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RBVL Raps Up Regular Season with a Bang

By John Sica and Joe McGivney



The season came to a glorious end on a perfect night for volleyball –  and mosquitoes.  The weathermen, who know what the weather will be in 50 years (see global warming) didn’t know that this would be a calm, humid kind of night with a perfect sunset.  And when the season ended, up in the sky, like a giant volleyball, was an orange full moon.  First place was still up for grabs in all eight divisions of the RBVL going into the final Wednesday of the regular season, an unbelievable display of parity.  But the smoke has cleared and winners have emerged.  Here are the regular season division champs: Freedhand’s in the Ocean, Flip Cup All-Stars in the Ocean Breeze, Brooklyn Window and Door in the Wave (by virtue of an 8-6 margin in head-to-head games), the Bay House Babes in the Beach, 3rd and Long NYC in the Boardwalk, Average Joes (by a ½ game margin) in the Sun, Le Greann in the Moon and finally, Last Call in the Star.  On Saturday that means very little as teams will battle it out on the sands of Riis Park for the real championship and the fabled winner’s sweatshirts.  The dubious distinction of missing the playoffs befalls both the Harbor Light Brooklyn Transplants and their arch-rivals, Rathbones.  Of course, they have been invited to play each other on Saturday for their very own championship.  There might even be a case of beer in it for the winner.  And these two really know what to do with a case of beer.  To use a golf term, they are scratch drinkers.  The Harbor Light would just like to remind Rathbones of these numbers, 8 and 2.

Sons of Beaches beat Robin Shapiro Real Estate Island 3-2 in a well played close match.  Susan was outstanding for RSREI, which might be why they lost.  Denise won the one game she played in, keeping her undefeated streak alive for the season.  Bobby went in for a moonlight swim in the warm Atlantic and a helpful teammate took his chair, cell phone, shoes and car keys home to safeguard them.  If anyone sees Bobby, please take him home.   When you’re picking up the shoes, you might start thinking to yourself, should I call a lifeguard?   Colleen promises not to lose her wallet tonight.  Harbor Light Brooklyn Transplants won 4-1 this week, having their best night of the year.   However, they are still in last place.  Chris Charles, finishing her rookie season, wants to thank the league for a great experience.  Needless to say she will be back.  The Flip Cup All Stars limped into the division championship.  They started the season on fire, but struggled late to hold on to first.  Saturday may be another story.

Third and Long NYC took Kerry Hills 3-2 in one of the closest matches of the night.  Every game was tight for these 1st and 2nd place teams with the final and deciding game ending up 22-20.  The Hills sent a message.  Unfortunately it was the wrong one.  The Hills is proud of their second place finish in the standings, as they moved up this year and played great.  They are ready for Saturday despite not having Kevin “MVP” Egan due to a wedding on Championship Saturday.  It’s funny how he was invited to the wedding by the worst player on Third and Long’s team, who he didn’t even know.  What’s up with that?  Thank God Rob doesn’t have Lasik surgery scheduled on Championship Saturday.  He has had it for the past two years, but this year he ran out of eyes.  Hopefully Mike Stone will show up to cheer on his own team.  Kerry Hills would like to thank the Boardwalk division for the great sportsmanship, play and fun this year, as they pass through. The Hills would also like to thank Carmel for being a great sponsor, bar, and friend.   Let’s go Babe!  Last Call finished on a high note with a first place clincher, and without a grain of sand touching a Hotwood’s foot.  Fearless Big Brown played the last game with four gals, who proved you can play ball with  pedicures and French manicures.  El Toro had his day in the sun even though he had to call for a backhoe to smooth out the rough sand.  All players need to follow “The Code” despite the big party on Friday night so they can be sharp Saturday morning.  Happy birthday to Janice, John R., Betty Anne, Marshall and Carole.

The Federation continued their slow climb up the standings with a great match 3-2.  With team founder Tom Ford back from his 40 days in the mountains, they rose above the pressure to play solid volleyball in an exciting match.  His sons, Ryan and Tommy Ford, were solid under the intense adult supervision, hitting the ball like a bunch of 20 year olds.  (Which, of course, they are.)  Heidi, Elle, Jessica all played strong, but Tom gave his best girl award to Mary Whelan who kept feeding him Heineken Lights.  This just in – the Federation has continued their tradition, last on the beach again. Cubby and Jimmy may have something to say about that along with Murph and Dickie.  Tom Dalgish would like to thank Kevin O’Malley for another great year of volleyball.  Super Ref Ed was not calling double hits tonight against The Flip Cup All Stars.  When Jameson’s asked why, he said, “What could ever be wrong with things coming in two’s?”  By the way he just became the proud grandparent of twins.  The Irish Circle wants to see Bonnie’s MRI because she couldn’t have torn anything in her knee – she’s not a NY Met.  She just wanted to come to the beach looking pretty and not getting sweaty and sandy.  Several players from around the league thought Rusty was dusted by dancing Vinny and it looked liked his pants were around his ankles.  He denied it, of course, and is ready for the next dance-off.  Never count this legend out.  Patty says, “Thanks, CB; it is great hanging out with you on the beach.”  And who has it better than her brother, Michael, who thinks he lives in a hotel.  “Patty, where are my clean clothes, my linens and my soap?”

The league finished the 2009 season with its traditional finale at the Belle Harbor Yacht Club and it might have been the best finale ever.  The crowd set an RBVL record for a post-game party and the BHYC was up to the challenge.  The food was plentiful and perfect for the players, who sometimes think they are culinary experts.  You had a choice of meatballs, ziti, lemon chicken and pizza – a perfect mix for the hungry warriors.  And it never ran out!  And what would a party at the BHYC be without a game of adult musical chairs.  Last year’s runner-up won it all this season; Kerry Douglas brought home the title with the aid of her team a la Lance Armstrong.  With the DJ playing great tunes, the festivities ran late into the evening, a perfect finale. Patty and Denise and the men of the RBVL committee would like to say “Thank you” to all the well-wishers for their kind words, hugs and kisses on Wednesday night and all along the way.  Patty is getting a bit verklempt just thinking about the season coming to end on Saturday.  The Kirby Corner set up shop Tuesday night on the grass of Shore Road in Bay Ridge.  Joe Abbracciamento stumbled across the wayfarers and pointed out that they were out on the wrong night, in the wrong borough, on the wrong surface with the wrong people.  TFBG (The Former Big Guy) blamed it on a faulty GPS system.  How does he explain the wrong day of the week?  Rumor has it they are descendants of the famous Heckowee Indian tribe as in, “Where the Heckowee?”  Mr. Green Shoes (The Former Cement Shoes) was careful to clean up every bit of evidence and did not leave even an iota of a carbon footprint behind when he left.

The RBVL 2009 Playoffs will be held tomorrow, Saturday, August 8th at 10:30 a.m. sharp (10:30 is both the start time and the forfeit time for game #1.)  Nets will be available for set up & practice at 9:45 a.m.  All matches are best of 5 games to 21 points – win by two points and no cap.  Round 1 begins at 10:30 a.m. with Round 2 scheduled for approximately 12:00 p.m. followed by the CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES at about 2:00 p.m.  Some sandwiches will be provided for lunch.  Please bring any other beverages you require but remember that officially, alcohol and bottles are not allowed on the beach.  The date has been set for the annual RBVL Awards Dinner and that date is Friday, August 28th. Many of you have asked the league to hold the dinner in August rather than September and we are going to give it a try.  Line up your babysitters and car services and make preparations.  This year we will be going to Jameson’s on 129th St. from 7:30 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.  The cost is $40 per person in advance by 8/24 to Patty @ 550 B. 133 St. or $50 per person at the door.  The price includes an open bar, bottled beer, buffet dinner and music by DJ Bobby Joseph.  As you know, Jameson’s is a relatively small restaurant and space is limited.  First come, first served!  You may think that’s crazy since we occasionally bring 300 people to some of the bars during the season.  Well, the RBVL Awards Dinner has never had more than 140 attendees in the past and we are going to give it a whirl.  If you want to make sure you are included, get your money to Patty ASAP.  Dress casual and wear your best Hawaiian shirt; it should be a blast once again.

For one last time tomorrow, remember to take a garbage bag or two from home for your empties at the beach and toss the whole bag into the dumpster as you walk to the parking lot.  You’ve been doing a great job; please keep up the good work.  Now for your weekly reminder and countdown – there are zero more weeks left in the regular season; the playoffs are tomorrow.  As always, if you have any questions please call Patty at 917-613-0908.  (Be sure to call between 10 AM and 9 PM.  Remember, Patty has a life outside of VB, too.)  Or just check our website at www.rbvl.com.  You'll find the answers to most of your questions there, not to mention pretty pictures and funny stories.  See you on the beach (one last time)!