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Week Four

Before we start the soap opera known as the RBVL there are a few very important administrative items to address.  First, this Wednesday all completed and signed rosters are due.  If you have not handed one in yet do so Wednesday night.  If you need to add a player to a roster you already submitted, see Bugsy at the beach.  Second, the brand new, big, expensive equipment bags have a number on them for a reason.  The number of the bag corresponds to the number of the court you are assigned.  Only take that bag to your court for set-up.  This week many games started late because teams could not find the correct bag.  Apparently others had already taken the wrong number for their match.  The numbered bags have led to an orderly and speedy start-up in weeks 1 to 3 but this week there was a major setback.  Third, reports of missing equipment have been on the rise.  When you return your equipment each week you are required to return a complete bag.  That includes all of the net pieces and pegs as well as the game balls.  Since we know who had which bag last (by the all important numbers) we will start charging the offending teams for whatever they don't return.  And just because the shovels don't have numbers on them, don't hesitate to return those, too.  Many of you frequently ask if there is anything you can do to help out the league.  Help us by making sure you and your neighbors get back on track with these equipment issues.  Now on to the soap opera.

The Harbor Light outdid it self this week, even going so far as to end their normal dining hours early to make room for the league.  And the league showed up in force with the largest turnout of the summer.  The food was excellent and plentiful and included an RBVL first, vegetable lasagna.   Live music filled the bar and the longest day of the year turned into the longest night.  Great job.  Connolly's, you're on notice for next week.  Expect the biggest crowd you've ever seen on a volleyball night and don't hesitate to put on another bartender or two for the rush.

The Bayview Bashers took 4 of 5 from the Mighty Boosh, who were playing with the traditional 4-2 setup.  Unfortunately the 4 were the girls, and the 2 were the guys.   The Bashers are loaded with women as well, with the great additions of Kathy and Carol to their normally “stacked” squad of Patty, Kerry, Mary and Kim.  The kitty is growing for the Bashers who fine players $1 for every missed serve; the pot will be won by the lowest bad-server at the end of the year.  Tonight Mary, Jimmy, and Kerry were perfect and saved a buck despite the wind.  Meanwhile Patty moved from 112th to 133rd and still can’t pay her missed serve fee.

Eileen “Bled-so-much” was nursing a gash on her left ankle as a result of Tommy Costa’s lack of a pedicure.  She staggered around to help the Beach House win one game but her staggering had nothing to do with her leg injury.  Hope she has Insurance.

Ray Moore’s big fat head blocked the view of his teammates sending Jameson’s Turtles to a 2-3 defeat at the hands of Kerry Hills.  They thought his head was a lunar eclipse, perhaps the result of the longest day of the year.  The Hills had their first winning week of the season and are thinking about getting used to it.  Rob (no show Wednesdays), the Coast Guard found three volleyballs in the bay and they believe they are from your serves.  Deirdre, thanks for showing up this week, your new fan club is awaiting next week’s performance.  Welcome back Della, can’t wait to see you next week at Connolly’s drinking your Captain Morgan floater.  Kerry Hills would like to announce their recruitment of JV player Mike “The Cabbage” Stone.  The team is so jealous.  Danny with his ever-receding hairline hit the ball very well in his three appearances.  He should be a force for the end of the year.  The Turtles are hitting the ball well and by mid-season they’ll catch up to their coolers.  Their counterparts, the Brooklyn Transplants are hanging tough with all the good play of their females.  Their males are still seeking their testosterones, because of their lack of chest hair removal and “manscaping”.  The Transplants are at risk of losing the affiliation with the “real” Brooklyn Transplants if their attendance at the post game party doesn’t improve.  “One spouse, one beer!”

The Killer Hills continue to lead their division with a 5-0 sweep of the Federation.  Liz Murphy complimented Trish the Dish in the absence of usual starter Katey. (Does anyone remember Wally Pipp?)  Adele made her debut while playing hooky from the Wharf.  For the Federation, coach Tom Ford got tired of watching his team play without him so he stripped off his street clothes and gave it his all.  Danny Tracey is a rookie of the year candidate picking up the game quickly.  Look out.

McMahon’s Irish Pub wants to announce that their coach Bobby McGinn will be taking anger management classes.  In his absence, "Mustache Mutton Chop" Martin Tubridy and Shane "Batman" Mulligan will assume cooler duties, especially after Bobby brought four beers in the 36-count cooler.  Rob Falcone knows the “Sun” sets around him so he won’t be surprised to be Sun Division MVP.  The men of Simon Says Sea Bar would like to thank their women for carrying the team, especially tiny Ginger who's big serve won the last 10 points of the evening.

The Pier 92 Piranha's are warming up to the water as they swarmed to their first win.  Watch out next week, they may be ready to snap.  Desert Island jinxed themselves last week as they started getting sizes for their championship sweatshirts.  The Suns of Beach spanked them 4-1 as a cold wind blew off the ocean.  Sweatshirts don’t come easy.

Connolly’s swept their way to 5-0 with no help from Debbie who was too busy to show up since she thought it might be a rain out.  Sean Shevlin made some great serves and Eddie made a wonderful return to the court.  Jenny was noticed staying too close to the net, but her teammates don’t have the nerve to tell her.  The Cheese Fries won 3-2 this week over the Beach House in part because of Mavericks protective T-shirt, aka white skin.  Bobby and Joe should think about staying at Shear next week, if it's that important to them.  Happy birthday, Lauren!

Where was the Last Call beer bitch?  Renovating a bathroom for the last three years?  How long does he expect the team to hold their water?  Welcome back team mascot, you played great.  You were feared lost to the Brooklyn Transplants. Big Brown played sub par; maybe he missed his better half.  The boys from Last Call forgot to take their little blue pill, we’ll get 'me next week.  Don’t worry Dead Eye Dime, they’ll give you a Line Boy to tell you when the balls are out.  P.S. - Don’t wave to Dan the Man when he’s out on his bike, he’s accident-prone.

Debbie and Alice ask, “The Mighty Boosh.  Is it all better?”  Kim, It’s all Good awaits the debut.  Now you’ve made it to the sand.   Hope you took it all in this week.  Maybe next week you can step onto the court and get your toes dirty.  They need you as they went down 2-3 to Grassy Rats.  Meanwhile Willie’s (Jason) performance was some debut.  Uncle Seal was able to take a breath of air, upholding the family tradition.  It's been quite a few years since the RBVL's premier spiker was named William Moore; this might be the second coming!  Maybe this will inspire dad and living legend, Smiling Billy Moore to stop by the beach to say hello.  Who is the new Server King?  Dancing Eddie was using all his tools tonight.  Is he the new Hammer?

Did anyone see the motorized coaster cooler go-cart?  Did anyone see Stevie almost crash it on a turn and destroy the invention before it got off the ground.  Before you order, contact league officials for the group discount.  We weren’t so worried about Stevie breaking the contraption as much as losing the beers inside.

Sands Point Physical Therapy are on a winning streak.  They took the final game from league leading Coppersmiths, 21-19.  Coppersmiths is glad that they didn’t have a ten game match.  The serving of Walter and Peggy led Sands Point to that win as Coppersmith won 4-1.  With all the injuries on the sand, Sands Point is a good phone number to keep on the fridge.

“A Night Out” wants to say thank you to Happy Hour for “playing” in the summer solstice.  Happy Birthday to Captain Jack and we’re just wondering where JD’s secret practice court time has occurred.  In 2006 you are a force not to be reckoned with.  How about inviting us to your private practice sessions?  M—have a seat, take a load off that toe! 

TGB was spotted on the court sporting a new hairdo, which replicated a Death Row memorial haircut. He claims that he fell asleep in the chair. We demand a criminal background check.  He was later seen recruiting grade school kids. Pathetic!  A new promotion is being introduced next week.  Stay tuned. “Cubby” showed up and his perfect attendance streak is alive. Watch out, Cal Ripken!  Stevie was seen making the moves on anything that moved.  It scared the hell out of Jimmy Mack, who is now considering staying home on Wednesday nights. The Rogue Sharks ate up the Sunset Bunch 4-1 and continue to put the “It’s All Over” team to dust.

Continue to check the bulletin board for the layout of the week and don't hesitate to ask questions.  Also, listen for the Human Loudspeaker, Bugsy who will be barking out instructions to help us along.  As always, if you need assistance before Wednesday, please call Patty Moule at 917-566-2809.  (Be sure to call between 10 AM and 9 PM.  Remember, Patty has a life outside of VB, too.)  Or just check our website at www.rbvl.com.  You'll find the answers to most of your questions there, not to mention pretty pictures and funny stories.  See you on the beach!