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Week Seven

Photos of late night at the beach below!





Freedhand's Court Champs


Killer Hills

Abbracciamento's Off the Pier


Sugar Bowl



Mark's Maintenance






Fillmore Insurance



Rugby Fisheads

Belle Harbor Yacht Club


Papa Pizza Bikini Bottoms




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Brooklyn Transplants


Last Call

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EZ Company

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A Night Out

Happy Hour


Suns of Beaches

Cement Shoes Reaches New Heights   

Dickie "Cement Shoes" Flanagan sparked It's "Always" Good to a 5-0 victory over former first division champion, Connolly's.  His elevation and key block were the talk of the town after the game.  In fact, at the party he was seen demonstrating his move by blocking the overhead floodlights.  (That's got to burn.)  There was even talk that later in the night phone books were going to be stacked up and he was going to jump over them a la Evel Knievel.  The human quote machine sported a new haircut, last seen worn by Maynard G. Krebbs on the Dobie Gillis show.  Very stylish, TBG!  Rocky, where's the flamingo?

Papa's Bikini Bottom All Stars defeated Belle Harbor Yacht Club 4-1 but you would never know it by listening to them.  All games were close and hotly contested, but the biggest fights for the All-Stars were among themselves.  Coach John Sica felt that in Steve Collins's absence it was time to do some teaching and criticizing.  The All-Stars argued and fought their way to victory.  The philosophical debate of the night was not which came first, the chicken or the egg.  Instead it was: does having fun promote winning, or does winning promote fun.  Sica and Mack will continue the debate next week while neither has fun. They save their fun for after the games.  Timmy left his smoking jacket at home and Kerry decided to take it easy on her teammates.  Sica and Mack were debating on whether to play another game or maybe some Pitch and Putt this evening.  Patty's sister, Annie witnessed a heavy post-game meeting and finally understands what Patty's always complaining about when she talks of all the pressure of volleyball.  Annie did not realize that the RBVL and Patty were in a league of their own.  This is not the Olympics. 

 Hey, Beach Posse, it was a great night of VB with everyone getting up in their "Kool Aid".  Hats off to the Mahooshkas who took 4 out of 5 but a good time was had by all.  What's up with Abbracciamento's?  Apparently they have crossed the line from being an experienced veteran team to being a bunch of over-the-hill old-timers.  Where have you gone, Frank Ganun, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you?  Woo, woo, woo!  Watch out Wave division in 2006!  Can you believe it took Bobby Fash  embarrassing Cubby and Jimmy into keeping their perfect attendance streak alive.  Too bad they waited until the cold Corona's had disappeared. 

Next week is position week where the match-ups are between the 1st and 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 5th and 6th, 7th and 8th placed teams.  Check the standings and you can find out who you are playing.  The games should be close and the contests heated.  And isn't that what it's all about?  Afterward we'll all be taking a short trip over the Cross Bay Bridge to Grassy's who will undoubtedly top last year's spectacular league debut.  Captain Mike Heinz will only guaranty one thing - a great time for all.

The Rugby Clubhouse hosted this week's party and a lovely evening was enjoyed by all who came.  Attendance was a bit off and for the first time this season there was more food than people.  Those who showed up were treated to unlimited and timely hot dogs, hamburgers, beans, onions and sauerkraut served up by the Rugby gang, especially Tyrone and John.  Music was piped into the backyard and the beers were chilled and plentiful under the stars.  Folks who skip the Clubhouse continue to miss one of the best stops on tour.  Speaking of skipping the party, there are only 5 weeks left in the season.  Many RBVL players have said that they're not great volleyball players but they're pro caliber partiers.  Now is your time to step up.  We can finish the season with a bang and show our support for the sponsors who show their support for us - through their pocketbooks.  We all came to your sponsor's bar when his night came around and you should be coming to the league party each week.  You have 41 other weeks of the year to go back to your own sponsor to thank him.

 Let's have an update on the RBVL Bachelor Contest.  Neil “ Cubby” O’Connor values his free time more than life itself.  As his male peers begin to hook up in marriage, Cubby continues happily plugging away with his dating lifestyle and is in no rush to end this fine life he has made for himself.  He's very proud his name was #1 on the eligibility list, followed by contenders, Dano and the FBI guy.  He'd also like to know who would be his hometown date?  Will he be going home with one of the four lovely ladies?  His USGC training will come in handy for this decision.

         Last Call is in the house and would like to know who on their team needs “Access-A-Ride” when we have Queen Moule looking out for us!  Thanks for the new digs.  We want Anthony; your talents are underutilized.  We will let you serve Last Call anytime. No substitutions!  We will put you on the waiting list for next year, but the list is really long!  What happened to Carpel Tunnel Carl this week, we missed you. The fire was lit tonight for Last Call.  It took the real men from Brooklyn to prove that they truly are the Rockaway Supermen.  Go Frankie D, Johnnie Angel, Digger and Dan the Man.  They truly have the sand in through Shoes. Hey, How about blonde bombshell??? She was awesome and shocking. If only her partner could have seen her?  Hey Brooklyn Transplants where is your party, The Junction?

         A Rogue Shark washed up on the beach after a serious match with the Irish Circle.  It could be that Louie & Jeanne really do make the team.  Veronica demonstrated a classic JLO move and proved that Baby Does Have Back!  The Circle is wondering when Cubby is signing up for Anger Management classes?  How would this read in his Bachelor profile? “Angrily throws Volleyball at women”  Federation played this evening against the Rugby Clubhouse.  The five games were very competitive and thank to Roseanne and Kay for saving us this evening.  Eddie and George were at Kathy’s command, and thanks to them made the game worth playing.  Ryan wound up with a few wounds he didn’t plan on, but is getting Kathy a manicure gift certificate for her birthday.  We lost, but not without a fight, all five. Wait until next year.  Hey Transplants, are you slip sliding away from Jack Duggan’s to McMahon’s? 

Connolly’s, what can they say? It was really bad.  Morgan was not himself as he is still recovering from the block party they had on Saturday.  One word, Lightweight.  Irv (aka Steve) is beside himself, doesn’t even want to talk about it!!!! Wait until the playoffs.  Where is the Party Boy when you need him!!! Sean, By the way, there is no bikini contest at the clubhouse this week.  Transplants are you in the Ashford?  Rumor has it Sleeping Beauty is feeling much better, after playing a few games of golf at the Nevele.  Is his back really bothering him or is he just in the wrong game? A Night Out had a good time, held there own and played well.  The team is really coming along.  Wait until next year.  Hey Transplants, are you in Buckley’s? 

Well done to the Kerry Hills!  Sean, in case you don’t recognize him, had an accident with a lawnmower and is now sporting a BUZZZZZ cut.  Went late one night from the Kerry Hills and had to fight with the lawnmower and the lawnmower won.  Tommy, who plays for A Night Out, got his picture on the website but didn't realize that the boys from the East Village in Patty's office were smitten when they saw him.  Killer Hills, even though they lost all five games, the biggest win of the night was when Bodie blocked little Richies’ spike right into the sand.  The Big Man was brought to his knees.  Would you like a rematch?  Anytime. 

EZ Company says Kudos to Coach Jane and Jim for stepping in for the Munnses.  Donna Rea had a good run of serves, backed up by Toddy and Pat who cruised right into play.  The team played competitively, winning 1 of 5 games and could have won more except for  an unmentioned EZ Company player who slid out of his shell to hang with The Jamesons Turtles.  Was that Dionne first on the hamburger line at the Rugby Club?  Jack Weber says the team should have shown up for the beans.  Dolores says, "Where are you sleeping tonight, Jack”?  Monica’s fashion statement led the team to agree that the new colors for next year should be neon lime green because we’re always in the dark!  Finally, thank you whoever moved us closer to the bathrooms! 

Grassy’s and Almost All in the Family played but there weren't too many volleys.  Almost lost Maff with his stubbed toe.  The Girl’s turnout was low.  The Submarine was dug out of the center court again.  The Rat Pack was in rare form!  Ricky, the little rat, didn’t smile during any games because Mom was playing.   Danny misses Simon, because he is the only guy who wears a collared shirt aside from himself.  Patty’s family is shocked, as he has been the most casually dressed guy in the clan.  Patty would like to let A Night Out know she was happy to assist, but no other complaints are being taken at this time!  

Finally, this story was found in the NY Post last week but needs to be summarized here:  "Women who play volleyball in their bikinis risk droopy boobs, while guys who play could get saggy testicles, so a top German surgeon warns.  He states, that vigorous movements and vibrations stretch the tissue and were not made for swinging up and down 300 times within a short period of time.  He suggests the men should wear tight pants to stop their testis from sagging too far.  Therefore next year instead of tank tops you will get support bras and tight pants as your uniform."  

We'll see you on the beach and at next week's party, hosted by the Grassy Point Grill.


Hanging Late Beach Photos

The Keeper of the webpage was hanging on the beach late at night so the only pictures this week were taken after 10pm at riis park.