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Week Four

Perfect Weather and Near

Perfect Volleyball

New pictures added below!

By Joe McGivney

Special Olympians, the Volley Warriors

Week 4 started with near perfect weather and it seemed that the RBVL teams lifted their level of play to keep pace.  Position nights in several divisions had nail-biting finishes and many races tightened considerably.  The rest of the summer should be very interesting and very competitive.  Important notice:  Do not put your shovel in the bag at the end of the night.  It doesn’t belong there and it rips the bags apart.  Place the game ball and the practice ball in the bag at the end of the night.

Patty wants to thank her Conklin gang for coming to support the Bayhouse Babes in their conquest of Healy’s Rat Pack 4-1.  The Babes and Muscles could not have done it without the aid of Frank, Gerard, George, Kathy, Joanne, Danielle and Anthony.  Thanks for taking the trip in from Bay Ridge.  True to their name, the Babes finished the match with an overtime win with four babes on the courts after Larry succumbed to cramps.  With every game going down to the wire, both teams can’t wait for the rematch.

Casino Towing (formerly Abbracciamento’s, formerly Abbracciamento’s On the Pier, formerly Abbracciamento’s Off the Pier) got younger for the second week in a row with the addition of Anna and her sweet sets.  Partnered with young Sarah and only slightly older Kathy, Casino seems “Set” at that position for years to come.  Now if they could just dump some of the old dead-weight men, they could win more than one game.




It’s All Good unsuccessfully fielded their ironman squad of 6 players and came up short 1-4 against the Federation.  Murph tried to carry the load but unfortunately Seal had to carry him and the load.  It was just too much for the former all-star!  Spiritual leader Bugsy was sorely missed.  What ‘s the difference between Opera in the Park and beach volleyball?  The coolers are the same, the refreshments are the same, the herbs are the same but your binoculars are called opera glasses.  It’s nice to see our members getting some culture other than watching reruns of “Joanie Loves Chachi.”  Is there a fertility thing with Club Fed?  George had twins last year and Greg is having twins this year.  Who’s next?  (What a great name for a rock and roll album.)  Kudos to Tommy Last, Danielle, the Fords (all of them) and of course Mary, who says she wants a sweatshirt.  Today’s reporter got so excited when Mary came over to tell her story that he almost ruined the league laptop.   The three Reska rule still applies: 2 Reskers on the sand, the rest on the boardwalk.   If you want to know why, come down and watch sometime.

Connolly’s won the Battle of the Basement 4-1 over Aviator Sports.  You are not reading that Jack Meade was out buying dresses last week because we’re not allowed to write that.  Rich Maloney was still a no-show but Glenn pulled them out of the toilet and after the team practice on Sunday great things are expected.  The Circle of Death is shrinking as we speak.

Harbor Light defeated Sands Point PT 3-2 in a tight position night battle.  Karen McD was MVP for the night with her play but even more importantly for bringing the Coronas.  Kaitlyn and Donna didn’t bring any Coronas but they played just as well.  Carol also did her usual stuff as well, which mostly consists of opening the Coronas and inserting the limes.  Jake’s ankle continues to heal under the watchful eyes of Sands Point PT and he should be back at full strength soon.

Rumor has it that Costanza is filling in with the Irish Tenors in September.  Caveman Me Dima, aka Paulie Walnuts, crushed the Ukraine at practice and almost killed the pigeon killer on the sand.  Big Brown, who always has something nice to say, has been voted the team Athletic Supporter.  Big Mama’s Boy has a devil-may-care attitude for his own physical well-being.  Dr. Summer-off is calling!  Mad Dog is looking to audition for the upper echelon.  He and the Bombshell still owe the Hammer a shot. Last Call Rule # 2 – When a timeout is called, all coolers must be on the playing field in 30 seconds or your contract with the team may be terminated.  J was a no-show because she couldn’t put the backhoe in reverse.  Gabriella’s zip-lock baggies had holes in them so she wouldn’t disturb her pedicured feet.  Go Navy!  Digger missed Spike performing at her best but we did have a representative from the U.S.S. Eisenhower.  Welcome home John!

All of the Transplants had a miserable night on the sand, starting when they got caught on the wrong side of the raised Marine Pkwy. Bridge.  Both transplanted squads were lethargic and even worse, attendance was poor.  Things are looking up in the lawsuit to bring back “Brooklyn” to the team name.  The Crown Heights lawyers are on the case.  Happy birthday, Dee Dee!  A communications specialist will be hired to work with the players and will be retained for additional work in the saloons afterwards.  A reminder to the players – if you don’t pull your weight during the evening, the cooler remains much too heavy to carry home.  Drink up, you Wussies!  It’s all about fun.

The games between the Kerry Hills and Pier 92 were the best ever.  Congrats to the Piranhas  for coming out on top 4-1.  The Kerry Hills girls played top-notch volleyball.  (And the guys didn't play so bad either.)  But the question continues to be - where is Stone?  Did he find Zoe from Sesame Street and run off and get hitched?  Or maybe his new girl is not allowed out after dark?  If anyone sees him, let him know that we play volleyball on Wednesday nights.  Cody and Kristen found out the hard way that blue cotton candy does not come off that easily.

Suns of Beaches made a valiant attempt but came up with only 1 win against archrival Simon Says Sea Bar in the Battle of the Brothers-In-Law.  Christine and Gina played their hearts out in their best effort of the young season.  And most importantly, the gang celebrated Capt. Liz’s 29th birthday.  Where was Kevin G.?  Don’t tell me he was working OT to pay for the wedding?  25 weeks to go, but who’s counting?

The Ozone Layers finally won a match, winning all five from the Mighty Boosh.  The Boosh actually played great individual volleyball, but were missing the team concept.  For the Layers the pre-game speech from Jimmy Mack was influential, and the post-game celebration on the beach was going on past midnight despite the absence of Mark “the one hit wonder” Aiken.   Cubby, Jimmy, Murph, etc. kept the lantern burning long after the space shuttle and the space station passed overhead.  



The Volley Warriors had another great night, led by Patrick Carroll with some great serves.  Danny and Selena gave it their all while Kirsten and Leanise have really gotten used to the sand between their toes and they are loving every minute of it. Hopefully Paul D is OK after his awesome dig where the ball got the better of him.  Welcome to new players, Kristine, Adrian, and Amanda.   Thanks to new volunteers, Christine, Sean, and Devan Parchment.  Great job, Matt D.  It looks like he took the team’s advice from last week. 

The Irish Circle served up Swedish meatballs, chicken and broccoli, sausage and peppers, penne a la vodka and rice, all of which were a big hit with the first 40 people to swarm down on the buffet line.  Unfortunately, for the third time this year the volume of food did not match the volume of returning revelers.  The RBVL turnout was the biggest of the year and only promises to get larger as we head into July and August with a schedule that features several outdoor waterfront sponsors.  Sponsors need to remember that the RBVL is no longer 12 rag-tag teams.  (It is now made up of 50 rag-tag teams.)  Teams should start preparing for the RBVL Beach Party night.  On Tuesday, 7/3, you get to stay on the beach all night and the league will supply a DJ.  You just have to be creative and bring some grub to eat and a cooler or two of liquid refreshments.  As you all know, it’s the people that make the league and it’s the people that make a party so do it up. 

Next week’s party is at long-time favorite, Connolly’s.  See you on the beach!