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            And on the fourth week, God created the sun.  And it was good.  On one of the most beautiful nights that the league will ever see, no wind, 70’s, and a setting June sun, twenty-eight teams enjoyed the competition. 

            Mary Whalen and her fathom threesome were once again no shows, for the third straight week.  Perhaps she was in the parking lot thinking of this weeks story.   I “Wonder” where she could have been.  The first week she was at the airport, her sister was studying and the dog ate her homework.  The second week she was within a hundred yards at the parking lot waiting for her escort.  What is it this week?  The Irish Toons prevailed however, winning three behind the great from TJ and Kaitlyn.  Kaitlyn can teach the Wonder Woman a few things if she ever shows up. 

            Coppersmiths returned to their winning ways, battling The Bikini Bottom All Stars each game, and winning most 4-1.  The return of Colleen McManus was not enough to compensate for the absence of Jack.  Greg continued to show signs of the family volleyball gene.

            Just Healy’s got off to a long slow start losing to Abbracciamento’s 27-25.  But as it turned out the old timers played right into their hands, wearing themselves out only to be swept in the remaining four games.  The youth of Kerry, Kerry, and Kelly, and their excellent sets carried Healy’s.  Tom Daglish proved crucial, showing up for game three with a cooler full of beer to motivate the wins for the celebration.

            Meanwhile Maria’s Traitors were worried when one of their games were close in week two, so they dispatched Mark Aiken to Ireland to recruit for their playoff push.  They easily took care of Kerry Hills in five, despite ex-teammate Brian Sica’s one- handed block against a Rich Whelan spike.  Overheard by a MT teammate, “Rich, you’re the best on the beach, why don’t you enjoy yourself?” Whatever teammate that was had better look out though, because coach Maria will not tolerate such weakness. 

            Speaking of fun, the Beach House has once again earned their name, as they made the beach their house, staying long after everyone had left. The re-emergence of Bobby Fash and the always reliable Tom Reilly has made them a front-runner for the best party team on the beach.  The House was supposed to put out the fire, not start it, but they burned the previously unstoppable Stealth, 4-1.  The only reason it wasn’t a sweep was that their not used to the new scoring and with all these points they got drunk too early.  Where’s Laura, the glue that holds the Stealth together?

            Fillmore Insurance can’t pay their lease; Jim has been spending too much time in the bar.  Tom where were ya???  Thanks for sending down Joanie (the young fluff), you owe the team $60 for all the beers she drank. Eddie it’s about time you came out of the closet.  Special Pat, hang in there you’re bound to get lucky.  Donna we promise to swing more with you next time.  Tim the team Mascot, you did great on the sideline.  Unfortunately Una would prefer another mascot.  Tim would like to point out though, that Jim Sluyk would need to chill out and let Tim set more often.  As for Jimmy (the cheap bastard) Katen, he’s getting transferred to Harlem.  Have fun Jimmy, love Tim the Great, hope they let you play ball up there.  Word has it, Jim McDonough is pulling strings on the team like he does in FDNY.  As for the Young Fluff, who thinks her husband should stay at home, especially when it comes to hangin’ with the real men, perhaps she should stop undressing in the car and getting all the guys excited.  With those kind of connections, you’d think he’d be playing for Coppersmiths. Despite all these problems, Fillmore was able to win three.

            As usual The New Irish Circle’s Ramblers and Gamblers had fun playing one of their favorite adversaries, The Beach Club.  They kicked the Gamblers Ass five oh, but on such a beautiful night, in the end the Circle’s only thought was, “where the hell were the Beach Clubs players, for they were not at the excellent party at Healy’s.  If they could follow through with their partying as they do “with their serves, they would have raised the bar, no pun intended. 

           Did you ever read these articles and say, “why isn’t my team in here?” the answer is simple, co the post game party and look for the guy or girl writing on the laptop.  Just don’t forget to bring a beer for the hard working writer.  This weeks post game party was at Healy’s, which was looking, tasting, and sounding great.  Not to mention the all sports TV’s all over.  For extra pictures and stories check the web site at members.tripod.com/rbvl/.