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    The volleyball league outnumbered the no longer endangered Piping Plovers 386 to 2, yet the plovers won out and had 27 acres of beach, to the leagues one.

            A Washington Herald story has revealed the identity of “Deep Throat” in the Jackygate scandals as Mark Aiken.  Wave cub reporter  John Sica had to explain to an irate Debbie Kenel how he called her daughter a “tin woman” because of her lack of heart.  He told Debbie he would never compromise his “journalistic integrity” and had to run with the story.  And now a word from our sponsor.

            The Rangers swept, but Carmen admitted it wasn’t easy and they took their hats off to the relentless play of the Sand Busters.  Carmen even warned them that they are only one above the worst division and they had better slow down.

Dancer cooked all the food for Healy’s and still found time to play volleyball.  The food was excellent and a large turnout of players agreed that Dancer’s talent lie in the kitchen and not in the sand.

Brooklyn Transplants played the No-Names, who had 5 girls and one guy.  “The girls played tough”, said Brooklyn Transplant Jamie, who had issues with one of his unnamed teammates, (John Resker) who claimed to have scored 20 points in a row.  Jamie points out it was only 15.

            Mike Mollaghan had the game winning slam to lift Jameson’s Turtles to a 3-2 victory with the help of Lefty Dave.

            Teams may have been in pre season form, but Freehand was in mid season crying form as Healy’s jumped out to a 9-2 lead as free agent Jackie Kenel sat on the bench.  Kelly-O had the block of the day on Richie.  Dissention broke out when Jackie forced Maria and Regina to be benched by coach Mark.  Mark said that if his aging stars want to keep playing for a winner in the twighlight of their careers, they had better lighten up.   Dancer calls it a Cinderella story.  When reached for comment Mark Aiken stated, “ we were professional tonight disposing of “alleged” competition easily.  There is no dissention on our team.”  Bobby Whelan had 2 balls over the net and said, “owe my big toe!”

            Pier 92 Piranha girl’s  are very good looking.  If you want to see them at the post game celebration, they are the ones wearing the Budwieser labels on their far heads.  “we’re awesome”, Katelyn said.  They only won two games but had a 5-0 record in good looks.

            Last Call did great the first time out.  They never played volleyball before yet they won the match 3-2.  They feel they were misplaced and should be in the top division.

            Sands Point Physical Therapy lost 3-2 to Kerry Hills, but once again is happy to be representing Sands Point.  Jake and Pat stepped up to keep it competitive.  Sara stepped in and showed she has a bright future.  Carol (Cement Shoes) finally got going and helped out big time.

            Attention all Readers!  The Rockaway Beach Volley Ball League contest is coming.  Look to further articles for details.

            Due to cutbacks in the league office, this and future articles will be written the old fashion way with pen and paper.  Therefore there may be some name errors due to sloppy penmanship and beer spills on my reporters notebook.  Any more cutbacks and future articles will chiseled on a tablet like the ten commandments.  Don’t forget to check the Web page at rbvl.com.