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Rainout 2

Showers Scatter Volleyballers

By Joe McGivney 
On Wednesday night at Riis Park, scattered showers turned to a drenching downpour with bursts of thunder and lightning as well.  Commissioner Patty Moule had no other option but to call off the entire RBVL schedule for the evening.  These games will be played in two weeks on 7/26 in lieu of a scheduled position night.  Ironically, the storm ended around 7 PM and left a calm pleasant window of several hours.  But the damage had already been done and many players had gone home.  However, some stayed to party and earned gold stars for their efforts.  Leading the charge were Louie and Jeannie and their kids who set up their tent, cooler and grill, oblivious to the driving rain.  It looked like they may have even had suntan lotion on.  Maybe they didn't realize it was showering.  The entire Rogue Shark gang joined them and kick-started the festivities.  How about the special guest appearance made by none other than former President, Sue Brown and her daughter!  Maybe Sue can return on a sunny day so all of her old buddies can catch up.  A special thanks goes to Jimmy Mack, who brought 6-ft. heroes for everyone.  It looked like the revelers topped out at about 50 people and they should be commended.  After all, that's what the league is all about.  Liz and Beth get it, as do other stalwarts.  The rolling thunder gave way to rolling bars at rolling house parties throughout the peninsula as other league members chose option 2 from their menu.  Many took their teammates into their homes and had team parties with the refreshments they had prepared for the beach.  Ginger even put together an impromptu "Pleasure Party" for her mates, gladly showing off her $150 deluxe toy. (Does it say, "I love you?")  This RBVL group really knows how to enjoy themselves and never let's a little thing like a rainstorm get in their way.  Here's today's trivia question: Can you name the original five RBVBL teams? (The answer will follow.) 

The Captains' Meeting was also cancelled Wednesday.  However, the Captains' obligations have not been cancelled.  All signed rosters must be in Patty's hands before play begins next week.  If you haven't done so, that means you should go to the website (rbvl.com), print out a blank roster form, fill it out, have your teammates come to your house this weekend to sign it and deliver it to Patty or her mailbox at 550 B. 133rd St. before Wednesday, 7/19.  If this is not done, you are no longer eligible to play ball.  Also, be reminded that the days are getting shorter and it is more important than ever to start on time (6:45 PM).  If the net is not set up at that time the home team suffers a first game forfeit.  However, we are not in this league for forfeits so a good idea might be that both teams help set up to make it go quicker.  We've slipped up from our on-time performances of the last two seasons and we need to get back on track.  Finally, teams must take the correct equipment bag to the correct court.  We tried to make that easy by using the same number for both (court #2 = bag #2) but some people just don't get it.  More and more equipment pieces have been missing each week and teams will be charged for the parts they lose.  The only way the league knows who to charge is to check the schedule and see who was supposed to have the particular bag.  Of course, if you are one of the 40 teams that complies every week, disregard this warning; it is directed at the small handful of people who carelessly grab any bag, without concern for their brethren. 

Captain Bugsy returned to duty and relieved acting captain, Eddie who was relieved he did.  TBG, The Big Gagger was a no-show again, although he'll probably use the inclement weather as an excuse.  Eileen, remember it's $20 today, $25 tomorrow and $30 next week, Brooklyn interest rates.  Steve Gifford has documents that indicate the league started in June of 1990 but several veteran players think he is off by a year and that the first games were played in 1989 amongst five teams with the league expanding to 12 teams in 1990.  Let's settle this on the beach this week.  Steve claims the original 5 teams were Clearview Auto, the Beach House (that name sounds familiar), the Raintower (who hosted the party every week), Fort Wade and a mystery team, which Steve will reveal Wednesday. 

Don’t forget that next week’s party is at the Bayview.  Start saving up now so that you can afford the toll for the Cross Bay Bridge.  Traditionally, our Rockaway players (98% of the league) have difficulty making the trip across the bay.  Let's break that tradition and have a good showing for both the Bayview and Grassy's, which comes two weeks later.   

Continue to check the bulletin board for the layout of the week and don't hesitate to ask questions.  Also, listen for the Human Speakerphone, Bugsy who will be barking out instructions to help us along.  As always, if you need assistance before Wednesday, please call Patty Moule at 917-566-2809.  (Be sure to call between 10 AM and 9 PM.)  Or just check our website at www.rbvl.com.  You'll find the answers to most of your questions there, not to mention pretty pictures and funny stories.  See you on the beach!