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Jameson's host's week one rainout!

Why are these men smiling??


For the fourth consecutive year the start of the RBVL season was delayed by Mother Nature’s wrath.  If things don’t improve soon we may have to go to an indoor league.  The weather however could not stop the real purpose of the league. It is after all the social event of the summer.  Jameson’s hosted a great party with attendance being high under the circumstances.  They provided some great food as everyone caught up on what’s been happening over the off-season. 

            Not all was fun and games though as some late pre-season maneuvering might have shifted the balance of power in the top division.  As Jackie Kanell sat quietly waiting for her supposed new “team” to arrive, (Just Healy’s), Mark Aiken and Bernie O’Conner of Freehand Court Champs showed her how a real team greets its new players.  The dynamic duo of post-game parties wined and dined her and before the night was out they had her name on a one-season contract.  Upon hearing the news Keith "Bugsy" Goldberg was already taking sizes for the championship sweatshirts to be printed.  Meanwhile when Kevin O’Malley arrived at ten to welcome Jackie to Just Healy’s, the ink was already dry on the Freehands contract.  Kevin was in shock as the rest of his team stayed home to watch American Idol.  They might as well have been watching “Lost” since they were anyway.  When reached for comment Kevin could only call her “Jackie “Tin Woman” Kannell” for her lack of heart.  I’m sure Kenny Kearns and the former Kerry Hills crew would agree.

            TBG, having missed two of three playoff finals, due to his outstanding work ethic, is now hard-pressed to lay odds he’s an attendee at the playoff jubilee.  He figured that some of the possible headlines should be, “O’u ‘est le TBG, or Wille R. Wontee.  He is obviously desperately seeking publicity.  If the Wave isn’t willing to print these headlines, he is threatening to go the Enquirer.


The new Moon Division started off with a bang and 100% attendance at the first party.  No other division could make that claim although most were fairly well represented.  Punxatawny Cubby was present but couldn't find a certain missing sports reporter.  Perhaps Joe M. couldn't face the music after his series of recent articles in the Wave obviously jinxed the league and brought on the inclement weather.

The uniforms were not quite ready for distribution since expansion and division re-alignment forced the order to go in a bit late.  However, everything will be available next week before the season starts.  Captains, make sure to come to the beach at 6:00 PM to pick up your team's shirts (and rules and schedules, if needed).  This is a good time to remind everyone that the starting and forfeit time for Game 1 each week is 6:30 PM.  That means you had better start setting up your net around 6:00 PM to be ready to play on time.  After a couple of years of improvement we took a step backward last year and starting times slipped.  Referees will be watching the start times closely to get the scheduling back on track.  No one likes forfeits but the good of the league must take precedence.  Get on the stick, folks.  Come early, stop lollygagging, set up and play!

The one major rule change for 2005 came into play on the first week.  The brutal weather forced the league to cancel play early.  By 5:00 PM on Wednesday, captains were called and a cancellation notice was posted on the website.  The second part of the new rule is that the sponsor party will be held RAIN OR SHINE!  Your showing at Jameson's was outstanding and confirmed that this change was a good one.

  If you have any questions before opening day please call Patty Moule at 212-604-7087.  This is her work number and a message can be left anytime, day or night.

See you on the beach on 6/1!

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