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By Rocky

 The RBVL‘s 2010 edition of Brigadoon kicked off its eighth week of volleyball under looming skies but the weather gods decided to pull up a cloud and watch the action.

Robin Shapiro Realty Island finally went on a winning streak and took four games form Sons of Beaches with Pat Tansy setting a record for attempted serves. He is the winning cooler captain, so he will steer the team next week provided he brings enough beer for all.  It was good to have the guys back from California after registering for Spiking 101 and Advance Setting.

Last Call was smoking tonight (hopefully it had a tax stamp) as the B team outplayed the A team.  Secret Agent man saved last Call like he saves his damsels in distress.  Jacque has a keen eye for French wine (and women) and soft cheeses (and hard bodies).  Surfer girl played her best game tonight as she had to pick up where big Brown left off.  Cha Cha has joined the ranks of Gabriella Reese with another week of no show.  Could she be on location?

 The security man is as reliable as a blue chip stock. Its noticeable he has been hanging around some dumbbells.  The beer boys head is getting too big because we read about him every week, yet he never plays or brings beer.  Strike two and you’re out.  Don Cheech pimped his ride with a new matching umbrella.

  Good luck to our Co Captain Don, his blond bombshell along with Greg and Johnny as they go on their tricycle tour of Iowa.  Hey, if you’ve seen one corn field you’ve seen em all.

Due to the Woodstock like numbers the league puts at the beach every Wednesday night the United States Postal Service has issued a new zip code for the RBVL at Riis Park. 

Casino Tow was impounded four games to one by Coppersmiths.  All the games were close except those that were not.  Craig Carey and Jack Bradley led the balanced attack for Coppersmiths.  Sarah McCarthy, Lauren GaNunn and Brianna Johnston, known on the AVP tour as Rocky’s Angels, played their smooth consistent game throughout the night.

New RBVL regulation number 3207 Paragraph D:   No texting while serving.  That term didn’t exist when this league was started.

Tom Dalgish arriving at the Bayview with his fire lieutenant and doppelganger, Anthony, had people wondering if Tommy had a second brother; or was it just a brother from another mother.

Dancer is frustrated because he is unable to locate a good vegetarian steak house in Rockaway.  If anyone knows of one please call him at Healy’s, Sunday through Saturday between 9 and 11 AM at stool number five.  

Bugsy G. sporting a new James Taylor hair cut   definitely “needs a friend.”  Bugsy’s post mortem soliloquy was muted by two of his players busting out their vuvuzela horns with great appreciation from the rest of the team.  As TBG noted: “those horns were music to our ears.”Richard (concrete feet)) Flanagan started strong but played right down to his own level.  In a matter of one game Rich transformed from Richard the Lionhearted to Richard Simmons.

It’s All Good professional jaker, Seal Moore, was recently voted least likely to make a most likely list.

Veteran referee Tony Carty defied ref tradition and actually stayed after eating the free food at the Bayview and purchased a drink.   After the purchase he announced “that’s it, that’s the final four dollars of my communion money; now, no one can say I still have my communion money!”   It should be noted however, that his mite box is still monetarily intact.

 The days are growing shorter; this seems to happen almost every year after the summer solstice, so when you arrive set your net up ASAP.  Although it is tempting to hang out on the boardwalk and regale your team mates about your recent exhilarating trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to see the Japanese Rock Garden exposition.  Set up your net quickly.   You may get darkened (sic) out of the last game.  Also, please bring up the nets immediately after the game so equipment personnel can join the fun and not have to hang out in the dank equipment room until ten o’clock.

Cubby, the most interesting man in the league, and therefore by default, the most interesting man in the universe, says he doesn’t always drink beer but when he does, it is always a twenty two hour day.  He not only speaks Esperanto, but after his tenth hour, he speaks Esperanto in English.

Sands Point lost to the Atlantic Service Sand Sharks three games to two.  The loss was blamed squarely on Brendan’s shoulders as he failed to score a point.  The fact that he wasn’t there is no excuse.    Sands Point, the unofficial therapists for the league, will be easing the pain of the three losses that Sands Point sustained.   

Apparently there is not just Sharks on the beach….Unbeknownst to team Ass monkeys cohabitate with sharks… Big night against a tremendous 1st place team to keep us on the escalator.

Despite the Beach Bums stellar record of 34 and 1, Mike was looking at the clouds and Dana was looking at the stars and did not see the ball coming at her face at 50 mph; causing her to see more stars.  Mike and Glenn played like Mantle and Maris leading the Beach Bums to a 5- 0 sweep.  Glenn forgot his moisturizer causing his game to dry up.

Team Simon Says had five close games against the Bar Flies.  Fortunately, Vinnie plays better Volleyball than he sings.  Lady Ga Ga will not be calling Vincent any time soon.

As much as we understand the frustration of the snotty yachties, our contract with Budweiser prohibits the social yachties from playing out of division games…….Better luck next year!!!!!!

 Kat Sutterlind belted out Proud Mary at the Bayview Karaoke, accompanying the song with an awesome moonwalk.  She made Proud Mary Proud.  Non- playing league supporter, Bonita appeared at the Bayview and was amazed at how many of her volleyball friends she did not see.

 League officers Patty and Denise did there karaoke impersonation of Sonny and Cher ,belting out  I got you Babe with the entire Rockaway Breakers playing the role of  the Greek Chorus .  It was definitely not sunny and should not have been shared with others.

 The Bayview set the culinary mood with clams, chickens Marsala and Piccata, along with accompanying salads and pasta.  They nudged the bar up a bit with real silverware.   The wonderful hospitality of the Bayview staff would send a flight attendant back to charm school.  Rocklin  Carl  Djayed he night away with plenty of Breaker support, including a team version of Paradise By The Dashboard lights.   Meatloaf would have dropped 50 pounds had he heard the Breaker rendition of his rock opera.

National Park Service Foreman Rick Taunton and his crew do a good job every week cleaning and preparing the beach.  The beach cleaners, however aren’t designed to pick up larger rocks and boulders 

When you find one ,don’t toss it at your Captain, but place it one of the buckets so it doesn’t re-appear the following week.  

And by the way this just in from The Cats,

The Comeback Cats would like to congratulate themselves on their very first (but not last) FIVE ROCK! The Cats were in full swing with whisker to whisker communication and swift feline reflexes. Comeback Kaitie returned from her silent detour and proved to be a much needed asset. Ryan "Dontrell" Atwood saved his jokes for the postgame celebration allowing for no distractions during the game. On another note, congrats on the promotion! You'll be carrying the meats in no time! Last Call, you had better watch out next week and try not to show your second place jealousy too much. We know that everybody wants to be a cat. See you in the litterbox!

 See you at the sea.