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Bump, Set, Spike.  Week Five

by Brian Sica

Week five of this hurricane shortened volleyball season went off without a lightning bolt. For the first time in the last three weeks there was no threat of thunderstorms and the weather was great.

Congratulations, according to some, go out to U Got Served team captain Ryan Sirg who got engaged last week. This news inspired a 3-2 victory over 6-ft. All American Deli. Michelle Raaf played great MVP caliber volleyball in the victory.
 The Blackwater Boarders have lost three starters since last year, and have been missing team captain and spiritual leader John Sica for the past three weeks and have felt the pain.  Coach Sica felt that the remaining team MVP by default, Bobby Butler, deserved a vacation, to rejuvenate his young player.  So he sent him to his Caribbean getaway in Puerto Rico to unwind, but unfortunately Bobby left the keys to the vacation home in Rockaway and was caught homeless again as hurricane Chantel, that’s right Chantel, slammed into Rincon.  The Hurricane service years ago went to alternating names of hurricanes between a women’s name and a man’s name.  After Chantel, no one knows what the next hurricane will be named.  Thank God, or Casey, (whomever is more powerful) Bobby was wearing his hurricane safety hat. With John stuck working late again, Rita, Krista and Mary played great. However, it wasn’t enough and Healy’s Rat Pack won 4-1 even though all five games were close.

T.J. McVeigh and the Playland Motel cruised through five games. Their new all-star player Jill Brady stood there like a champ the whole time.  A statue should be erected to her.

The reigning Ocean division champions, West End Tents, lost 3-2 to Gatemate.net. Mike Martin didn’t have much to say about the loss but he did say that the key to a good conversation is stretching… Trish and Liz caught on real quick and stretched their way out of the conversation.

Casa Bella Design Build lost all five games to Freedhand’s. When asked for a comment, Pat Benn could only muster one word, “Disco mbobulated.” Later at the Blackwater Tara was so mad that she threw a table, catching the attention of everyone in the bar and then, like a pro, she stretched her way out of the conversation.

The Flip Cup All-stars used to be the youth of the top division. Well, they’re getting older and this week they played the new kids on the block of Fillmore Insurance. Flip Cup won all five games but Fillmore played some of their best games of the season and every game was a nail biter. Gambino’s girlfriend wasn’t in attendance this week which could explain his mediocre play after last week’s stellar performance.

Sullivan and Galleshaw won 4-1 over Miley Quality Home Improvement. Keith Sullivan rushed back to play after being on Fox News for the Zimmerman case.

Thanks to a secret admirer who she will never play for, Jenna Boggianno has a new ball.

In the Sun Ray Division, the Sleaze Fries ended up beating the Bungalow Baranhas 4-1 in a brother vs. sister matchup. However, Tara Vasselman is still way better looking than Ryan Vasselman.

The Blackwater was rocking with D.J. Mouse, and great chicken parm, penne vodka, eggplant, beef etc.  Everyone in attendance had an awesome time of fun and music and nothing but fun and music.. Remember that everyone was devastated by Sandy and all of the bar sponsors need our support. So come out for a drink or two and support your local bars. Next week the party will be at Connolly’s.

It’s All Good, coached by the great Bugsy “Caesar” Goldberg went 4-1 against the number one team, The Irish Circling Sharks who have been their nemesis for 23 years. TBG “Murph” stepped on the court to guarantee a victory for the Sharks. Bugsy requests that Dickie and “Murph” show up for the sixth game next week. The GrayRiders are performing next Wednesday 7/17 at 6PM on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange for a Sandy Benefit. Go to grayridersband.com for more information.

The Beach House lost 3-2 to the Wharf Rats who were great sports. The Beach House has a few new players this year. Let’s give a big welcome to Rob, Don and Colleen. When in doubt, play the Moose. “Get it over! Get it over! Let them make the mistakes.” The team has been a little short staffed lately but the cheerleaders, Bubba and Dickie should get out of their chairs and call the lines.

Casino Auto Body bounced back with a nice 4-1 win over the Sand Spikers who were playing short-handed.  Sarah and Brianne set the ball beautifully all night and the Casino hitters did just enough to finish on top.  Casino was close to a sweep until the Sand Spikers called one of the great timeouts of all time, down 17-18 in game 4.  They served out the next four points to clinch the victory.  Even Acting Captain Meniscus got into the act, serving 8 winning points in a row to start game two.  Captain Meniscus remained at home chewing on his “Happy Pills” and feeling no pain.  The Atlantic Service Sandsharks may not have won the night but they were sure to be the first to bring their net back.  In the 2-3 loss Johnny "Criminal" Larson was his best on net unlike last week when he left it in the wrong place costing the team $25.  Let’s go Sandsharks!  Are there any older players in the Ocean Division than Richie M. and Frank G.?  Maybe it’s time to start thinking about Ocean Breeze in your near future?  William J. Lachner Painters have moved up two divisions this year and still stand atop all others.  How many divisions are they going to move up in 2014?  We have received very few referee complements or complaints so we will continue to roll along without any major changes.

The reminder that the away team is responsible for the return of the net by 9 PM seemed to work as all 37 nets came back on time although the Mormons just made it with two minutes to spare.  Was it the reminder or the $25 late return fee four teams had to cough up?  Money talks, baby.  To further clear up any possible confusion, when the schedule says 1-2 or 1 vs. 2 that means 1 is the visiting team and 2 is the home team.  Also, you are not likely to hear an air horn at 6:15 PM or 8:45 PM.  There is too much other stuff going on for Committee members to stop what they are doing and sound a horn.  Set the alarm on your watch if you have personal issues with time.  Otherwise, you know the deal.  Set up early and bring in quickly.  Captains who have handed in unsigned rosters must now get them signed.  SIGNED rosters were due in week three (6/26).  Most of the teams have complied but a few have not.  Please get that taken care of.  Because of Hurricane Sandy and our late start this season this item has been put on the back burner by the league but it needs to be completed ASAP.

All six people on your RBVL Committee are willing to help you with any problems that come up; just take care of matters in a respectful manner.  For new players, the RBVL Committee is made up of President Patty Moule (The Stanii), Steve Gifford (Connolly’s), Denise Brunner (Sun Cycle Island), John Sica (Blackwater Water Boarders) and Rocky and Joe Abbracciamento (Casino Auto Body).  You can find them every week, playing ball on the beach.  They are always available to help out on any matters and answer your questions but especially:  Steve and Rocky for equipment issues, Denise and Joe for referee items, John, Rocky and Joe for articles for the Wave, Denise and Patty for uniforms and schedules.  As always, if you have any questions before then please call Patty at 917-613-0908.  (Be sure to call between 10 AM and 9 PM.  Remember, Patty has a life outside of VB, too.)  Or just check our website at www.rbvl.com.  You'll find the answers to most of your questions there, not to mention pretty pictures and funny stories. 


See you on the beach!