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The Top Teams Prevail!

    Get the whole story below, as Coppersmiths, and Kerry Hills dream of a 2003 threepeat, and It's All Good Tees ends a twelve year mission!

The Kerry Hills were ready and waiting for another championship

Coppersmiths was head over heels for another crown.

Frank and Charlie can't believe their eyes as Abbracciamento's went down valiantly to Just Healy's, in a great match, without injured Rocky.  Joe however looks well rested.

Peter Kearns sends his lefty heat over for another Hills point.

8/10 was Championship Saturday for the RBVL. An all-day extravaganza was held at Riis Park and three division champions were crowned by the end of the day. A single day attendance record was set and some estimated that there were over 25,000 people watching. Of course, those who said there were about 300-400 people were closer to the truth. Lunch was provided in the form of various bagel hero sandwiches, and cold beverages were brought and shared by everyone. Bugsy played the songs of the Beach Boys, Beatles, Creedence, Bruce Springsteen and the Who as the players worked hard on the hot sands of the beach. Thanks to Rocky and Steve for their early arrival and equipment and food preparation. 

In the NBA and NHL they say the regulars season is meaningless.  Well not so in the Rockaway Beach Volleyball League.  All three regular season division winners followed up by taking their league championships.

In the red division, Coppersmiths proved that they are the best of the best, taking their second straight championship with a 3-1 victory over Just Healy’s.  The Gatorade Sisters led the charge and chants of MVP went up whenever Joe Mc touched the ball. Game two was the best of the finals, it could have went either way.  The players showed class though, as there were some close (controversial ) calls.  Especially Rich, who has taken some heat in the past from this column.  The champs took their act on the road afterwards and assembled two teams to compete in the annual Breezy Point Sugar Bowl Volleyball Tournament. Marie led the women and Richie and Scotty led the men to additional championships. What a weekend!  Just Healy’s took the loss well, until 2 a.m. at the Sugar Bowl when it was reported that star player Kerry punched out Tommy D. after a playful love tap.

The old men of Abbracciamento’s put Connolly’s out of their misery 3-0, easily advancing to the semi-finals in the Red Division. Against the 2nd place Healy’s, it was a much different situation as they dropped the first two games and then lost their captain and star player, Rocky to a back injury. Was anybody surprised that Abbracciamento’s won twice as many rallies without Rocky in the lineup? The match was even at 2 games apiece, 8-8 in the deciding game when Tommy D. unleashed 3 service winners for the Healy’s victory.

Could anyone stop the runaway freight train known as the Kerry Hills Pub? The question was answered on Saturday – NO! The White Division powerhouse concluded their second consecutive championship season with a spanking of the Rugby Fisheads.  Peter Kearns has successfully implemented his youth movement and the results have been stunning.  They swept both series on Saturday, with no game ever in doubt.  Chris, Kenny, James and Peter played solidly in every area of the game.  Team MVP Trish played her usually great game, but her brother Brian elevated his game to a new level, with devastating serves, sets and hits to seal the wins.  The enthusiasm of Phyllis and Leigh Ann cheering them on lifted them throughout.  After a brief celebration, the gang even took on the Red Division Drinking All-Stars in a grudge match. After winning game 1, the kids lost to the veterans in a couple of close games. The bottom line – they showed that they are ready to step up to the top level next year.
               After a 12 year journey that began on 108th Street as B&G Nurses Registry, and through the years as Harbor Light, Roxbury Mills and Roxbury Industries, Its All Good Tees finally brought home the championship of the Blue division. Despite finishing in 1st or 2nd the last 6 years, the last Saturday of the season always ended with the Brooklyn Dodgers rallying cry of "Wait til next year."  For these boys and girls of Summer, the wait is over.

It was clear from the opening game that things would be different. Its All Good took its first semifinal game from The New Irish Circle-Win, Place, Show 11-1 and rolled to 11-2 and 11-3 wins to sweep the match. Tom Ray, Farrell Murphy and Allison Cashen excelled.

                Expecting to face the New Irish Circling Sharks in a rematch of Wednesday night, they watched as the Sharks squandered a 2-0 lead and dropped the next three games to the Beach Club. Once again the 129th Street gang lulled their prey to sleep with another happy-go-lucky season. But come the second Saturday of August each year, they become the real sharks.  This lesson was not lost on Its All Good as they had been victimized in the past by the Beach Club just like the Sharks were Saturday. Propelled by the aggressive play of Joe Moore and the brother-sister tandem of Brian and Allison Bagley, Its All Good Tees captured the first game. Rick Flanagan and Tim Murphy brought fresh blood to the second game and the infusion led to another Good victory. With a 7-5 lead, the team appeared to lose its cool, but a well used timeout put them back on course.

Debbie Kenel and Bugsy stepped in for the third game fully aware that this is where the Beach Club made their move against the Sharks. But with the finish line in sight, Allison Bagley was like Dale Earnhart and she drove Its All Good home as Founding Mothers Marybeth Flanagan Goldberg and Sheila O'Connell Ray rejoiced. If you put your ear to a shell, you could hear Laura Chisolm Couillard’s rrring from Virginia, and Danielle Mullen Kelly holler from 134th Street. Special thanks to our sponsor Chris Walsh who just happens to play for the Beach Club(don't ask).  After the match Abbracciamento’s tendered an offer sheet to Allison to bring her to the Red Division next season but the Flanagans insist she’s not going because “blood is thicker than water.” What about money, cash, payola? Rocky has done some miraculous things with his sponsorship money in the past.

Start getting ready for the League Dinner, which is scheduled for Friday night, September 6th at 8:30 p.m. at the Beach Club.  Live music will be provided by one of the great party bands of all time, Head Over Heels. Admission is $45 and will include a buffet dinner as well as an open bar. Please RSVP as soon as possible to Rocky at 718-338-3951 so that we can get a head count for planning purposes. Get your money to your captains (or Rocky) as soon as possible, also. Talk it up so that we can make this year’s event even better than last year’s (if that is possible).