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Week Two

Connolly's was rockin as usual


The RBVL played volleyball in 90 degree weather on Wednesday 6/9 and the question on everyone’s mind was, “Where’s the rain?”  The other question all were asking was, “Can the new, buff, youthful Murph lead his squad to the top of the heap this season?”  Well, actually, only one person asked – Murph! 

Long time sponsor Connolly’s hosted the post-game party and a record crowd showed up. Jeff and his crew cooked up a ton of burgers and hot dogs, while the slurping of frozen drinks signified the unofficial beginning of summer.  Connolly’s continues to be one of the most popular spots on the tour. 

Brooklyn Transplants girls carried the team for their first two wins in the RBVL.  Things were looking good until the 119th street gang entered the arena.  Debbie and Bobby and Kerry and Michael will take the blame for one loss but what happened in games 4 and 5?  Would you believe the best player on the court was pregnant?  Denise, we need you.  Stay away from any morning sickness; we’ll have the O’Doul’s iced up for you.  Great serving by Brian B. and the play of John, Joe, Noelle and Jim saved the day.  It was a real family affair.  Where was Jim?  Thank God Danny finally showed up!  His inspiration led to three losses. 

Dickie Flanagan served 18 points in a row and almost pitched a no-hitter until TBG muffed an easy ball.  The team questioned whether it was intentional to divert attention from Cement Shoes.  Some people crave attention. 

Without Palmer Doyle, host Connolly’s Island won 4-1 over the EZ Company and Matty and Donna led the charge back to the bar for the festivities.  In fact, if the EZ coolers weren’t so close to the lines it might have been a shutout.  The Island is going to bring back their old rule prohibiting couples from playing together. 

Abbracciamento’s missed Cathy Dempsey who was recovering from a rare run-in with CB but Rocky picked up the slack with his second stellar week in a row for a 5-0 win over the Rugby Clubhouse.  Rocky walked into the St. Francis gym right from the beach and changed uniforms from volleyball to basketball and reminded people of - - - a young Jim Thorpe, the best of the multi-sport athletes.  Joe Moore noted that the only similarity between Rocky and Jim Thorpe is their drinking prowess and their cirrhosis of the liver condition.  Actually, Rocky has been rejuvenated.  If he keeps up his stellar play he may be asked to become the National Glucosamine Spokesman. 

Mahooska’s beat the Beach House 3-2 in a tight one.  Dickie served and played great defense for the House.  Gary and Becca are acting like a married couple already even though they’re just engaged.  Becca chastised Gary for a bad line call that he couldn’t possibly have seen.  Good luck, kids.

Grassy’s is nibbling away at the leaders of their division with a 3-2 win over the Beach Club.  The pressure is on Keith Frasier to pick up the pace and play at least as good as his dad, MAF, who was eating sand and making saves everywhere.  He’s going to have to spit out the dirt at the courts tomorrow.  Rene, the girls captain, has got to crack the whip on her gang and just decide who’s in the #$%^&$ lineup beside herself. 

Mark’s Maintenance beat Healy’s 3-2 but they needed the Brooklyn ringers to do it.  Scotty was sidelined but was picked up by Mark and Craig’s blocking.  What was Kevin O whining about anyway?  Was this Mark Aiken’s last bar appearance?  Judy’s scheduled to deliver a package any day now. 

Sand’s Point PT won 5-0 over the Nobody’s for their second shutout in a row.  Coach Tommy Tunes has uncovered the secret to success by recruiting HS players half his age.  The Breezy/Bishop Kearney girls, Ashley, Jackie and Caitlin as well as Kaitlin T. are carrying the team.  Happy birthday Steve Gifford!  If you have any injuries from Wednesday make sure you stop by Thursday for some therapy.  (All medical plans are accepted.) 

After stealing their sweatshirts back from Healy’s last week, Freedhand’s 5-0 victory over Kerry Hills Eile puts them in the same position as last year and we all know what happened then. (See Marie’s Traitors.)   

 Captain Mark Aiken (Big Daddy) was happy to see the McGoldrick’s playing nice together.  Bernie was counting Richie’s serves into the net and Jack was getting used to life with the old Traitors.     

Coach Sica brought down more ringers from Xaverian for the Bikini Bottom All-Stars and it finally worked as they won 3-2 over the host team, Connolly’s.  If he brings some more next week they might win even more.  Apparently John’s recruits played at such a high level that their old league didn’t have referees.  Next week John needs bleacher seats just for the people on his squad not in the game.  Who’s next, John’s old Brooklyn College players? 

Don’t miss next week’s party at the Kerry Hills Pub.  You’ll be treated to the best food on the circuit. 

The piping plovers are resting comfortably and bird enthusiasts wish them well, and hopefully good riddance soon.  The temporary back-to-back court layout has worked out pretty well.  Nice job Bugsy, Rocky and Steve. 

In case you’ve been living in a cave and haven’t heard, John Sica has been made over by the Fab Five.  That’s right, the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fixed him up a few months ago.  He will soon be making his national TV debut.  The countdown currently stands at 25 days.  Updates will be posted in this column before the big show. 

Remember two important dates – 8/14, Saturday, on which the playoffs will be contested and 9/17, Friday, the night of the Awards Dinner.  Head Over Heals will be back by popular demand to provide your musical entertainment.  We mention these dates early and often so that you can make arrangements to be available for our two biggest and best events.  

If you have any questions during the week please call Patty Moule at 212-604-7087.  You can leave a detailed message anytime at this number. 

See you on the beach!