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One More Week to Go in RBVL Season

     It seems like only yesterday that the volleyballs were dusted off and broken out to start the beach season but now there is only one more week of competition before they get put away again for the long, cold winter months. The weather was perfect again on the second to last week of the 2004 season. With one week to go, almost every position is still up for grabs, promising a grand finale of the regular season on Wednesday. On Saturday, 8/14 the playoffs will be contested and champions will be crowned in all 5 divisions. The action begins at 10:30 AM with music and food throughout the day. Players must bring their own beverages, both soft drinks and beer. And remember the drinks must be in cans. Officially there are no bottles allowed on the beach. Captains should begin to get a head count for the big league dinner on 9/17. After 8/14 we don’t see each other as much and this will help the preparations go smoothly.

As usual, the Irish Circle had a great spread of food for the huge crowd of players. Eggplant Parmigiana, rice, chicken, sausage and peppers were all popular. And Commissioner Patty even loved the plates. DJ Mikey kicked the party up a notch with a great mix of tunes that had the dance floor hopping. Vinny from Pier 92 was the MVD (Most Valuable Dancer), just nosing out Tommy D. from Healy’s. Bobby Fash finished a distant 3rd place. Stevie Kearns won the Senior Division title. “Paradise by the Dashboard Lights” jumpstarted Bugsy and Bobby into a frenzy and many followed.

If you look at the website you’ll see a picture of two of our writers and this caption, “How does the stories get written?”  The trivia question for today is, “Which one of our reporters wouldn’t be caught dead above that grammar?”  Check the website for the answer. It’s week 10 and we haven’t seen TC mentioned in the Wave - - - until now. Captain Keith Green invites everyone back to Jameson’s next week for the final regular season party. He personally guarantees a good time for all. Irish Eyes weren’t smiling for the West Islip Girls, as Johnny Blue Eyes was MIA at the Irish Circle. Trish from Abbracciamento’s surprised and pleased Patty with her cooler full of Freixenet champagne, the very elixir Simon used when he proposed to her. She also surprised Rocky with her stellar play after a long layoff. George Johnson returned from his Alaskan honeymoon with 4” high flip-flops. Is he heightening? Do they play much beach volleyball in Fairbanks?

Stealth beat Connolly’s 5-0, who apparently were dreaming about the bikini contest at their home bar. The youthful Patrick, John and Tyrone used secret rugby tactics to lead the charge into first place of the Wave division. Capt. John Brennan’s friendship lessons seem to be paying off and his best results have come when he has let the lads play.

Marlin the Probie and Bridget from the Tubridy clan are expecting a delivery any minute and missed the games, leaving the older members to fend for themselves as the Beach House lost 1-4 to Grassy’s Rat Pack. With the return of the McMorrows, big wins were the game plan. Dan-O was great at the net, with his tip-overs, a move learned from the Beach Club! Kevin, Mike, Jim and Maf were totally on their game and Keith (representing the youth) finally learned how to spike over the net. Kudos to Keith, great playing!  The best pick-up and MVP of the season goes to Jessica who is playing better than the guys. Mary & Rene, as always, were in the right place at the right time, and Ellen was just where she belongs – on the sideline! 

The Cheese Fries smoked EZ Company 4-1. Happy Birthday, Bobby! Nice spike Fish and Jean! Thanks to Chris and Pat for your support. Nice hairdos, Tyrone and Ryan! Blackout Becky says, “Debbie’s coming out tonight.” We hope everything’s well, Joe.

The Walsh family would like to thank all of their friends in the RBVL for their condolences and good wishes. The Ramblers and Gamblers lost a close one to their rivals, the Circling Sharks 2-3, even with Jeanie and Louie on vacation. Brian Kane should be commended for his dedication in setting up the net but he should keep the foreplay in the bedroom not on the VB court. It’s supposed to be a non-contact sport. What’s with all the tackling of your female teammates?

Sands Point held on to first place with a 5-0 whitewash of Suns of Beaches. Capt. Tommy Tunes returned in a cast and will be on the court for the playoffs, cast and all.  Their unique strategy with the boys (Jake, Pat and Jimmy) on one line and the girls (Jackie the Flasher, Kaitlyn and Ashley) on the other is working beautifully. Happy Birthday, Steve! Get well soon!

The Federation beat the Bikini Bottoms 3-2 led by the tireless play of Kathy. She was forced to be all over the court and rose to the occasion. The Federation played with a lot of heart, playing short-handed again. Kim Perez made her comeback for the BBAS and looks like she’ll be ready for the playoffs. Her play and prayers are both needed. Will her teammates be ready? They did a lot of standing around and watching when they weren’t walking around mad or with their heads down.

It’s All Good beat the Mahooshas 4-1 (a reversal of last week’s score) to tie for the top spot in the Beach division. Due to Paris’ facial predicament, which sunglasses couldn’t cover, the Hilton sisters fled to an undisclosed beach location (OC). Laverne and Shirley have now replaced Paris and Nicky. The aging Fast Eddie and Cement Shoes Flanagan played all five games instead of their usual “two and out” (Did they drink from the Fountain of Youth?) while Tom and Sheila proved that married couples can play nicely together. Allison and Brian put on a high wire act to rival the Flying Wallendas. Coach Bugsy was told, “It’s all good and it couldn’t get better.” Remember that August is the cruelest month for letter carriers, so be nice to Murph. Understand that he’s just serving his country the best way he knows how, by delivering mail to you and me so that our society can remain free and democratic.

Connolly’s Island won 4-1 over the Nobody’s, “not bad for a bunch of old people.” Tracy served 12 winners to lead a comeback from a 10-20 deficit to a 22-20 victory. That inspired the team to their crushing win. Also the spikes of Dennis, Rick and John and overall teamwork were key. Heidi is sorry for calling the ball out. Next time she will drink heavily before calling anything.

The Brooklyn Transplants lost to the Kerry Hills Pub 2-3, falling two points from securing a playoff spot. Their play improved after blows were exchanged on the sideline and the coach sent out a winning combination. The bare-chested Danny Sugrue stepped up to the plate, smacking the ball all over the place. The Transplants took their 27-man roster, friends and spouses to the Irish Circle and had better attendance than the entire illustrious Ocean division.

            The Beach Club beat the Beach Orphans 4-1. Ron Darcy wants to know how this can happen? This is complete INSANITY.” On the instant replay, “Joe the Roofer” proved himself once again to be the Iron Giant. Mrs. Johnson got her land legs back after threats from the cap and the land shark ORCA. Where’s Pat Gallagher? Home making sure no one is taking the Kool-Aid.  A shout out to Bobby who thinks he is going to miss our playoffs for a college education. Mom won’t mind a little red lie for a family wedding.

 We’ll see you on the beach and at next week’s grand finale party at Jameson’s!