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I just want everyone to know it is Mary WHELAN not Mary Whalen.


Before we get to the gossip, there is one very important league item. ROSTERS are now past due. No team will be allowed to play next week unless they have handed in their official signed roster sheet. Because the rosters also double as liability waivers they are required without exception.


Now on to the gossip! The weather finally cooperated with us, turning out a hot but gorgeous night. After all the rain, who is complaining?  I think most of the teams got sunburn.   By the by, Doyle and Costa are in the house!


Party Boy and Steve O have finally found their team.  Apparently there was a month long tail gate party in Riis Parking lot.   They claim they didn’t know what field they were playing on.  But because of their participation, they finally won.  The only dilemma of the night was the Fisheads accused Connolly’s about their server … proof is in the score.  The final score was 4-1. 


“Where is Patty?” - Simon wanted to know.  What can possibly keep her from meeting her lovely patient family for a nice cool one at Pier 92?  Annie from the Bronx wants everyone to know that she has Patty’s back. Kim too!  Why does CB have to go home to read his wife’s sonogram while Richie McDade has triplets and comes out to party? 


The Bikini Bottom All-Stars were grateful that the umpire was calling a wide strike zone.  Why?  They are slowly getting on track beating Abbracciamento’s and Just Healy’s in consecutive weeks 3-2.  Marty and Robin are ready for the playoff push.  Kevin from Healy’s would like everyone to know that Mark (who thinks he is Spider Man) and Judy left the party before Polish Jack and his lovely wife.


For It’s All Good, Sheila Rae and Seal both made a magnificent dive for a ball, with Sheila landing on top of Seal.  It was the first time that an RBVL ref had to give a wrestling 3-count for a pin, as Seal was counted out. Debbie Kanel’s serve was as hot as the weather. Kerry Hills would like everyone to know that they lost this match 4-1 but they were totally robbed.  Alan and John played an excellent game.  As always the gals came through, sparked by Della.


Tim Murphy was quoted at Pier 92 saying the following, “My team is definitely carrying me and I am just Too Stupid to retire.  If this team had any sympathy, they would just let me go.  I am no longer the TBG.” The Irish Circle would like to say that Murph would be missed.  The Circle lost to Stelth 3 – 2.   They may be down but not out.  PS. Don’t even consider spiking the ball on the Sharks and Moroney!  See you in the playoffs.  Cubby has finally perfected his serve, which should threaten the entire division for the remainder of the year.  The other teams have made inquiries into a trade for Cubby’s services, but the Sharks will have nothing of it!  Pappy wants to know why he keeps getting dinked when he’s blocking.


Fillmore Insurance is in the House.  They won 4 out of 5 games from the Federation.  There was much merriment from the team tonight, especially from Jim McDonough!   SERVICE.  Special Pat showed up tonight (its about time). Some people are wondering if maybe he shouldn’t show up?  Jimmy, aka the Cheap Bastard, played well tonight?  Next week, Jim, you can leave your sweater home.  By the way Tim, thanks for playing so well tonight.  Any chance you might want to coach a team?  PS. Mrs. Maloney, if you every think of giving up VB we can use you on the Melchester Rovers soccer team for headers.


Sean the bartender from Pier 92 noted that the ROCK was rocking last night!  Keep it going next week at the Rugby Clubhouse, another outdoor venue. The 4th of July Wednesday night should be special. For extra pictures and stories check the RBVL web site at members.tripod.com/rbvl/.


What can we say about Beach House?  Most of the guy’s game back from the LB tournament feeling happy.  Jimmy is happy that the Beach House only lost 2 out of the 5 games, considering the shape of the rest of the group. The MVP for the Beach House had to be Jimmy O’Brien, who had many great spikes at the net.   Anybody can have a 12” vertical leap on a gym floor but how many guys under 5’ 6’” can do it on the sand?


Those Suns of Beaches better thank God for Keith Fraser.  He looked like a chicken cutlet, covered in all that sand, but what a heart of gold.


What can I say about Irish Tunes?  Without coach Tommy, it was awful.  Losing to Tap & Grill 4-1 (one game still being disputed) we suck!    WOW was there and thanks to Nails, they did not go down without a fight.   Will Nails come next week to try to save the game again?  Kudos to Tap & Grill … where is my Coors Light?


George (the Rocket) stopped by again to say hello.   I must say, I was all over the court and played so fantastic that people stopped to take pictures. Thank God for video.   We played against that team Jameson’s and kicked their sorry butts 4-1.  Who is King of the Court?   The Ellen (aka 9 fingers) was a trooper but was unmatched by the almighty Rocket!


See you on the beach Wednesday!