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Perfect Weather and Near Perfect Volleyball

By John Sica  6/25 

The Ocean Division this week was scheduled to make up the games missed in Week Two, the rainout week.  The weather contrast couldn’t have been any starker.  This might have been the most beautiful night in the league’s 25 year history.  The temperature, the stillness in the air, the longest night of the season all combined to remind everyone how blessed we are to get together on Wednesday nights.  The conditions led to great play in the first game between Freedhands and the Flip Cup All Stars.  The All Stars stepped up to the top division this year and showed Freedhands why they belonged there, taking a 20-16 lead.  Then Freedhands showed the All Stars why they have dominated the top division for years, coming back and winning the first game 24-22.  Scotty, Mark, Rich and Bernie stepped it up easily winning games 2 and 3.  Then the All Stars pulled out their secret weapon for game four, Trish the Dish, who led the team to a 22-20 victory.  Mike Gambino and Liz Murphy played well for the All Stars. The All stars took it easy this week because they had racked up a surprise 3 forfeit victories from the prior week when the Sugar Bowl failed to submit a roster sheet on time.

The Bar Fly’s took three again, on this lovely evening but it came down to the wire in game five when Tara Vasselman served the winning point against the tamed Sharks.  It was a love fest.  Tara appreciated that the Sharks were playing skins against shirts.  Keep them off boys.  The Harbor Light put out a delicious and varied spread, and kept it coming well into the evening.  They served roasted potatoes, ziti, pasta with garlic and broccoli, eggplant, rice, and many other tasty dishes.  And the garlic bread was to die for.   A shout out to waitress Melissa Smith - the Corona’s were ice cold, and delivered promptly.  She must share her recipe.  Also spotted was Jack Haley, and get this, he was working hard.

Team Simon Says spent the whole spring practicing with the Volleyball Whisperer, Joe McGivney.  So far his calm has helped the team off to a good start.  They look forward to further sessions in the fall.  However after the poor start tonight it was suggested that some of the older members of the team need to go work out at the new Sun Cycle Studio opening soon by the old Beach Club.  Bugsy’s speeches finally paid off for It’s All Good, as they won their first match of the season 3-2 over the Blackwater Cheese Fries.  The return of Buster Bison aka TBG aka Murph, spurred cheers of Toro, Toro, Toro from the delirious crowds. Murph has a message, “We went from the glory days to the revival”.  By the way, he corkscrewed somebody into the ground.  The Cheese Fries thought it was World War II all over again as Murph was dropping bombs and shrapnel all over the court.  Overall it was a complete team effort and It’s All Good once again. 

Social Yachties, with a skeleton crew, still won 3 to 2. Despite Danny Tuomey’s lack of sandals he still wins the MVP award.  Thanks to the McCool’s and  Kenny C for coming at the last minute.  Big K’s cooler did not make the girls very happy.  Too bad the girls lost there car in the parking lot; they missed out on some great food. The Harbor Light, ( formerly Brooklyn Transplants) were surprised to see their rookie of the year, Jack Hurley, bussing tables at the party after playing four games on the beach with two football practices looming on Thursday.  It’s good to be young.  The other new young bloods infused onto the team, Charlie Marquardt, Leery Tonal, Anna Patina and Lauren Atwood, have made them competitive once again with a 7-6 record after three weeks.  Pat Connolly always finds a way to keep himself young, but not that young.  Pat did fall on his shoulder in game 5 and had to take himself out.  You should have seen the sand he hit though.  Ouch!

The RBVL will be represented at the concert at Tribute Park this Saturday at 6pm with performances by RBVL bands, Rattrap Bumpkin, Gray Riders, and Indaculture.  Wear your RBVL shirt for free admission.  Oh, you didn’t get your shirt yet?  Don’t worry; it’s free anyway.  The Side Out Babes teed off against their old rivals, the Federation.  The Babes took the first two with some hard fought and long volleys.  Dancer’s serves dominated the first game, when he rattled off ten straight.  His serves were dancing as well as he was Friday night at the Colony Theatre at a South Side Johnny concert.  The Federation came back though and took the final three in one of the best played matches of the night.

The Rockaway Breakers only came away with one victory this week but that didn’t  dull their spirits as they came out in force for the party.  Team spokesman Rusty led the charge to the bar for the post game celebrations.  Happy Hour entered the Battle of the Week facing off against the Beach Bums, both teams entering the action at 10-0.  The Beach Bums sent the first message dominating the first game 21-10.  Happy Hour struggled all night against their oversized opponents, including their 6’9”spiker, who didn’t even need to jump to inflict damage.  Happy Hour managed to win game 4 to avoid the sweep.   They look forward to the rematch, just not too soon.  Give them time to grow.  Happy Hour was also distracted most of the night by Lady Gaga, in her bra-bra.

The Last Call beer boy has promoted himself to event planner.  Give him a call with your plans and he will surely change them.  He might even wear his bike pants.  He might as well have a new job since for the first time ever Last Call had a last call at the beach, running out of suds before the match was over.  Way before the match was over.  Remember, it’s volleyball night, not bike night.  Big Brown was observed parading around with a ladies pocketbook.  What’s happening to the men of Last Call?  Shrek is looking mighty fine for next year’s opening spots on Last Call.  It’s rumored that Carla’s coming back and they can replace Hotwoods Deadwood next week with one of their originals.  Thanks to the Ross’s for donating all the chop meat to the sisters of the poor.  MacGyver and beer boy are rumored to be bathing in a pig pen in Iowa. 

The Breakaways were impressed with the refereeing this week.  No kidding.  Catherine Edwards received high grades as the Breakaway’s took three.  The Breakaways youth movement continued as the youngins (as Jed Clampett would say) raced around the court as only nineteen year olds can.   Cosmo was a no-show so Phil Hughes must be pitching again.  Where’s Bugsy?  Where are the shirts?  No one knows who they are playing during the games.  And more importantly, for the reporter no one knows who they played afterward in the bar.  How nice were the conditions on Wednesday?  The Cubby Hole was closed as it was too nice to leave the beach.  Stay thirsty my friend.

The RBVL has gone “green” and the 2010 Rules and 2010 Schedules are now corrected and posted on the website.  This saved thousands of pages of copies being printed.  We asked that you send an e-mail (jmcgivney2@nyc.rr.com) on Thursdays with a quick summary of the previous night’s ref even if you don’t know his name.  Please make sure to include your team name with your e-mail.  Some league participants have noticed the “new look” league.   The new look being-- no uniforms.  The magnitude of the league (and the uniform order) seems to make it more difficult each season to have the shirts ready on time.  In fact, this year the order seemed to overwhelm our long-time supplier and he is still struggling to finish the work.  But sit tight, they’ll be here any minute.  Until they arrive, wear one of your many vintage old uniforms.  And thanks for understanding that once in a while these things can happen.  As always, if you have any questions please call Patty at 917-613-0908.  (Be sure to call between 10 AM and 9 PM.  Remember, Patty has a life outside of VB, too.)

See you on the beach!