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Week 10

 Kerry Hills won a battle for first place 4-1 against Fillmore Insurance in the most exciting games of the week. Too bad the Slyuk brothers think that they are God’s gift to volleyball…NOT!!! Kerry Hills won the title in their usual low key, modest manner. If they win on Saturday look for a quiet, naked, drunken celebration. Captain Peter Kearns rated this first place finish as his and the team’s best volleyball moment ever. It narrowly edged out their previous number one highlight of forcing Abbracciamento’s to call a time out in a close game back in 1990. (They lost the game but won a moral victory over the long time powerhouse club.)


Richie Whalen was on fire as he prepared for the playoffs.  He and Bernie continuously spanked balls down on the sand as Generation X & Y easily handled Jameson’s 5-0 despite the play of Jim Higgins who was once again a champion for Jameson’s. With the return of Carol Denaro from her hiatus in Hawaii, (teaching the native’s how to set), Generation X & Y got back on track in their preparation for their anticipated showdown with Abbracciamento’s.  Brian Sica seems focused for the Saturday battle. Coach John Sica said, “If we can beat Abbracciamento’s in the semi’s and look good against Coppersmith’s our season will be complete!”


Mark (“I don’t let the last ball drop”) admitted he should not have been on the court tonight after a rough night of drinking on his porch. Thanks for the invite, Mark. JJ Butler retains SUPERSTAR status as usual! Mike Buckley, Sean O’Talk and Keith Green were pacing themselves and assure everyone that they are peaking for the playoffs on Saturday. A message from Jameson’s to Healy’s - We’ll see you next year! A message from Healy’s to Jameson’s - Maybe next year you’ll beat us!


Just Healy’s needed one victory to secure a playoff berth.  With Bobby Broken Toe and the girls kicking ass as usual, they won the first two games and experimented afterwards, losing the last three games. Dancer actually volunteered to sit out the last game, imagine that. Does anyone know how pretty Kerri Skehill is?????    Dancer was happy to find out that their next opponent is Abbracciamento’s. Patty Melt, Joe and Rocky get ready.  To quote that famous volleyball referee / judge, Mills Lane “Let’s get it on!” The young Bryan Fraser overtook his cousin Kerri and godfather Dancer and is ready for the big time! Right now he is bumping everything perfectly. When his spiking catches up he will be unstoppable


IBK’s New Addition captain John Brennan has proven once again that he is a stand up guy. Readers of the Wave know that he lost his temper last week but he did the right thing and admitted that his temper got the best of him and apologized to the Fisheads. That is why I love Rockaway!


Claire’s sister put out the challenge before the night for Gen X&Y to finish early so the weekly “fours” match could begin.  When Gen X&Y finished at 7:40 with a 5-0 sweep they waited for the Witches of Westwick for 40 minutes. 

Thank God that Rich and Bernie are both on the same team.


The “Rolly Polly Fisheads” once again secured a winning night, to finish a great season.  Dig This was busy digging a deficit, 3-0, before winning the next two charity matches.  Honorable mention goes out to Renee Rodgers, for her hard fought play on the left side of the court.  If it weren’t for her left, she would be all right. Mary replaced her husband, Jim McMorrow him with flying colors. John McCann showed up with two wins already sealed, and was associated with two losses. Does this tell us anything? He immediately sought counseling with Donna Lynch at the Beach Club. Before championship weekend, Regina Mansfield promises to wear a hearing aid so she can hear Jim scream “it’s mine”, before disabling the Fisheads leading bumper. Danny Boyle will remove his two-pound Celtic Cross so he can increase his vertical leap this weekend. The Fisheads would like to thank Mike and Ellen Hynes for cutting short their vacation at the Reynolds Channel Inlet to attend this week’s pivotal match.


 Kudos to It’s All Good for their great season and finishing in first in the Blue Division.  They won 3-2 against the second place “Circling Sharks”, that was specifically designed by the Sharks given the possible playoff rematch this weekend.  It has become apparent to the Sharks that It’s All Good has two Cement Shoed Players in Murphy and Flanaghan.  One could only wonder at the play of Jenni Perieia, who appears  to be sexually frustrated since  her husband went  on vacation.  And she left two weeks before his return.  The Sharks are considering sending Louie on a three month vacation next year, hoping for similar results.  Stephen and Dotsy Kearns, where the hell are you?  Paul, lighten the hell up.  The Sharks wish to thank all the people that made this volleyball season special and successful. Hey Murph, nice catch! Once again TBG (The Big Goof, I mean, Guy) failed to show up to hear the Emperor Bugsy sing his tunes. As a result he has been docked $25 which will go to the Irish Circle, who endured the reborn Van Morrison for too many songs. PS - It’s All Good, when is Eddie going to play?   It’s All Good, they will see you Saturday! Does anyone know if the Joe “Seal” Moore trade to the Sharks for a case of beer and an old pair of sneakers has gone through? What’s holding up this blockbuster deal?


Tough guy Charlie Brady, was able to knock down the net, but wasn’t able to handle a little sand in his eyes.  Wait until his beautiful daughter kicks sand in his face. After struggling through a 48 hour labor it was understandable that Charlie was a little off his game unless you consider that it was his wife that actually delivered the baby. Abbracciamento’s was spanked by the first place Coppersmith’s team in a match that was closer than the 4-1 final score. Both teams will be fired up for the playoffs but there is some doubt whether Captain Rocky will show up. Rumor has it that the Golden Goose has been resurrected and he will be doing 24 hours of overtime at the Statue of Liberty. The Carey brothers were fired up and able to pick up a bored, disinterested Scotty (who wasn’t too shabby anyway). Some veteran league members want to know if Brian Carey is considered a “hired gun” or a “ringer” since he seems to be a playoff specialist. Chants of MVP were given to Joe McManus and Coppersmith’s is happy to report that the Gatorade Sisters are going into the playoffs as amicable as ever! Happy 29th birthday to Regina Carey who finished her season tonight because she has to go boozing in the Hamptons this weekend. Who’s going to take all of those kids to the bathroom, Saturday? Advantage Abbracciamento’s!


TNT blew it!!! They could not have played any worse than they did tonight. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that half of the team didn’t show up for the most important match of the season. In any event, Karen “Killer” Kilbride did some of her best work and even got dirty trying to win a game. “Boom Boom” had the best idea all night when she suggested going straight to Jameson’s and trashing the volleyball match, when Teddy suddenly appeared and said he could save the day. It wasn’t his fault that he couldn’t considering 38DD’s went full commando on him. As far as M&M is concerned, she is still squeezing reporter’s butts for more press coverage. Could she feel any cheaper?…Oh Yeah!!!!


Saturday will conclude the volleyball season for 2001. The first round of playoffs will begin at 10:00 am at Riis Park and matches will be played through the afternoon until champions are crowned in all three divisions. Some bagel heroes will be supplied for lunch but everyone should bring their own beverages of choice. Don’t forget your sunscreen, umbrellas and beach chairs – it promises to be a long, fun day. The RBVBL Awards Dinner will be held two weeks from Saturday (8/25) at the Knights of Columbus hall at 333 Beach 90th St. All players and friends who plan on attending should give their payment of $40 to their team captain on Saturday. We hope that everyone who wants to attend will be able to do so but we do have a limit of 200 people.


Red Division

Coppersmith’s 4 – Abbracciamento’s 1; Generation X & Y 5 – Jameson’s – 0

Connolly’s 3 – Just Healy’s 2; Psychic Friends 5 – Federation 0

White Division

Kerry Hills Pub 4 – Fillmore Insurance 1; IBK 4 – The Beach House 1

Rugby Fishead’s 3 – Dig This 2; Maimonides 5 – TNT 0;

Blue Division

It’s All Good 3 – Circling Sharks 2; Tap and Grill 3 – Tap and Grill Island 2

Jerry’s Kids 3 – The Beach Club 2; Suns of Beaches 1 – Your Mother’s Team 0 (double forfeit games 2-5)