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Week 10 '06

The Heat is On for Rockaway Beach Volleyball 

As the heat wave drained the energy from most New Yorkers, the brave men and women of the Rockaway Volleyball League took to the sands of Riis Park to do battle as the regular season wound down.  Armed only with their coolers, beach chairs and sandals they marched onto the shores of Rockaway ready to bump, set, spike and have a few cold ones.  In what some think was a preview of the finals, the Sica Family Feud lived up to its billing as the younger Sica’s and friends took three from their old man and his aging veterans.  The Bayview Basher’s though were satisfied with their two victories, and are confident about the playoffs.  The great serves for the Bashers by Kathy and George, and the blocking ability against Killa Hills by the senior Sica helped to make the games competitive.  “The kids thought I was trying to spend some quality time with them this summer when I played with them on weekends, but I was working on reading their spikes,” said father John Sica.  After this evening though Capt. John may need to hire a body guard as his “27 women - 4 men” roster is taking its toll on playing time for the girls. 

     Abbracciamento's took four from Mark’s Maintenance, largely due to the season debut of Trish Dorogoff who was classy all the way, right down to the post-game champagne to celebrate the victory.  She truly is a super-sub and is ready to leave her back deck and chilled white wine whenever she is called.  Frank Ganun was at the game, too.  Newly promoted Charlie was wondering when his team would promote him to lead spiker.  The team's advice, "Don’t quit your day job, Charlie."  The after party at Grassy’s was excellent as they had a continuous and delicious spread of barbequed food.  They are not backing down from the challenge of the Bar-be-que challenge of ’07 between Grassy’s Chef Timmy and Chef Jeff from Connolly’s.  When Con Ed cut power to Grassy’s at 11:40 no one really panicked.  The only thing that was heard was, “No tolls?” from some patrons.  Obviously they don’t keep up on news for the past ten years, since we don’t pay tolls if we live in Rockaway or Broad Channel.

            Just when the Federation thought it was safe to return to the beach to play a match of fun filled volleyball, the team members who showed up for the last three weeks spotted captain Tom walking to the sand ready to play.  He thought he had his game on. Mary, Dan and the rest of the players were a bit nervous at first but decided to show Tom what talent he had on the squad and what he had missed.  Rumor has it that Mary was out and about negotiating for some new players for a team next year.  Can this be true?  Is Club Fed finally moving on?  Will those who showed up for all 12 weeks get to play in the playoffs on August 12th?  Let's hope so.  Desert Island and Team Margarita played a great match tonight.  Denise and Bob (who is made for this game) were all over making sure no ball hit the sand.  Last call showed that they could carry on without their captain.  But where was her better half, home tossing a salad?  Air Stienberg got game, and who said white man can’t jump?  They finally got some good calls from their ref, great job Daisy.  Thanks to the whole team for bringing their “A” game.  McGyver, Marshall, and Dan all helped out.  Janice did a great job with her Brooklyn slice across the net.


            The Brooklyn Transplants took four from the Jameson’s Turtles in a hard fought match. It was so tough that only Elaine from the Transplants showed up at Grassy’s and no one from Jameson’s.  Perhaps they were in Peninsula General.  It was a good thing that Slim Spitty didn’t come out though, because last week he spread rumors trying to divide the team and we have concrete shoes his size.  One More would like to congratulate Paul on his recent retirement.  There is some concern that he has also retired from the court even when he’s there.  Forget about where’s Waldo.  Are Debbie, Veronica, Trisha, and Brian going to make an appearance at a bar?  We hope Joe “Road Rash” recovers from his unfortunate slip and slide accident.  For future reference it was meant for children less than sixty pounds and ten years of age.  Obviously you fit the requirement for neither.  Hoffman said his play was affected by rocks on the court but his team is wondering how a pebble could possibly take down a six' 6' 6" giant. Was this a replay of  David and Goliath? 


            The flies were biting so bad that you would have thought that there were fish heads around.  But nope, it was just some Grassy Rats taking three from the Beach Posse.  They were glad there was dancing allowed at Grassy’s for the great after party, but they were disappointed that they had to write their story on paper.  What’s next, stone tablets?  Simon Say’s Sea Bar was lucky enough to take four games punctuated by the immaculate serve of Tommy Liable.  The ball is still up in the air.  Stevie G. doesn’t say much, but “Mr. Connolly's” lost his mind tonight during his team pep talk.  If his players weren’t so shocked they would have walked off the court.  Maybe he should let the real coach talk, or yell, from now on.  It could have been the two-day Hershey Park trip in 100+ degree heat, or maybe the stress of the new hot tub purchase.  Debbie excused the cursing on the weather, but was close to walking off herself.  She is considering buying her team anger management classes for Mr. Happy and others.  In the words of Steve's mom, Betty (He hopes she doesn't read this article.),“If you don’t have something nice to say about someone ...“  Connolly's lost 1-4 to Cubby’s Sharks.  Speaking of Cubby, at least Joe DiMaggio started a new streak after his 56-game hitting streak.  Cubby is now on a dubious 2-game no-show streak. 

            Even though EZ Company lost five they lived up to their name playing with their usual EZ going sportsmanship and style.  The No-Show's showed, but Jack forgot his shorts (at Brennan and Carrs?)  Jim and Jane not only played well, they scored the best table at Grassy’s.  Mike made a brief appearance before heading to Coney Island for possible recruits.  EZ Company did some heavy strategizing at Grassy’s so just wait until next week!  Tom L can watch Mr. C put the ball over the net since he must have forgotten his glasses this time.  (“ And by the way, shouldn’t he be on the court for his own team?”), said Mrs. C.  It was such a hot night that Chris C and Chris R had to jump in the ocean after hours…. Where’s a lifeguard when you need one?  Save the men and hold the mustard.


Don’t forget that next week's party is at the Bell Harbor Yacht Club and this year's musical chair game winner is going to get the “Golden Chair Trophy” to hold until next year.  Last year the BHYC hosted the biggest turnout on the last VB Wednesday.  Look for more of the same this year.  On Saturday, 8/12 the Rockaway Beach Volleyball troops will battle for the last time this summer on the sands of Riis Park.  The playoffs will begin at 10:30 AM sharp and will continue until 6 champions are crowned in 6 divisions later in the afternoon.  Nets will be available to set up at 9:45 AM.  If you like to practice before a big match get to the beach early.  Remember, this season everyone qualifies for the playoffs; the only question is whether your team gets a bye in the first round.  A DJ and a light lunch will highlight the day.  Feel free to bring any additional beverages but remember that bottles are prohibited at Riis.  Alcoholic drinks are fine but, I repeat, BOTTLES ARE PROHIBITED.  Also remember that the gala RBVL Awards Dinner is set for Friday night 9/15 at the Beach Club.  The party includes an open bar, bottled beer and hot food with music by Souled Out. Captains will be collecting money soon and the first 200 people will be confirmed. In the past we have never had to turn anyone away but last year we came close.  Reserve your tables early.  Talk to Rocky or Bugsy if you have any questions.


We'll see you on the beach one last Wednesday!  (I can't believe I just said that.  Where did the summer go?)