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Week Six

Tom and Steve share a laugh at Connolly's, after the games.


Mr. Hollywood (aka John Sica) stopped by this evening to sign the numerous autographs.  We had to put our sun glasses on due to the shininess of his toes due to the pedicure and  he had to finish off the beer Brooklyn Lager sent him.  How good was he in Queer Eye?  But it’s the stuff they kept out that we really want to see!  Question, why did the blonde Queer Eye sleep over that night while Rita and her daughter were enjoying a night on the town?  Some things we will never know …  

Grassy’s Rat Pack redeemed themselves this evening.   They almost won five games with the return of Captain Mike, DanO and the losing ringer Ellen.  The Beach Orphans gave it their all but couldn’t keep it up when Ellen subbed out.  They finally won 4 games out of 5.  On another night we would like to congratulate Rene on a perfect attendance for the last 10 years. 

Healy’s, the defending champs (Aka, the walking wounded) lost this evening, but did not go down without a fight.  Even Tom and Steve had words about his over priced living facilities (section 8).  Debbie had a better tan than Tom.  Maybe a tent on the beach is in his price range.  In any event, Healy’s lost 4-1 to Freedhands Court Jesters (who’s team has yet to be seen out after the games and support the RBVL league).  Remember last year, its not who finishes first but who finishes strongest.  Take that to the bank! 

Sands Point is hot.  They won 4 games over EZ Company.  Jimmy Ferraro made sure that no balls hit the sand.  Carol made sure the girls were down and ready to play, and Tommy is awaiting surgery but refuses to let it slow him down. The team doesn’t mind you leaving, but did you have to take the beer with you?  Sands Point would like to thank Kaitlyn who went on a 11-0 run in game 4and the spiking of Jake.  Pat got stuffed twice by a girl barely high enough to reach the net, but he came back strong in the win.  Kaitlyn and Ashley were strong and steady.  Jackie (aka Flasher) missed this evening’s game due to an appearance at Nick’s Lobster House.  Happy Birthday Steve!  P.S. John Sica looked so good dressed, when are you free?  A few members on both teams were inquiring. 

EZ Company would like to say that their record now is 2 in 28!!  TJ Meade was instrumental in our win this evening (who finally showed up).  Now who is the lesser of the two tea bags?   Diane’s shoulder movement is still being perfected.  If it wasn’t for TJ, Chris Reilly, Toddy Farragher, Brian King and the gals Diane + Debra this would not have happened.  Tim Mahoney, who drew blood, trying to save a play.  It worked.  Where was team Cordes?  Perhaps on the Good Ship Lollipop with the McManus’s (or with John Sica’s hair stylist). Wait until the rest of the team plays and wins, what a feeling!!  

Louie from the Sharks has been banned from Connolly’s (for reasons unknown).  Maybe next time he should step inside for a beer?   

SteveO is missing Party Boy.  Tom Kelly went to the West Coast to show them how to play some real Volleyball.  Who knows, Sica may wind up on his doorstop one day! 

Cubby finally showed up, backed up by Sica’s Queer Eye Five and never felt more secure in his entire life (neither did they).  After a clean sweep of Connolly’s by the RBVL committee, it was safe to return to the scene of the crime.  NYPD is on stand by, just in case.  He has his own security just in case, who is actually from the REAL Amazon, but we think he finally caved into THE Amazon to make his outings in Rockaway easier.  Connolly’s is even considering naming a frozen after the Amazon incident.  Please send us your suggestions.

            The Bikini Bottom All Stars took Stealth 3-2 behind great all around play by Michael Sica.  Rita, Patty, and Kerry all played solid in the wins.  All five games were closely played.  The “new” Jimmy Mack was his quite self, and with John Sica hung over from the queer eye party, it was a calm and peaceful night. 

The General (and only I can call him that) stands by what he says, coolers to the right Gatorade to the left!   

Federation played well tonight against Fillmore.  Two very good teams competing for the #1 spot … Thanks to Roseanne and Kathy who served the boys what they were looking for helped Federation win a few games but couldn’t hold out.  Eddie was nervous going in, but held it together.  Made a few saves, assisted by Mary and Moe (the tag team) even tried to hold them back, but to no avail Fillmore took it away 3-5 games.  Nice game.  And where was Brian?  Wait, where is Chooch?  Hey now!!  

The Brooklyn Transplants played the last place team, the first place team and won 2-5 games.  The 3 games they lost were on the line, they weren’t giving it up that easy.  The last one would have been won if one of their teammate didn’t have an appointment with Hair Club for Men appointment.  You couldn’t make the appointment on a Tuesday?  If it wasn’t for Deb’s serve, we would have lost 4 games.  For the other 27 on the team who did not show up, please return your shirts and stay home!  I must say, the Transplants  have been in full support of the RBVL and their sponsors.  These guys and gals have been out every Wednesday!!  Go team.  

We would like to thank Connolly’s for their support and gracious hospitality.  The drinks were nice and cold.  The grill was going all night with Hamburgers and hotdogs!! One patron even mentioned they should expand (as the league is getting much bigger).  Something to consider for next year but the league would like to thank you for all your support during our season. 

The Rugby Clubhouse will be hosting Irish Fest on Sunday, July 25th.  It’s about time we brought the festival back to the Rockaway’s.  They have a great lineup and music by Shillelagh Law.  Show your support and please stop in.