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Weather Is Cold but RBVL Races Heat Up

Week Four Photos Here: Pics

By John Sica and Joe McGivney

The standings are getting tighter and tighter each week with only pockets of separation showing here and there in the eight different divisions.  After four weeks, every team has at least 5 wins and every team has at least 4 losses and some divisions are as tight as can be.  The first position week of the season took place in the Ocean Division with Freedhand’s beating Mark’s Maintenance 4-1, with two of the games going to overtime and the Sugar Bowl edging Sullivan and Galleshaw 3-2, including one extra-inning affair.  Casino Towing missed their steady leader, Cathy Ferro, who was home ill but Rocky D., playing the part of Willis Reed, inspired the squad to 2 wins in a hard-fought battle with the Mahooshkas, where no losing team had less than 17 points.  The Bungalow Bar won their customary two games and if you are keeping track Tara V. of the Bungalow Bar is 22 and one week.  Next week she will be 22 and 2 weeks if you are keeping score at home.  The Bar-anhas are now the favorite to take home the party team of the year award since the Rockaway Breakers may lose the services of last year’s party star, Rusty.  He’s not feeling the love from his teammates on the court and he may boycott the awards dinner to teach them a lesson.  Stay tuned.  Donna was Robin Shapiro’s superstar on the court, leading the team to four wins over Bar 13 NYC with the help of cooler captains Pat and Jacqueline.  However Donna earned her MVP title with her work back at the Harbor Light.  She was able to hold onto four barstools for her teammates, which was way more important than the four wins.  (1 bar stool per win?)  Thanks to our President Patty for her idea of subbing in on the stools.  When someone left, another colleague jumped in to continue the drinking until very late Wednesday night.  Lets see how Donna makes out next week getting some elbow room at the always-crowded Connolly's.  By the way, cub reporter John Sica pushed the envelope when he let one after another player cut in front of Patty who wanted desperately to tell the Bay House Babe’s story.  Doesn’t he know that she is his boss, like the NY Police Department Commissioner used to be?  And let’s get the record straight – Denise did not yell at Steve; her voice just carries really well in the equipment room.

This week’s restaurant review comes from an anonymous source, who is often seen on the beach on Wednesday nights playing volleyball.  That should narrow it down for you in case you are trying to guess who it is.  The review: Harbor Light's garlic bread brought me back to Sunday dinners at two in the afternoon, where if you were late you got a beating with a wooden spoon, made with some Italian love – as were the meatballs, small and filled with flavor. The potatoes au gratin hit it over the net - so cheesy with a crunchy baked breading on top.  The sausage and peppers were either slacking on the meat or some teams love sausage and hate vegetables.  However, the large cut on the onions was a good choice.  The penne and broccoli really had it going on with an amazing mixture of garlic, oil, and parmesan. The roasted potatoes were oily and delicious! The BBQ chicken fell right off the bone onto your tongue where it burst with savory goodness! 


Attendance hit a high point for the 2009 season and only promises to grow as school ends and the weather gets nicer.  You’re doing the league proud and making our long-time sponsors happy.  We only have 7 more nights left so continue to kick it into high gear.  Already there are rumors flying about bands and DJ’s at many of the remaining stops on tour.  Start using those vacation and sick days on Thursdays like so many of our wily veterans.  Speaking of sick days, Cubby will be calling in “sick” for the rest of his life in 3 days from the printing of this article as he is all set to retire.  I’m guessing he’ll be a wee bit fired up next week.  Come around and help Cubby celebrate.  (Not that he really needs any help celebrating.)


The Rockaway Breakers say they “suck”, but John Murray thinks they are too busy “sucking” them down.  The result was a 0-5 whitewash against the Social Yachty’s.  Sheila and Coleen say that they were the nicest team to ever sweep them.  They may be Social, but they are also good volleyball players, and good Yachty’s.  Chrome Dome has been a no show; he is needed on the court.  The Breakers guaranty they will come out strong next week; they will be firing on all cylinders.  And some of those cylinders better be Coors Light Silver Bullets.  Kevin Gallagher is an inspiration to the team, and he will lead them to better days ahead.  Especially with young John McHale, who is not only the future, but the anchor of the team with his hard work, enthusiasm and skill.  Sands Pont had some Night Out, losing to them 5-0.  Having young players is great, but when they leave in mid-June for college orientation it can be hurtful.  I’m sure the kids had a great time.  Even without the young collegians, the rest of the youth movement, Danielle Ford, Brendon and Neil played admirably, in the losing effort.  Carol was holding a clinic on the sidelines for the youths, but she never really learned the game herself.  Tommy is banged up from the rock jetty’s that exist just inches under the sand in Riis Park.  Thank God he plays for Sands Point Physical Therapy which is a fine establishment.  Plus they give him the sponsor’s discount, which is nice.

Connolly’s lost to a good team, Brooklyn Windows and Doors, mostly because of Steve, who needs lessons from his kids to learn the finer arts of volleyball. Maybe he should change his Monday night practice from rainy Mondays to a night that doesn’t rain, if one exists according to the weather man.  Last Call’s beer boy has been upgraded to Team Fluffer for his personal coaching of his female mates.  He always wears his Under Armor, which lifts and separates.  Big Brown, the former record holder for most consecutive Aces, played so well they had to widen the doorways at 102-00 for his swelled head.  Gabriella Reece showed up tonight on West Coast time, wine glass in hand and her “A” game in her pocket.  EZ Company thanks Jack Weber for holding onto his gall bladder for his teammates.  Jack put off his surgery over his concerns that his figure would be less than a perfect hour-glass.  His positive affirmations will continue for the season, unless the Paxil kicks in.  We hear Nurse Ratchet is taking his blood pressure every day.  Jack should be working out with the guys from Last Call, who know how to keep their girlish figures.  Renee of Simon Says Sea Bar was the first person in volleyball history to suffer frostbite in her fingers in June.  We wish her a speedy recovery in time for summer.  Mr. Mack was absent at the Harbor Light because his date Leaper didn’t show up.  Hopefully the happy couple will be back next week.

The Bad News Bears want to give a shout out to the dirty Suns of Beaches for taking 3 of 5.  They hope to see them again in the playoffs because they usually lose all 5.  The Bears are working their way up from the basement and statistically speaking taking two this week is like a 67% increase.  They are happy with new players, The Edge and the Manhattanites, who are glad to be in Rockaway this summer.  It’s all about fun but the Bears want to win a few along the way, too.  With new confidence, they are optimistic about the next few weeks.  It’s All Good wants to know if Bugsy’s speeches at the end of the games will have a half-time version next week.  The speeches go on for longer than the losses and the volleys.  Maybe Bugsy should have mentioned how well Tommy Last played.  I guess he didn’t have time.  Tom Ray has to learn how to count.  It’s not 1-2-3, hit.  It’s 1-2 hit.  The new theme for the team is let’s play two.  Checking back over past Wave additions, a correction needs to be made this week.  In a recent article, reporter Peggy Manahan wrote the following, “Sean Herror of the Harbor Light was the most handsome bartender in Rockaway.”  She obviously made a mistake.  There is a bartender named Sean Heeran who works at the Harbor Light, but he is not very handsome, so it wasn’t a misspelling.  It must have been Pat Hurley, who not only makes a smooth Manhattan but is the best-looking bartender behind the stick.

Average Joes had their first below “average” week of the season going 2-3 against Sets on the Beach (minus Gene Heym who got married on Saturday, good luck with that).    Pete Brady brought quality not quantity when it came to beers.  Better luck next time.  Chris Gahn swung so hard at a ball that it changed the direction of the wind.  Needless to say, he missed.  The Flip Cup All Stars won four games despite Coppersmiths’ Jack Bradley playing in most positions, with his teammates waiting for the volleyballs.  Coppersmiths kept every game close despite playing with only three men.  The Flip Cup All Star Belt was not passed on because Kenny, the previous winner who wasn’t even playing last week, forgot to bring it.  By the way, Kenny served the last losing point right into the net.  An investigation was launched afterwards when a secret meeting between Kenny Kearns and Jay Butler was taped in which Kenny was given a beer for serving into the net at match point.  He was also offered a substantial reward to dump in the playoffs.  Commissioner Patty is looking into the allegations.

The spacing and locations of the net set-ups has been terrific under very trying conditions.  However, the timing needs to improve.  Many nets are getting set up later and later each week.  That is not good.  We will be losing light each week and matches are going to conclude in the dark.  The refs are going to be instructed to start calling the forfeit of game 1 at 6:45 PM as the rules state.  Get off the boardwalk and set up your net.  Then you can talk and kibitz (and imbibe) all you want.  We have asked you to treat our refs with respect and so far you have done a terrific job.  Keep those cards and letters coming with your critiques.  Your comments have been very helpful.  Keep up the good work.  RBVL Captains - If you are reading this and have not handed in your SIGNED rosters, you are way late.  If you have a balance due for league fees or additional shirts, it is overdue.  Please take care of this unfinished business so we can concentrate on volleyball and volleyball parties.  Thanks you very much. 

As always, if you have any questions please call Patty at 917-613-0908.  (Be sure to call between 10 AM and 9 PM.  Remember, Patty has a life outside of VB, too.)  Or just check our website at www.rbvl.com.  You'll find the answers to most of your questions there, not to mention pretty pictures and funny stories. 

See you on the beach!