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Back on Top!

Kenny  Kearns gives teammates the high five as they move back on top of the White Division

The Times they are a-changing in the Rockaway Beach Volleyball League.  Just Healy’s and the Beach House have held first place for the first five weeks, but that came to a crashing end last night.  The cream has risen to the top as last year's champs, Coppersmith and Kerry Hills, swept their way back into first place, where they belong.

Tom Callahan’s face-plant set the tone for the night as the Rugby Fish heads took 5 points from the first place Beach House. Eyewitnesses say he waddled three times before his toes touched the sand. The first 4 games were won easily and the last game went to overtime but the Fishheads still won 12-10. Rookie sensations Ailleen and Gerard Andre became the wonder twins, providing the team with numerous winning volleys and digs. For the Beach House Lt. Jim had to guard the cooler and couldn’t play due to a stitched up hand, injured in a Wednesday morning fire. His presence was sorely missed. Tyrone Sperling decided to grace the team with his presence during his 29th birthday bar tour, which included a stop at Connolly’s. (and should end at the Clubhouse sometime Sunday night.) School’s out and hockey’s over, which only means one thing for the McMorrow’s and Kennedy’s - their volleyball skills must improve weekly or Donna Lynch will be called back into the action. The Beach House is down but not out and is looking forward to facing their rivals, the Kerry Hills Pub on 7/3. Eric the Probie seemed to be 1,000 miles away on an airplane with his head in the clouds. Tonight on court 4 left, the Bungaloonies of Beach 101 finally found that missing piece of Skylab. Rest in Peace, Tommy Hayes.


The RBVL will host a beach party at Riis Park on the evening of 7/3. Hot dogs and hamburgers will be served but you should bring your own beverages. (A few soft drinks will be available,) A DJ is going to supply music and lights will be set up by the league so that you can see who you are dancing with. We need a handful of volunteers to help with the cooking so if you are interested please call Bugsy during the week. It would be a shame to have all of that food and nobody to cook it.


It’s All Good beat the Beach Club 4-1, led by Farrell Murphy, who scored many points on a cold and blustery night. After being decimated in game 1 Coach Bugsy changed the lineup and went to the whip. Allison put her game face on and served 3 winners in a row to get the team straightened out. TBG denies that bad sausage had anything to do with him missing the games last week.. Thank God he was here this week to help Cement Shoes carry the cooler. He claims that he slipped on water in the mail truck (Newman!) but we all know that he doesn’t drink water. Murphy was seen begging other players to still call him TBG.  So his request will be honored despite his new lifestyle. Good luck, TBG! (Sausage Man) The Sharks still feel Murph bailed out due to old age. He was offered a retirement package before - maybe he should take it and preserve his dignity. Even Cement Shoes is considering it. PS- The Sharks won 5-0.


Jameson’s beat Federation 3-2 in a long hard battle despite the absence of Mark Akin (…known to the 130th St. crew as Krotch Karay) who was lost in the outer banks of North Carolina trying to start his own volleyball league. Mike Buckley came up with one of the weaker excuses for missing a game - he was house hunting in New Jersey.


Connolly’s Island beat Pier 92 Piranha’s 4-1 and then hosted a great party which included the standard delicious grilled hotdogs and burgers they are famous for. With a roster of 26 people they only had 8 show up to play. Old-timers like Denise and Matty needed oxygen throughout the night but they held it together with the aid of Dennis whose spikes keyed the victory. Once the guys realized that the girls can play things improved quite a bit. With all of the absentees there was a ton of beer left over and no funnels were forced on anyone.


One Win took three games off of the Mamooshka’s in White Division action.  The members of One-win are just now catching on to the Rockaway volleyball policy and procedure.  Somehow they don’t recall ever being asked for a Roster last year.  Now all of a sudden a few wins under their belt and the league is hunting them down for the “A” list and signatures.  Well rest assured the list is in, but, it is very long folks.  It seems they have put every name and signature on the list.  Only speculating, but maybe that is why they never wear their jerseys, they didn’t print enough to cover the amount of players they have, or may surface before they take the white division.


Coppersmith’s made their way back home (to first place) with a 5-0 victory over the sinking Connolly’s unit. This sets up next week’s battle of the sisters - The Gatorade Sisters vs. The Freshman Sister (Regina). Sole possession of first place is on the line…Regina has agreed that if she loses the match she will raffle off her brand new bra in a “50-50” at the July 4th bash on 130th St. that is being hosted by Krotch Karay. Here are the keys to the big showdown next week…No rain in NYC means King of the Beach is on duty - advantage Coppersmith’s. Regina raffling off her bra - advantage Healy’s. Ra-Ra (Big Toe) Bobby monopolizing the court - advantage Coppersmith’s. Clair and Marie moving in together - advantage Healy’s and the entire Red Division. For Coppersmith’s sake, here’s hoping it doesn’t end up like the Supremes. Note to Healy’s from Coppersmith’s - It’s not our fault that Kevin O’Malley (“The Cape” Crusader) has lost his priorities and will miss the biggest game of his life…if he only had Dancer’s heart. If he’s lucky maybe he’ll get another chance during position week.


Abbracciamento’s was nosed out by Healy’s in the feature event of the night 3-2. Play continued until near dark until Healy’s won the last two points in the fifth to win the deciding game 12-10. Highlights included Joe Abbracciamento going horizontal for several game-saving digs and Charlie Brady’s (Frank’s third child) successful return from surgery. The Dempsey Sisters were solid as usual and seem to be headed for a run-in with the infamous Gatorade Sisters. These two teams have probably not seen the last of each other.

          The Bikini Bottom All Stars relied on solid play from their women, Ava, Kerry and Colleen, despite the windy conditions to get back on track with a 5-0 wipe out of the Rugby Clubhouse.