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Week Three

What could be better?  Bobby Fash, livin large.


By Mary Whelan and Joe McGivney

 The RBVL played volleyball in 90 degree weather on Wednesday 6/16 for the second week in a row.  Some players are thinking about leaving their rain gear home next week because of this run of good weather.   Finally, summer has landed in Rockaway.  No threat of the wind, rain or hail.  Is it really June?

    Long time sponsor Kerry Hills Pub hosted the post-game party and supplied the best food on the Peninsula.  The ice-cold beer and Shepherd’s Pie were mouth watering as usual.  But the feast didn’t end there.  Folks also enjoyed lasagna, meatballs, BBQ chicken, chicken wings, Teriyaki chicken and salad.  The Kerry Hills Eiele team even had a couple of Irish car bombs for desert.  Thanks, as always, to Carmel for her hospitality. 

Why did Eddie leave before the end of play?  It could only be for one reason – his love of the dance! 

Rocky showed up this evening with some class, styling with his canned Coor’s Light.  Does the Kerry Hills even sell cans?  Nice haircut!  It must have been a two for one on Beach 129th .  Who was the other one, John Sica?     

Cubby, what happened?  I heard it was scary in Connolly’s last week.  You can come out from hiding now.  I hear there will be a sequel; the Amazon Stepford Wives and it won’t feature Nicole (the chick who married Mark Gastineau).  The question of the evening is who was she?  And was she a girl?  Cubby now has to scout out every location before he enters.   

Denise Brunner from Connolly’s Island wants to know where did the 49-year-old assistant coach come from?  Should we ID next time?  In any event they won 5 LONG games (who paid the other team). Can someone get me a beer? 

Donna from E-Z Company would like to know where her shirt is?  She did mention that she had a great time even though she lost all 5 games.  Wait until next week … you young ones!!  

Danny Sugrue (the Man) on the Brooklyn Transplants has a few words to say on how his team played this week (first time in the RBVL division) … he did get a few calls on the no show, so you are safe for this week!  Hats off to the Irish Circling Sharks in letting us win that ONE game.  Thanks for the exceptional play of Mike Newman, Bill Higgins and Greg Duboer and to think, they did it all for a beer.  Lets not forget Dave “The One Arm Bandit” Reilly.  Can you do it blindfolded?  Cannot wait until next week … thanks for the fun. 

Vaughn’s Cheese Fries (who are still playing without their uniforms) played against Sands Point this evening and had to give them their first defeat.  Fish and Chrystie (the Hammer) better get ready for their rookie treatment, and we don’t mean mud baths.  Happy Birthday Blackout Becky (nice name) … Pat, too bad your jersey was too small for your beautiful body, maybe next time.  Final, tie-breaking game won by Vaughn’s, of course. 

Noel says it’s too bad the Kerry Hills Pub didn’t win one game but we want to welcome Christian Stathis and his sportsmanship to the team.  It is well needed and very much appreciated.  Not too mention the fact that Robin, his wife, is a great server.  She would like to wish Della a happy belated birthday. Watch out Boardwalk division, we are coming. 

Federation played to their hearts content.  Capt. Tom made sure the team didn’t drop as many balls as they would have if he weren’t there!  Thanks for the patience with Wonder Woman, their newcomer.  Brian was busy becoming a new dad.  Next time drop off the cooler before you head to the hospital, we were short on beverages.  We missed you!  Boom Boom had to cook dinner for the kids.  It’s her husband’s birthday tomorrow and he needed to rest for his golf game.   How cute is little Gregory?   Those eyes will be put to good use in another 18 years.  In any event, we played against Steve O (minus the Party Boy) and he put on a show, making us run around on a hot humid night.   Just when we thought we had it, he pulled us back in.  Jay’s wife, Pat, is the greatest fan since the Kerry Hills fan club was formed.  Federation won 3-2. 

Its all Good expects a big turn out at the parties once the Teachers are let loose for the summer.  They want to join in on Murph and Dicky’s private affairs.  Due to the lack of total team participation in “partying” we lost 3-2 to Grassy’s.  Wait until June 30th … get those cold ones ready.  Very intense matches! Capt. Mike and Danno graced us with their presence in the 5th game after their (3 day binge) Golf Tournament, where Mikey picked up some Hawaiian (if you want to call them that) shirts at Walmart, 3 for $10, one of which was seen for miles during that final game.  Don’t wash it! 

In one of the best matches of the night, the Bikini Bottom All-Stars defeated Fillmore 3-2.  Every game went to the last point.  Both teams played solid volleyball. Jim Dottavio continued to play great.  John Sica had searched the world for the perfect women.  Unbeknownst to him, he found her in his wife, Rita.  Who knew?  After a 5-year layoff for good behavior, she came back with a vengeance.  If her hubby keeps quiet, maybe she will stay.   

The Ramblers and Gamblers would like to say thank you to Erin who knows when you have been drinking and knows when you should come out.  That arm twist really does wonders for the Kane’s and the McGee’s.  We can all use a few of those!  We also hope GEO comes back; she is our Good Luck charm! 

The Beach House played the Beach Club and much to their dismay, they lost all 5 games.  They were close games; I mean one even went into overtime.  Wait until next week! 

Tommy Tunes would like to thank Tim Rohrs from Sands Point (where all insurance is accepted) for all his support.  We played tonight with our new team and unfortunately lost to Vaughn’s 3-2.   Maybe Carol should considering joining the team and playing next week, not just bringing the girls!  Jimmy and Doug came in the middle of the match and helped us win 2 out of the last 3 games.  Jimmy, the Belmont is over.  Let’s get busy with Volleyball!  Happy Birthday Steve! 

Kevin scored an Ace for the Harbor Light team.  Maybe all that chatter in the Wave all winter with the Basketball team, he finally focused on what really matters here in Rockaway!  Now, serve those Aces next time you tend bar!

Lets rock and roll … the Shark Attack is back!  They took four points and are still on their mission to win the big one.  Not withstanding rumors that have conspired amongst the crowd, Cubby is not getting married nor is he starting his own self-defense course.  Last weeks episode (scary has it was) was just training for the staff at Connolly’s on how to protect yourself when you are one sexy individual.  The female attention suddenly increased at the Kerry Hills causing Cubby to wonder if it is safe to come out at night.  As to the main attraction, TBG was heard stating that his career goal was to be a pole dancer (maybe that is why he wore those pink shorts last year).  He still wonders how he became a pseudo-volleyball player.  When is he going to stop blaming Dicky for all of his mistakes?  It’s apparent that his new philosophy of having 4 Jaegermeisters before each game is not working!  He even cost his team a game for the first time in his career.  (His statistic not the RBVL.)  Its no wonder Coach Goldberg disappeared after their wretched performance when they lost 3.   

Don’t miss next week’s party at the New Irish Circle.  Bring some extra investment money so that you can make a killing with the ponies.  You’ll be treated to some great food too.

 The piping plovers have not quite fledged yet but assure us they will be on their way soon.  The temporary back-to-back court layout has worked out well enough to be considered as a permanent change.  It keeps everybody closer together and spectators are able to watch many other matches when they are not in action.  The occasional “Ball on!” has not disrupted play much at all and the trade-off seems well worth the trouble.  

The Queer Eye for the Straight Guy John Sica Makeover Countdown is 18 days.  John is scheduled to make his national TV debut on Tuesday, 7/6.  Plans are being finalized for an open-house style party at the Kerry Hills Pub.  The Brian Monahan band will play and food will be provided from 7:00 PM on.  All of John’s friends from the RBVL are invited to join him for his TV debut. 

See you on the beach!