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RBVL Playoffs Scheduled for Saturday 8/11

Pictures from Yacht Club added.  check below

By Joe McGivney

good time

The RBVL concluded the 2007 regular season Wednesday night and the playoff picture cleared.  Although an F4 Tornado touched down in Brooklyn earlier in the day, the sun shone on Rockaway yet again for another perfect night of volleyball.  Freedhand’s, the Flip-Cup All-Stars, Healy’s Ratpack, the Wharf Rats, the Blarney Castle and A Night Out all won their respective division titles.  Freedhand’s, Flip-Cup and runners-up Mark’s Maintenance and Jameson’s all earned byes in the first round of play in Saturday’s upcoming action.  That’s when the RBVL will hold its annual playoff extravaganza at Riis Park, playing games until 6 division champions are crowned.  Nets will be available at 9:30 a.m. and play will begin at 10:30 a.m., which is also the forfeit time for game 1.  If you need practice or your old bones need to loosen up you should arrive early enough to begin on time.  A reminder to all - alcoholic beverages and glass bottles may not be brought into Gateway NRA.  Those that do will be subject to forfeiture of their beverages and/or fines.  Beer may be purchased from the vendor on the boardwalk. However the waxed paper cups they are served in may not hold up well in the heat.  It is strongly suggested that you bring RED CUPS to transfer all your beverages into and a garbage bag for all your empty beverages.  Don’t forget to bring plenty of water as well.  Clothes are a must, including underwear.  Tents are key if you have fair skin, red hair and burn.  The 6 teams that did not qualify for the playoffs (It’s All Good Tees, Aviator Aces, the Lobster House, www.bhyc.com, Happy Hour and EZ Knights) are all invited to the beach for a round-robin tournament and to take part in the festivities.  In one of the closest races in recent memory, Happy Hour missed out by one game.

No matter how heated the action is on Saturday, everyone should remember that fun and sportsmanship are still our guiding principles.  Let me quote from your RBVL Rule Book: "Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.  The offender will be immediately issued a red card meaning both a side-out and a point given to their opponents.  Additionally, unsportsmanlike conduct toward any league official or referee will not be tolerated.  Offenders face sanctions at the discretion of the league from match suspensions up to and including permanent disbarment from the RBVL."  On a lighter note, the gala RBVL Awards Dinner is set for Friday night 9/14 at the Knights of Columbus.  The party includes an open bar, bottled beer and hot food with a DJ supplying the music.  The final cost has not been determined yet but it will probably be between $50-60, depending on whether we get the imported or domestic baked ziti.  Captains are collecting money as we speak and the first 200 people will be confirmed. In the past we have never had to turn anyone away but we came very close last year.  With another expansion this season, the dinner promises to be booked solid.  Reserve your tables early.  Talk to Rocky, Denise or Bugsy if you have any questions.

The final post-game party of the season has become quite a tradition and last night was no exception.  The Belle Harbor Yacht Club outdid themselves with outstanding food (both quality and quantity), great service by the staff and music by DJ Tubs who always ignites a room.  Best of luck to Jim and Mary from Ludwig Catering.  They suffered a setback with a fire that has severely hampered their operation.  However, you saw the job they did at the BHYC, which was spectacular.  Don’t hesitate to call them for your next party; you won’t be disappointed.  The musical chairs battle was fierce and was won by a man for the first time.  No, the winner wasn’t George Johnson, who was the runner-up, but the title went to the guy with the sweaty armpits.  You may know him as Jim Sluyk and he graciously has invited everyone over to his pool for a celebration.  He joins previous champs, Laura Phister and Geraldine Walsh in a very elite group.

Now to the action on the beach!  President Patty was pleased to present the Volley Warriors with their hard-earned awards courtside at Riis Park; they each received custom made RBVL logo hats and a warm round of applause for their efforts.  Congratulations to all the players.  Also thanks to the Volly Volly’s – the volunteers who worked and played with the warriors.  We couldn’t do it without you.   Bobby Fash bought a motorcycle and turned back the clock 25 years.  He followed it up with a monster block on Chris to spur the Beach House to three important wins.

It’s All Done is all done, officially, statistically, philosophically, morally and decidedly.  TBG wore brown and orange to celebrate his idol on the SF Giants, Barry “Asterisk” Bonds.  It didn’t help the old squad of zephyrs, who failed to make the playoffs despite Murph’s existential leadership.  When Cement Shoes turned his broad back to show his team name, all that could be seen was It’s All Goo!  That’s one big back (or front).  Even Mrs. Flanagan jumped ship because she couldn’t stand to see her boy beat so bad.  Anyone single folks looking to get hitched should think about playing for A Night Out.  As they say, “Strange things (like marriage) can happen after a good night out!”  (And after a good night bumping, if you know what I mean.)  Teammates Kevin and Kathy, Darrin and Ann Marie and John and Bernadette are all getting married in 2007.  At least they were smart enough to schedule the ceremonies after the volleyball season ends.  The best set of last night’s out was by Monkey Butt who set up the best spike of the game.  By the way, where’s Fluffy?

When a certain male league official (not Rocky, Bugsy, John or Steve) was questioned as to why he was staking out the Women’s Room, he weakly replied, “It’s where the air-conditioning is coolest.”  However, staff members note that the air duct has not worked in years.  Tommy D. and Keith S. are on strict orders from Coach Kevin to obey their team curfew on Friday night as well as the strict 6-drink limit.  Jean-Marie Munson left quickly before midnight.  She was seen leaving with one silver slipper and a four-wheeled pumpkin.  If you find the magical footwear please return it to the lost and found.  Kate the Great needs zip-lock baggies to save her pedicure and will host a bikini party Saturday night.  The Mauler is still bristling after being issued a XXL uniform and will prove he is truly buff.  Frankie D. was absent because he was getting a rubdown from the large one.  Digger showed he was Captain America with his matador skills.  Beer Boy was a little too delicate to take the heat at the Yacht Club.  The notches on his belt must have rubbed him the wrong way.  Are the Brooklyn Transplants still recruiting from the outer boroughs?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Christy (formerly from the Island team) now with Cheese Fries won the 50/50. She was good and only agreed to use the money to buy drinks for her girlfriends only.  (No boys allowed.)  Seven years ago when she found a $10 bill on the floor of Jameson's she thought she was rich and was able to buy a round of shots for her whole team.   Does she not like her new team or has inflation taken its toll?  Aunt Mary Beth is the bestest of the bestest teammate ever!  The Mighty Boosh are looking to go Worst to First on Saturday.  And if they lose the game they guarantee they will have the best set-up on the beach.  They also will be making one last-ditch effort to steal top mascot Kirby.  Condolences to Kim who was called for a 5-second violation while serving, the first one in league history.  The Martorana sisters kept their streak alive by coming out for the first time this year.  That makes 17 years in a row they have come out once a year.  Eddie Breen served up one ball to keep his Cal Ripken-like consecutive year streak alive also.

Team Federation was all at the BHYC this week.  Is it because Coach Tom is away?   And tell me, who missed Ryan?  Even little Gregory cheered on his Daddy and told him we need sweatshirts.  See what happens when you let Mary W. babysit!  Welcome back from Saratoga, Jimmy.   Coppersmiths Team would like to thank Jack for a great season and thanks for whipping us all into shape.  Mr. Swiggins would like to say that Jamie and John both showed up for the after-party at the BHYC.  Remember, the rule still applies even at the after parties.  The battle of Brooklyn was won by the Irish Circle Transplants in a match where both squads played well.  (And EMS was not needed.)  Multiple hindus were called and argued ferociously by both team Captains.  What happened to the Cooler?  Why did I see the bottom? Who put that picture down there?

We'll see you on the beach one last time tomorrow!