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Week Seven

Gimme Shelter

Unfortunately the volleyball article once again is going to begin with a weather report.  The storms arrived somewhere between game three and four depending upon how fast the teams set up the nets.  One thing for sure the nets came down in record time as Bugsy made the announcement ďget the bravest people on your teams to take down the nets.Ē   Since this article is incomplete, you can get the finished article and updated standings by logging onto the league website at http://members.tripod.com/rbvl.

The Pier 92 Pirhanaís took the initiative and made their own shirts, quite creative.  Casey Brouder, Vinny Bonanno, Mary Cunneen and Tara Vasselman were behind the great design and may take over the design department of the league next year.  They are very cool.  Pier 92 by the way hosted a great party, and the food is one of the best on the circuit. 

The Bikini Bottom All Stars got off to a strong start before the sky opened up and washed away their hopes of a sweep against the depleted Connollyís squad.  The youngsters, Mike Sica and TJ Toohey led the way.

Brian is either praying to the lightning god, or setting.

            Danny Sugrue was still suffering from the runs from the Shepards Pie that he had eaten earlier and was a no show.  Lets hope he ate wisely on Thursday.  Bobby Sugrue was on a roll, getting hot finally, for the first time in his life until the volleyball gods opened up the skies and ended his resurrection.  The rain came and Pier 92 left the Brooklyn Transplants to practice under the tent alone. 

            Liegh Ann Scaliaís serve was too much for Freehands Court Champs to handle so they were lucky she wasnít on the roster to finish what she started  Speaking of not finishing what they started, Maria herself was overheard trying to negotiate a settlement with the Kerry Hills over a two for one trade off on the Thursday make up games because of scheduling conflicts.

            With the heroic efforts of Frank McGrory, the Kerry Hills Killers had a shocking comeback in the second game for a big win.  They continued on their winning ways in the third game until the rains came. If truth be told, when the Hill was way down, it was Robyn Stathisís great serve run that brought them way back despite the menís taking the credit. Can Michelle please return Annieís lightning proof umbrella? Welcome goes out to Alisha from Dublin. The Hill plans on having a strong second half to make Jimmy and Carmel proud. 

Morgan can't be discouraged by a little lightening.

            The Irish Circling Sharks were carried by the girls, Jeanie and Dotsy, who carried them over the Harbor Light in the two games they got.   Perhaps they didnít come out because they had to tend to Mike Eganís face after Dotsy served a smash into his cheekbone.  Perhaps it could make an improvement.  The Sharks want John to know they donít need Allison Bagel anymore even if he thinks so.

            Itís All Good TBG and Cement Shoes are MIA after the game.  Marybeth carried the team with her serves winning the first three games before the postponement.

            The rains, did not wash the party at Pier 92 away as the food, music, and company was top notch as usual.  The question though this week as with every week is, where is the Harbor Light team?  When are they going to realize that the volleyball night does not end on the beach?  Perhaps that message can go out to other teams especially in the top division that is being carried in the post game celebrations by Bernie and the Kerry Hills squad.

Ed prays for rain after losing the first two games.

            Shout out to the BOE girls, Debbie and Alice.  They were sorely missed though at the QE party.

            The Ramblers and Gamblers did not play due to the passing of some of the players mom, Ann Walsh.  The team along with the entire league sends our condolences and prayers to the family.

            The story may not be complete tonight for two reasons. The rain of course is one.  But Cubby has announced that he will no longer talk to the press after the treatment he has received in The Wave over the past few weeks.

            The schedule was completed on Thursday night, too late for press time, with unfinished games having to be started over.           

Next weeks party is at the Rugby Clubhouse, with good weather and their large backyard, it should be a rocking time.