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Another beautiful night in Rockaway!

First things first.  Congratulations to the commissioner, Patty Melt on the birth of her beautiful baby.  This web sight will have exclusive photo's this week, so stay tuned.

            In the featured match The Bikini Bottom All Stars made good on last weeks promise to send a message to the top three teams of the Red division by beating #2 Just Healy’s 3-2.  The Sponge Bob squad was more disappointed though, blowing game five when no one could serve in, at game point.  Ava showed enormous strides as she played her beat match of the season, as did her dad, Jack.  Bernie O was at his best also, swinging like it was the 80’s again.  Linda Humphries was cranking her serves in, also like old times.  Coach Sica would like to attribute the win to the men of the NYPD Movie Unit who showed up to celebrate his one year anniversary of being off the “job”.  Tony G., Greg, Kenny and fellow retiree, the Weave, were inspirational!  Bring on the next cooler.  Tony G. would like to tell those of you who hurried home, or to the bar, you missed one of the best near full moons, orange and then red, over the ocean.  God bless Rockaway.

The Beach House has no answers.  They are saving old copies of the Wave to give to their grandchildren.  They long for the glory days of the spring.  Gary Lambdin can’t wait for spring training ’03.  But he wants to remind everybody that a new season begins August 10th.  Hope springs eternal.  More on the game below.

            Meanwhile the Kerry Hills were inspired by their greatest fan Phyllis, who couldn’t be there, but vows to be there next week and for centuries to come.  Our prayers are with you. 

            The Pier 92 Piranha’s couldn’t win against the Beach Club, despite bringing one of the hottest net players, Anna Kournakova.  The men of the Beach Club could not be distracted enough by her “bumps” or “spikes”.  The Beach Clubs newest “red head”, recovered from her gun shot wounds in time to win 4-1 over the Piranha’s.  To the Piranha’s dismay it was only a flesh wound of ketchup from a great burger of Connolly’s. 

            For Connolly’s  vs. the Federation, Katey got the game winning spike  on Aaron’s face.  Showed him that hitting is the way to play, not dinking.

            Murph was a no show again, as It’s All Good beat Connolly’s Island 4-1.  Brian Bagley took the serve to start the 5th game and scored all 11 points to close things out.  Wow, what an easy win.

            The after party at Connolly’s was great as usual.  Their barbequed burgers, chicken,  and dogs give everyone that down-home feeling.  Was that Walter Rodgers is up at the bar whispering orders for parrot bay, and pineapple juice?  Or maybe Kevin, from Just Healy’s.

            The trash talking, Mr. Tim Devlin, tanked against the Beach House.  After giving up eight points to the House, coach Sluyk, expected Tim to take himself out.  It didn’t happen.  Thanks to Terry for being a champ and picking up “Tim the Chump”.

            Well, again, TNT lost.  It is official, “we are the worst team in the “White Division”, one of their players were heard saying.  Bring on the blue division.  They are having fun though, and believe it or not, are playing better than they ever have !!  Everyone is asking where is the Starbucks Special? .. WOW is asking that herself.  I guess when your in last place your players feel they would rather watch the METS.  As for when WOW will have her costume, hope everyone is around next week !!!  As for the writer, will you please keep your hands to yourself.

            Next week there are no exciting matches, but the post game party will be at the Rugby Fish head club.  Plan on coming to the picnic in their spacious backyard.  You can even bring the kids!