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Kenny Kearns leads Kerry Hills as Trish the Dish admires her serve.

The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful as the heat wave broke and the sky’s were clear as could be.  The good weather made it a perfect night to have the post game festivities at the Rugby Fish Heads Clubhouse, with their beautiful yard and great barbeque.  Their generous distribution of Rugby T-shirts to the dedicated volleyball players was an unprecedented touch to a great evening.

Coppersmiths is one sister short of a full deck.  While Claire was serving aces, Marie was serving string beans.  What’s up with that?  I guess she was tired of being the second best.  The press for Coppersmiths will be getting a lot shorter in her absence.  Wait till she finds out Joe Abbraciamento called his fellow restaurant owner and told Bernie to hire her on Wednesday’s, immediately before the big showdown of the two teams this week.  The worst news will be when he calls her in on Saturday August 10th (the playoffs) and then fires her the next day.

            Christine, the knockout cheerleader, was wearing her knock out belt and matching wristband.  League officials checked the belt for possible voodoo powers as Healy’s romped to a 5-0 decision over Psychic Friends.   The league cleared the belt, when, after asking her why she wore it Christine responded, “It’s all about the accessories.”   Meanwhile new team member Tom Dalgish was wondering whether he made the right decision joining Healy’s as one of the beautiful Healy’s girls brought him another beer.  He looked over to former teammate Steve Gifford who was checking to make sure the mustard was filled, and decided it might have been a good move.

            Abbracciamento’s easily handled the Bikini Bottom All Stars, who are considering heading to the blue division.  Abbraciamento’s was firing on all cylinders,  with great all around play from the usual suspects, Rocky, Joe, Frank, Charlie,  Kevin, Kathy and Jeanie.  .  The All Stars are still waiting for Bernie to show up. In Bernie’s defense he made fewer mistakes this week than ever.  Jack however was at the top of his game in the loss, and Jimmy Mack played his heart out to no avail.

            Kerry Hills continued to roll, playing out of division as they are.  The Hill took all five, wiping out One Win.  Speaking of one win, Kerry Hills wants to change their name to “No Lose” as they do not expect to lose again this season.  Kenny and Chris have nominated Trish the Dish for the MVP of the league.  Mike Gambino has warned the Red Division that they better look out.  The Red Division was not available for comment.  Kerry Hills is concerned though that they may lose some momentum when Leigh Ann leaves for college. 

            Healy’s is wondering why they are still at the top of the standings while the other two “leaders” go home every night to rest for next weeks games.  Kevin was still standing as this story went to press.  By the way, welcome back Cape Cod Kevin. Missed you last week, didn’t need you this week.   Where are you going next week?  Young Brian Fraser finally is learning the sweet swing.

            The Rugby Fisheads defeated perennial arch rivals Fillmore insurance 3-2 in a competitive match featuring great volley’s  and spirited play.  It is rumored John McCann went weak in the final game just to reduce his home owners insurance (which is underwritten by Fillmore)  In addition John received a 10% discount for a gimme spike from Jim Sluyk.  Tyrone Sperling has been lobbying Kerry Hills to buy his contract due to his nervous PMS-like condition normally found in rookies.  Tyrone should not worry about the playoffs against Kerry Hills, the INS has been contacted, green cards will be inspected, vacation visa’s will be revoked, and Kerry Hills will be playing with their Pub regulars. 

            The Circle faced The Circle, making it a complete Circle.  The tension was in the air to see who would be sponsored next year when they make cut backs from their million dollar bar.  The Sharks were victories and notorious as even the ref was cheering for Win Place and Show.  The losing team just wants Kris Kringle to know that all of the injuries suffered during his vicious spiking will be healed by next week.  They have two questions for him, 1. Does he look good in red? 2. Are you aware that there are men on the court that you could hit ball to.  Hope everyone comes to the Circle next week.

            By the time this goes to print, we all hope that league president Patty Melt is the proud mother of a beautiful, healthy baby.