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The rain and cold wasn't enough to drive Cubby, Jimmy, Greg, George and Morgan totally off the beach.

(for more week three pictures click here)

What a night! Coming over that bridge from work and you need a pair of ski pants and a parka.  Never mind the cold ones … give me a hot toddy. One of the girls would like the teams to know that no showers are allowed before you come out to the bars. It takes away from valuable party time.

 Danny from Jameson’s Turtles would like to have a word with the sponsor:  the battle for the bridge was won by the Brooklyn Transplants due to the outstanding play of the FBI guy and the Resker brothers.  Who would have thought the Resker brothers would finally be playing together on a winning team?  And how about the biggest grudge match in recent memory!  After losing the first two games, the Transplants came roaring back to win the next three. The key statistic - five 30-packs of beer consumed. (No one actually keeps track of kills, assists and digs.)

Steve just don't get it!

 Federation played to their hearts content considering most of the crew was missing due to work (really).   George had his game of the season mastering all of his plays, and mine too!!  Thanks to Kevin for saving our game and securing a win!  The BHYC played their best but was no match for Kathy + Greg, final score 5-0.  Christine, next time the lights go out in Howard Beach, you don’t have any cash!!

 The Piranhas won 4-1 against Connolly’s Island.   It’s a good thing Joel took time off from Iraq to help the team win.  One Wednesday the Piranhas would like to sing you their cheer (which is awesome).  So July 6th they will debut their version for the RBVL. By the way, Joel is home from Iraq for 2 weeks and would like the RBVL to know that he is having an awesome time!! Joel, be careful over there and we will be thinking of you! In addition to Joel, Maggie Sweeney (of Jameson’s Turtles) will soon be deployed to Kuwait. Her last day with the RBVL will be July 6th.  Let’s wave those flags, tie those ribbons and remember why they are going over there as the season goes on! And let's give them a rousing send-off.

 And so goes the Rats  – a royal spanking was handed down by The Beach Posse to the Rats now known as ‘The Red Ass Baboons”.  Beach Posse spanked us beyond our beliefs.  The games were close for the most part, but with the missing players:  Jim the one-man team, Mikey back from golf (fuggeddaboudit!) and Jessica (MIA), well we just fell apart.  Beach Posse won 5 games straight!  Good games guys – till we meet again, with our entire team!

 Hey you Sons of Beaches! Freedom of information, what is with all the time outs, really! Digger we didn’t know how good you were either. MacGyver we couldn’t set the net up without you. Last Call: Team Captain who rules with an iron fist, is quick to take credit for recent wins. There is some grumbling amongst team members that she is a little anxious to trade some key players for a mere cooler of beer. Sons of Beaches 3-2 win.

 Shark information: the Sharks were not going to be Sand Bagged this evening!  The Sharks swarmed to win the deciding game 5 to maintain a winning record on the year. Here’s Cubby, still hiding from the Amazon Women but still coming out to support his team and the RBVL on Wednesday nights. It was All Good for TBG as the spirit moved him, as his sister smiled down upon his team. Unfortunately Murph lost his sister, Catherine Ann to cancer but as his Mom succinctly noted, "She's perfect now." And being the trooper that he is, TBG showed up at the beach to be with his friends in the RBVL after reading from the Book of Wisdom at the funeral in the morning. All of our prayers are with the Murphy family. Unfortunately, the Wisdom he read about had nothing to do with volleyball smarts.  The quality of his play was a bit off but all was forgiven by his understanding colleagues. However, Cement Shoes Flanagan warned him that he better not have any excuses next week. Eddie the Dancing Bear and the one-arm bandit, Mary Beth led the team to victory.  How does AJ keep that hairdo?  The Hammer pulled through again. Where was the “Nail”? Mahooshkas won 3-2.

 A Night Out is happy to have Sleeping Beauty (who finally woke up) and graced the team with his presence in a 2-victory night.  He was talking in his sleep about winning one for the team and finally showed up to assist.  Will you be around for the win next week?

 The Beach House was missing a few key members who were at the Lt. Williams tournament in Long Beach.  Tom tried to cover for his three girls by being a one-man team. Unfortunately, it takes six players to make up a team. Result: a 5-0 loss to the Ramblers and Gamblers. Even though the rest of the team showed up for the fifth game the other tournament had taken its toll in sunburn, exhaustion and inebriation. Where is Pappy? 

 Captain Steve says “Uncle!” He couldn’t hang with the big drinkers, McIver, Davin, Shevlin, Dzuik, Morgan.  The rumor has it that he had to do laundry and make the beds this evening!  The team is picking up due to Davin coming to save a few plays.  Thanks to Ed Breen for showing up but where is Jenny?  And that is Mary Morgan, not Tom, at the Circle.  No show three weeks in a row, you may need a passport to hang next time.  Do you have a Green Card?  Winner for week three, McIver, second place Gifford, third place Morgan, not Tom. 

 EZ Company won 3-2 this evening against A Night Out. We have tied our record from last year in the third week this year.  Thanks to Deborah and Mike, the team captains for cracking the whip and getting us to play like a team.  A little encouragement goes a long way.  Welcome to the team Dolores and Jack!  We had good service from Chris R., Pat and Anne M to help in the great offense.  TJ, leave the net alone!  And Tim and Bernadette are welcome, even if they show up in their dress clothes!

 Healy's beat Abbracciamento's Off the Pier 4-1 in a tightly contested match. The four points (without Bobby Whelan) represented twice as many wins as the team had all year (with Bobby). Deirdre Robertson led the charge with some terrific all-around play. Look for Healy's to heat up around playoff time like they usually do. Abbracciamento's experimented with two new hitters, Leah and Trish since Frank and Kevin were at the Police Olympics in Albany. It worked out pretty well and Coach Rocky may make the change permanent. The Jeannie Dempsey countdown has begun.

 The Irish Circle had the biggest turnout of the season and did a good job. The RBVL girls were showing what they are made of on the dance floor here in the Irish Circle. Not only can they set, spike and serve, they can boogie. The food was hot on this cold foggy night. The music was enjoyable and the bartenders were attentive to the needs of the volleyball players. Marty your help was appreciated. Thanks.

 Captains, make sure your rosters are in by next week's deadline. The league is aware that teams have used non-roster players in an effort to avoid forfeits. Because the rosters are not overdue yet, technically a player is not on or off a roster. As soon as the rosters are in this practice will not be acceptable. Teams must use ONLY roster players. That's why you need extra people on your squad.

 We'll continue with part 2 of your introductions to your hard-working committee members. First up is "The Human Loudspeaker" Bugsy. You see him at the beach, making announcements and decisions weekly. What you don't see is his work behind the scenes, ordering uniforms, handling referees, paying the bills and balancing the books. Denise is handling referee scheduling this season as well as her long-time task of coordinating all of the bar scheduling. She is instrumental in insuring that you get a good meal after your match by staying on top of both sponsors and captains. Cub reporters John and Joe write the weekly Wave articles and help out along the way wherever needed. Additionally, Joe heads the competition committee whose goal is to have the most evenly matched games and divisions possible. All of these folks, with their unique personalities and abilities represent what Rockaway and the RBVL are all about – good people, looking to have some well-deserved fun after a hard day’s work.

Week Four Results:




Freedhand's Court Champs


Mark's Maintenance

Abbracciamento's Off the Pier



Sugar Bowl


Killer Hills






Papa Pizza Bikini Bottoms

Fillmore Insurance


Rugby Fisheads

Belle Harbor Yacht Club






It's All Good Tees



Grassy's Ratpack


The Beach Posse

Almost All in the Family






NIC Ramblers and Gamblers


Beach House

The Odd Couples


Beach Orphans



Rogue Sharks




One Win Away


Harbor Light

Sands Point PT


Vaughn's Cheese Fries

Kerry Hills Pub



Connolly's Island


Pier 92 Piranha's




Suns of Beaches


Last Call

Brooklyn Transplants


Jameson's Turtles

A Night Out


EZ Company

No Names


Blarney Castle / Hair Den


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