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RBVL Kicks Off 2002 Season 

Wednesday, 5/22 the RBVL kicked off the 2002 season with the first night of volleyball at Riis Park. Weather conditions at the beach were blustery and cold and only 6 teams took advantage of the open play format with exhibition games. The remaining teams and players decided to make the best of a difficult situation by heading to the scheduled party early. In fact, it was noted that this is the only league where the players are happy when games are cancelled. Next week the regular season begins and all games will be played regardless of the wind conditions and air temperature.


      Part two of any good RBVL night includes a congenial party hosted by one of our many local sponsors. On this night the Beach Club filled the bill beautifully. As they always do, they provided a high quality buffet, which was delicious, plentiful and diverse. A league first occurred when trays of baked salmon showed up instead of the more traditional Rockaway chicken wings. The players showed their appreciation by eating and drinking heartily late into the evening.


      Denise and Bugsy handled the distribution of uniforms and schedules to all team captains as well as the awarding of championship sweatshirts to the three victorious 2001 squads. Members of Coppersmiths, Kerry Hills and the hosting Beach Club deservedly received their rewards for outstanding performances last year.


      Some of your favorite characters are back for more action this season. Spotted at the Beach Club were Cement Shoes, The Big Guy, The Witches of Westwick and Emperor Bugsy. I’m sure the weeks ahead will see the return of many others like The Cheap Bastard, The Renegade, Corny, Big Toe, The Great Kazoo, The Shovel, Goose, Maverick, Gilligan, Chooch, Boom Boom and Killer. Already people are asking, “Where in the world is Seal Moore?” The answer should be imminent.


Any team captains who have not turned in completed and signed rosters should do so as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the deadline is on you. If you did not get your uniforms please make arrangements to pick them up this week with Keith or Patty.