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Playoffs Loom Large


After brutal weather hammered the RBVL opening weeks, the worm has turned.  Another spectacular night at Riis Park led to terrific games and exciting finishes.  It gets harder and harder to leave the beach each night.


            In the Ocean Division, Coppersmith’s won 5-0 over Marie’s Traitors and Kerry Hills beat a makeshift Healy’s squad 4-1.  Let’s hope that the boys in Barcelona faired better.  Was it Jackie’s dink that knocked Mohawk Bryan for a loop?  Luckily, he’s doing fine.  Commissioner Patty and Sister Kathy would like to thank everyone for their assistance and concern.  Bryan looked like a breaded chicken cutlet just like his mom did years ago at the Thunder Dome.  Abbracciamento’s edged the Bikini Bottom All-Stars 3-2.  The All-Stars missed John and Mike who took Rita on a short bike ride to Lake George.  Jimmy Mack served 13 points in a row to win game 4.  Last week, without Rocky – 4 wins; this week, with Rocky – 3 wins.


            The Wave Division saw Fillmore receive a 5-0 gift from Connolly’s, the Rugby Clubhouse defeat their old rival the Federation 4-1 and the Fisheads took their first match of the season from Jameson’s 3-2.  Fillmore wants to know if Connolly’s would like to keep Tim Devlin for the rest of this season.  And why not next year!  If any teams would like any of our other players, they’re available. (i.e. The Great One, FOF, Mr. Hawaiian Shirt, Sneakers, Mrs. Captain, Mrs. Hard Knocks)  Peggy has the same sentiments for Jim, who was seen coming out of the closet in a lovely floral ensemble.  The playoff lineup is set and invitations have been posted.  Check your mailbox this week to see where you stand.


            One of the tightest divisions is the Beach, where four teams will vie for the last two playoff positions.  In addition, It’s All Good and Stelth will fight it out for first place.  It’s All Good won 4-1 despite Murph going postal.  (Haven’t we heard this sad story before?)  He prepped at the Sand Bar and was seen eating sterno when the ziti ran out.  Thank goodness for Tommy, who was out-jumping “Cement Shoes” at the net; these two power hitters carried the day.  The NIC Ramblers and Gamblers were looking for two things – one, a buyback and two, Bugsy’s sanity.  Why do we have to call the ball?  We all know each other’s names.  Doesn’t the ball get confused.  The R&G guys will be at the playoffs even if they don’t qualify.  They’ll be on the sidelines, drinking beer and screaming names out.  Mama Jackie showed where the setting talent in the family comes from.  The Beach Club wants everyone to know: WE’RE BACK!  (4-1 victory over the Irish Circling Sharks)  Happy birthday, Donna!  Thanks for a great job with everything, Beach Club.  The veggies were awesome!  Next year, all Sharks vacations must be approved by the front office.  If Louie has so much free time on his hands, how come Bonnie still doesn’t have her screen door?  The other two matches in the division were split with Stelth and the Beach House taking 3 points over the Mahooshkas and the Kerry Hills Pub respectively.


            The other tight division is the Boardwalk, where only 8 points separate the top six teams.  One Win, the Odd Couples and the Beach Orphans all have a chance for first place; it doesn’t get any better than this.  The playoff action promises to be most heated and ripe for upsets.  Can we have a moment of silence for the first two teams eliminated from the playoffs, the Irish Tunes and the Suns of Beaches?  And on the day when the Suns won their first match 5-0!  (Did I mention that it was a forfeit?)  The Phantom of the VB courts may have cost the Tunes a shot at the playoffs by flying the coop again.  Pier 92 edged One Win 3-2 and the Odd Couples beat the Beach Orphans by the same score.  The Tap and Grill Cheese Fries stunned the Connolly’s Island 5-0.  Break out the drinking funnel.


            Who was that former Curran’s player who showed up only to find out they no longer field a team in the league?  It was none other than former commissioner, Sue Brown.  With Nancy present, it was the first time that all 3 living (?) commissioners were seen together.


            The regular season is coming to a close next week, leaving two big events before the conclusion of the RBVL 2003 season.  The playoffs are scheduled for Saturday 8/9.  Nets will be available at 9:45 a.m. and tip off is scheduled for 10:30 a.m.  Be on time.  This is an all-day event played until four champions are crowned.  Lunch is served and players should bring their own liquid refreshments. The final event of the year follows with the RBVL Awards Dinner scheduled for Friday 9/12 at the Beach Club.  The band has been confirmed for the night and it will be local favorite, Tobazco Road.  Captains should begin to get commitments from their teammates because deposits will soon need to be collected.  More details will follow next week.