has been contacted and they are tentatively scheduling a press conference at the Jamesonís awards dinner.  However, if Rob and John see Rustyís name in print one more time they may separate his limbs from his torso, making his free agency a moot point.  R-U-S-T-Y.

The Flip Cup All Stars continue to try to assimilate to the top division.  Freedhandís and the All Stars were playing without their best players, Marie and Gambino, but nonetheless managed to split the first four games.  For the All Stars, Katey Salica played well despite a mysterious hand injury that forced her to play with some latex kitchen gloves, first a pink one and then a light blue one.  (The blue one played better.)  Mike Sica and his brother Brian were swinging well but in the end it was Rich and Scotty who took game five.  Props to Healyís Rat Pack who won their first match of the year 3-2 against the Federation inspired by Jackieís big block on Sean.  At 10:30 PM, five beautiful young women walked into the Circle and the first words out of their mouths was, ďLook, Rocky is here!Ē  Whatís up with that and whatís up with the tierra?   Elaine Scotto was inches away from her first ďYellow CardĒ but got off with a warning.  Címon, hon.  Atlantic Service Sandsharks aka A.S.S. were obviously seeing red and Obi Won Donovan used the force to fashion a 4-1 night!  In a key Star division battle, the Social Yachties lost 4 to 1 to the Comeback Cats.  Thatís what happens when 40-year olds play 20-year olds.  Many players enjoyed the Long Trail Beer specials and many were lucky enough to get Long Trail/Irish Circle tee shirts, a nice touch.

66.66% of the RBVL Executive Committee attended the Rockaway Point Yacht Clubís 4th of July celebration and fireworks show on Friday.  They were pleasantly surprised to run into several original league members from Fort Wade.  The RP Yacht Club actually has boats and captains unlike the BHYC which has neither, not that thereís anything wrong with that.  Revelers danced to classic rock and merengue/salsa tunes all night long and were treated to a fireworks display to rival the Macyís big show.  Later in the weekend, Mrs. Happy made another social appearance at the 133rd St. block party on Saturday and this time she left that dead weight, Mr. Happy, home.  Well done, Deb!  Speaking of social engagements, the details of the annual RBVL awards party have just been confirmed.  This yearís extravaganza will return to Jamesonís, which did a great job in hosting last yearís affair.  And Tommy Tunes will be spinning the music to insure you will hear the songs you love.  In the past, many people have asked that the awards dinner be held right after the season and this year thatís the way itís going to be.  August 20th is the big day.  Thatís the Friday after the playoffs.  Mark it down on your calendars and make your plans accordingly.  $50 will get you food, music and 4 Ĺ hours open bar.  Denise and Patty will accept deposits or payments in full starting now.

Here's an update from last week from Last Call.  The Comeback Cats better have nine lives because Last Call is right behind them and coming on strong.  They usually peak after mid-season when the Geritol kicks in.  Maybe the beer boy's baby boy can step up and buy the old man and his friends the suds now that he's fallen off his game (or is it his bike).  Frankie D. and his beautiful bride, Rosie, are great friends and they provided some great food and a great sandwich.  What will it take to get them to divulge their secret recipe?  Perhaps a bottle of Sambuca?  Rumor has it that itís all in the layering.  Where is the secret agent man?  Since when is flushing out a Russian spy ring more important than volleyball at Riis Park?  Jack Weber has been spotted by a couple of our female spies, cruising the Boulevard.  Maybe he can infiltrate EZ Company and uncover their secret weapons.  Welcome home Will!  Surf's Up!

Special thanks to the volunteers who worked so hard last week to distribute the uniform shirts at the beach - the girls from IFMA's, Chris from Rock Fam, Mary Ryan, Michelle and Tommy Woods.  They went above and beyond the call of duty, staying to the very end to get the job done.  Denise couldnít have done it without them.  Continued thanks to Noelle for her help with the referees every week and all the help she gives throughout the season.  Remember Ė when you set up the net next week and something is missing or broken, let Steve or Rocky know immediately.  Thatís why they are in the equipment room right up until game time.  Last week, Sue Brown, President Emeritus of the RBVL, proffered that the initial season of the RBVL was 1989.  But President Emeritus, Nancy Gentile, thinks that 1990 was year one.  So stay tuned while league reporters try to determine the date once and for all.  It seems less likely that Nancy would have the wrong date since she recalls being pregnant at the time.  Gregory, do you remember?  And after either 21 or 22 years of competition, something will finally happen next Wednesday that has never happened in league history.  Many people had circled the date, 7/14, on their calendar from the day the RBVL schedules came out.  Many others are fearful that the end of the world is near.  However, next Wednesday night, Rocky will face off across the net against Cubby in an official league match for the first time ever.  Even Peninsula Hospital is on alert for a sharp increase in newborns named either Rocky or Cubby depending on the outcome of their match on the sands of Riis Park.  Who will be victorious?  Will it be the most interesting man in the world or the other guy?  Tune in next Friday to find out.  This week, Cubby blocked Richie Whelan and aced Bernie but alas, Coach reports that that was only in Fantasy Beach Volleyball not the real thing.

When the RBVL season is over it doesnít mean volleyball is done.  You can play ball and help out a worthy cause at Peyton's FUN Raiser: Beach Volleyball Tournament, which will be held on Saturday, August 28th, from 10 PM - 3 PM, Rain or Shine, at Bay 9 in Riis Park Beach (Beach 155th Street and the Boardwalk).  The Benefit is for the son of Pat and Jacqueline Tansey from Robin Shapiro Island and it will be a fun, family-oriented event for all levels of play- competitive 4's and recreational 6's. Prepaid $50 donation (or $300 for team of 6) includes participation in the games, tank top, food and entertainment. $60 Donation on the day of the event and it's based on openings. Players MUST be age 14 and up. Teams will be divided by their requested level of play. There may be separate divisions for the FDNY and NYPD, depending on demand.  Raffles and 50/50 tickets will be sold and prizes awarded at the tournament. A Small Volleyball Clinic for Children will be provided along with other favorite activities. Children (under 12) are FREE (with a participating adult). Therefore, please be sure to register your children as well. The donation is $20 for Non-Player Attendees. Bring your coolers, beach chairs, and sunscreen and have fun as you help raise money for a very worthy cause!  Check www.pathwaysforpeyton.org     for forms and details.

As always, if you have any questions please call Patty at 917-613-0908.  (Be sure to call between 10 AM and 9 PM.  Remember, Patty has a life outside of VB, too.)  Or just check our website at www.rbvl.com.  You'll find the answers to most of your questions there, not to mention pretty pictures and funny stories. 

See you on the beach!