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Position WEEK

The weather held out for the RBVL again this evening.  We almost asked Rocky for a Fog Horn, but luckily everyone finished in ample enough time to actually see the ball. 

            Wait …   just in, Cubby got hurt?  Is it for real or is he dodging the Amazon Women?  His public relation department is out in the field and will have a report next week.  As of now he is on the injured reserve list.  Will the attendance be perfect? Jimmy Mack has a perfect attendance, Cubby’s partner in crime.  Hand in Hand .. so they say.  They will not miss a game!!  They have perfect attendance at the bar as well … cannot say that to some other people in the league . 

            But on a lighter note, Cubby is doing okay and will find out about his injury tomorrow.  Why sit at home when you can sit at the Harbor Light?  Who is the old man now?        

            The party held by the Harbor Light was out of this world.  As usual, Kenny and Billy tended to their hearts content and served the cold beverages as quickly as possible to the thirsty crowd.  Bernie, the food was amazing.  We even have Kevin here from the Food Network who said he would like to bring Emeril down to learn.  Thanks for an amazing spread, the food was delicious.

Finally, they won!  They finally did it.  Healy’s is back on track.   After dropping the first two, they came back with 3 strong to defeat the Rugby Club 3-2.  Welcome back Kelly, now off the injured reserve.  Great sets by E.J. and the rest of the team for keeping the ball off the sand.  Let’s do it again next week!

Battle at the Net!

The Ramblers + Gamblers would like to thank the Odd Couple for the generous offer.  Thumbs up!!  If everyone was like that in the RBVL … Next week maybe will Brian will learn to keep his mouth shut.  Anne was looking down on the girls again, as they won 4-5 games.  She will always be their #1 fan.

Word is, Danny from the Brooklyn Transplants had a good time on Sunday at the Irish Festival held at the Rugby Clubhouse.  How many dollar bills did you actually take home?  I would also like to thank my dear friend Billy for not running me down when I do my runs down Cronston.  Thanks for stopping and saying hello! 

The Kerry Hills would like to welcome the Harbor Light to the RBVL league and having the after party.  They won 3-2 over the Brooklyn Transplants.  Noel would like to say, “ Marty, it’s not table tennis. Show us what you really have!!”  Where are Dell and Michelle?  Lets hope your team wins!  As for the team, Joe needs to take his vitamins and Rob needs to stop taking those Mega Men.  Overall, the games were played well and everyone had having a good time.  They cannot wait for next week.  Congrats to Moira and Pete on the birth of their new addition, a girl Fiona Mary.   Happy Birthday to Joe.

Kenny Kearns would like to know where his sets were?   Where was Jackie’s head?  I think a team meeting is in order.  Big Chris Walsh, 6’ 3” cannot touch the top of the net even if he was on stilts … if he ever got any game at all he must have bought it!  Now give him the ball!  It was a great game by Mike Gambino (no relation).  Now if the rest of the team played the way he did …but they are all having fun and that is all that matters.  They would also like to thank Kenny the bartender for making such wonderful “Car Bombs”.

Cheese Fries beat Sands Point 3-2.  With a little help from Becky and Jaime, who finally brought the team down their “beverages”?   Fish, with her ballerina like moves helped the Fries all the way.  Ryan, injured with a broken rib, played for the team and the beverages that Becky and Jaime finally brought to the game.  Brendan was the biggest cheerleader of the night by keeping the morale going for the teams.  Good Luck Fishtails on your defeat in the Empire State games.  Luv ya Janine.

Jimmy from Sands Point would like to know where the rest of the team was this evening.  Doug, if you showed tonight you could have made your debut.  They held onto first place as much as they could.  They would like to wish Captain Tommy  a speedy recovery.  They will see you on the field next year. 

            EZ Company won another one.  1-5 against the Nobody’s.  There was Tim, Bernadette, Monica and Chris, Turtle and T.J.  They all played hard and tried to keep the ball off the sand.  They are 5 over 45 .. to them that is good.  They will have those team socks ready for the playoffs.   Please  submit your size and color choice by the end of next weeks game. They are leaning toward Puce and Lavendar, so your comments are welcomed.

            Pier 92 Piranhas put up a valiant effort but were unsuccessful, losing the match to the host, the Harbor Light.  They lost 3-2.  There were many good plays in the game but Brian Boden put up at least 5 blocks to save the game. 

            Its All Good played against the Mahooskas. Its All Good suffered from the lack of the Pool Boy showing up?  Where was he?  It was evident that the Pool Boy was with Paris in Nantucket as she served 9 straight to give us (Its All Good) theirr one win. It was a rough one, but they gave it their all. They lost 4-1.    They would like to know about the backhand from the Mahooskas?  Good thing Teddy rebounded with Judy’s save for a crucial point.   TBG returned yet he could not top Farrell’s top of the line shorts. Joey “the old boy” and Brian “the youngin” was an ace at the net.  Of course Bugsy was all over the court (sounds like my team) saying Its All Good but it could be better!!   Ellen good luck!  Paris and Nicky are going to miss you

Jameson’s won a hard match against Stealth in the battle for first place.  Thanks to Chip “Gigantor” Healy for his great blocks.  Ursula is now in charge of inspiring the team and leading them to Victory after watching her Guru, Ellen, who dominated the beach all summer (according to Ursula, Marie is second fiddle to Ellen in Beach V.B.).  Jameson’s would like to bid a fond farewell to Ellen Lonigan and her family on their move to Sunny Florida.  You will be missed.  You have inspired the team through the years, especially tonight with the dominating 1 1/2 game effort (in between “beverages”).  Jameson’s will expect to see Ellen back every Wednesday (what are those Jet Blue rates?)  after a full year of practice in Naples. What will we do without you?  What is Rockaway going to do without the Lonigan Sisters dancing on one of the bars … somewhere?  We love you and will miss you both.  Good Luck.

The Harbor Light team would like to thank Bernie and Sean for sponsoring the team.  Tonight’s win went out to baby Fiona Mary Mullen.  She may not be playing yet, but we are definitely in her thoughts.  Should we get her a tank?  Or tanked?  Maybe Shrek and Shrek 2 on DVD. 

Federation was in rare form this evening.  Played against the Bikini Bottoms.  Little did tthey know that they had a Kicker on their team (legal) who saved one of the games?  George Mastorides, the Greek, must be getting ready for the World Cup since his nation won this year’s tournament.  Mr. Hollywood (aka John Sica) had matching attire on.  Must be one of the many purchased from his Queer Eye Friends.  If you didn’t see enough of him on T.V. already, he is appearing in Episode 5 of Rescue Me with Dennis Leary.  Hey Hollywood, maybe you can get Dennis to hang in the Harbor Light one night!  There were many good plays by Jay, Brian and George.  You could even hear little Brian cheering from the sidelines.  Hope Captian Tom and family are enjoying the vacation.  I would like to thank Kathy and Roseanne for giving it their all and showing me the way.  I would like to thank Kerry for cheering me on, in my moment … you read my mind! 

Ellen would like to say a few words on behalf of her team.  Grassy’s Rat Pack squeeked off a 3-2 win over Beach Club.  Both teams played exceptionally well, but those first two wins by the Rat Pack  (20-22  wins) were nail biters.  Its seemed that everyone enjoyed and played well with the lack of wind.  A big miss to the McMorrows this week but the Rat’s held strong.  Annie, how is the Homeless Women’s Volleyball league going?  The Beach Club showed up at the last minute … but they had a good showing.  Game 3 was the Timmy and Owen show and game 4 was the Timmy and Lisa show.   Every week it’s the Timmy show. 

The Beach Club was missing two key players, Mrs. George Johnoson (get out of Alaska)  We miss Nancy, Chris and Gail.  Thank God for the young blood, Bobby and Jen. Tim Maloney was on top of his serve.  Eileen also had great serves, and we all know how Kevin likes that.  See you next week.