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RBVL Week Nine



By: Mary Whelan


If it's Tuesday, it must be Belgium. If it's Wednesday, it must be raining on the RBVL!  Last time we had weather like this I stared to write this article from the dashboard of my car.  Thankfully, the skies held out so we can play one of our favorite games of the week. 


There are no standings posted this week since our resident statistician took off right after volleyball for a golf vacation.  Joe, please get your priorities straight.  Next week the latest data will be posted as the league heads into the final crucial week before the playoffs, which are scheduled for Saturday 8/9.  This is an all-day event played until four champions are crowned.  Lunch will be served and players should bring their own liquid refreshments.  The final event of the year follows with the RBVL Awards Dinner scheduled for Friday 9/12 at the Beach Club.  Captains should begin to get commitments from their teammates because deposits will soon need to be collected.


Where in the world is Rocky?  Joe wants you to know that the team played much better without you!


Mark from Marie’s Traitors would like to say they played a good game with the Kerry Hills.  No matter how hard they tried, they still won 5-0.


The Fish Heads lost to Fillmore by 3-2.  Tyrone is at a loss for words as to how they played this evening.  Even Annie could not describe it.  There was so much sand on their bodies that at one point they could not recognize each other.  No balls hit the ground on either side and they felt it was the most intense game they played all season.


Steve O would like to know if Party Boy left for Canada yet.  Connolly’s is not the same without you.  Even Mary was heard saying “where is Party Boy?”  Rumor has it that the sidelines were whispering that Connolly’s can beat this team if they only got their serves over. In the end, we lost to the Rugby Clubhouse 4-1.  


Jim from the Bikini Bottoms would like to say a few words: George “the Greek” please get a babysitter for next week.  If it were not for the all–star play of Kerry “Track Shoes” Touhey, we would have forfeited all five games.


After a devasting defeat by Abbraciamento’s, Big Toe from Healy’s attempt to pull up Tommy Whelan from Triple A Farm Team in Florida faltered when Tommy could not get here until Christmas day.  The final score was Abbraciamento's 4-1 over Healy’s.


Bugsy is in the house!  Its All Good found out who the real MVP is tonight, Allison who set sail for Bermuda and watched her teams hope sink!  A helicopter was almost dispatched to bring her back.  In a wind struck match we lost 3-2 to the Beach Club.  Are there enough beers in Connolly’s for Bugsy and Murph to heal their wounds?  Yes and its still All Good.


Louie from the Sharks would like to say they pulled away from the first 3 wins, thought they were going to sweep but they must have had too much to eat because they lost the last 2 (with some hard core fights from the Ramblers and Gamblers.  They bit back and bit back hard.  Bonnie would like to say that although they played valiantly and enjoyed playing the Sharks, thought we would take more since John turned 40 today.  H.B. to John.  Louie is still in recovery.  What was he doing that took so long to heal?  Definitely not making Bonnie a porch door.


The two Irish Circles played against each other but the REAL Irish Circle won 3-2.  Tonight marked the return of Louie and Jeanne, both returning from their one disability however Jeanne was complaining that her wrist was hurting her.  Miraculously Louie no longer has a Groin problem.  In fact, he was seen slapping Tim TBG Murphy in his buttocks.  As for Murph’s pink shorts, it caught the whole team by surprise.  Louie was at a loss for words.  Do you think he should be on the runway for the fashion show when it comes to town?  Louie will drive you there.


Connolly’s Island lost three games to the Beach Orphans.  Captain Denise believes they could have won if the guys kept off Kathy.  Eventually Denise told Jack to sit down.  As for “Baby B”, Irish Toons is drafting up the recruit form.  When is the baby due again?


The Beach House has to say that they played the best game of the season against the Mahooska’s.  It was a mirror image, the most compatible team they have played all season.  If they were to loose they would be quite happy to lose to them. Dicky Ferrin can block and retrieve the ball at the same time, it was a great game.  Hey Bobby Fash, with the little to now shots you blocked, you think vitamins might be the answer. The final score was 3-2.


Irish Tunes played to their hearts content against One Win.  WOW was defeated no thanks to Kelly’s smooth moves!  Even though TJ was hurting, he would not let the game die.  Coach Tom was very impressed with his sons one hand serve.  We would like to thank Jimmy for providing the team with dinner, Jelly Belly’s!  Nothing like chewing the popcorn flavor one as you serve.  Kelly from One Win was a bit worried about whether they would be able to pull it out without Maggie, but luckily she did. She would like to thank Murph for the cooler! Even his eminence, The Bishop, graced the Tunes with his presence for one of the last games of the season.  What can we say, thanks again! Rocky thanks for providing runway clearance so I can land the Jet.


Connolly’s was great as usual.  We had the Frozen drinks, cold beer and the delicious hamburgers served to us after the game.  You think maybe next year we can update the menu.  Let us know the Kerry Hills is willing to help you out in that department.


We want to wish the FDNY boys Good Luck.  They will be traveling to Barcelona for an international volleyball tournament.  Let's hope Tommy D's head clears up enough for him to play, or at least enough for him to imbibe.


Next week the party will be at the Beach Club, always one of the league's favorite spots, always one of the best parties of the season.