Kobeyaki Tops Ocean Division

By Joe McGivney                                                           7/28/17


The Rockaway Beach Volleyball League was greeted in week 9 with more beautiful weather at Riis Park.  Will it ever end?  A mild sirocco blew through but you must always expect some wind at the beach.  Can it continue next week?  And the final week, too?  Inquiring minds would like to know.  The Ocean Division’s premiere match was between the top two teams, Kobeyaki Got Kills and Freedhand’s with Kobeyaki taking 4 games.  Third place Bungalow Bar was hoping to move closer to the top 2 in a matchup against Bryan’s Auto.  Early in the match Capt. Craig Carey left early tweaking his knee. Unfortunately,  Craig, aka “Dr. Duct Tape’, did not apply enough tape (1/2 a roll) to stay in the match.  Despite Craig’s injury, the Bar was up 3 -1 going into game 5. Bungalow Bar appeared heading for a game 5 win until Bryan’s played great ball in the late stages to rally for a 21-19 victory.  Fired up by Coach’s comments in last week’s article, Magee and 9 Others swept all 5 from Sullivan & Galleshaw and are only 2 games out of 3rd place.  Led by James Mercer, James Goldberg, John Evans and the Moule kids featuring Alex and Lauren, Magee was able to stay just a little bit ahead all night. Unfortunately, Keith and Tommy of S&G could not save the day.  Alex and Brian of Magee let Coach know he is officially a “frenemy.”  It is shaping up to be an epic playoff battle in the Ocean Division.  Coach needs to take a “mea culpa” regarding the origins of RBVL and apologizes for not doing proper research on Wikipedia.  Thanks for the history lesson, Bob Fash.  In a Sun Division match, the First place Newtown Sharks played like a mechanical shark out of water in losing a tough 3-2 match against White Horse Tavern Posse. Despite the loss, do not count them out come playoff time.  The Sun Division has five teams separated by a mere 4 games heading into the home stretch.


Photos by Maria Perez of The Wave

Casino Auto Body started out with 6 players in their match against the Cabana and it looked like the ironmen would have to play every minute.  But then Stan and CB arrived to help the cause.  But then Lauren left and Emergency Girl Alana McCarthy had to be inserted into the lineup.  And it is a good thing she was.  With Casino trailing 16-19 in the decisive game 5, Alana reeled off 5 service points for the 21-19 victory.  Spectacular!  TBG (or TBDL) must have heard the chatter so he showed up early this week, right in the middle of game 2.  It’s All Good could not remember his last early appearance but they think it was during the Carter administration.  Isn’t Rocky a bit like George Bailey in “It’s a Wonderful Life” with all that he’s done through the years to make Wednesday nights part of our wonderful life?  Condolences to the Nugent family with the passing of Mr. Nugent.  He had a good long run and will be missed.  What a great game 5 win for Your Name Could Be Here.  They edged the Riis Park Beach Bazaar 3-2 with terrific play by the old guys and the young girls.  Ann Marie, Liz and Caroline were not distracted by the handsome young studs across the net and held the team together with solid play.  It was a joy to play a team who were competitive and who had a great tie playing.  They get it.  Mr. Happy continues to build Y.N.C.B.H. with happiness and love and wonders why he didn’t try this approach years (decades) ago.


EZ Company squeezed out one win against Billy Macs.  Tony O looked like a Flying Wallenda with his acrobatic volleyball skills.  Double M lost out in the nickname contest; you just don't nickname people The Big C without checking.  Unfortunately, the name’s already taken.  Deb was her usual steady self and Barbara shook off the rust to display mid-season form.  Favorite Bartender showed she can both pour shots and make shots.  Spanish theme next week and bringing a few Coronas doesn't count.  The Kerfuffle Kids are already bragging about the mountain lion they took down bare-handed in Maine and trained as their latest house pet.  DQ had better give back that Cloak of Invisibility; it's hard to see him in it.  Social McFly stayed out later than everyone, proving that even just the word “Bar” leads to cocktails.  Coach may have lost her first coin toss of the year but when asked about it she deftly dodged the issue.  Instead she launched into her standard filibuster regarding the viscosity of ketchup. 

It is getting darker earlier and earlier.  Picking up your net early and setting up early are still really good ideas.  The first team on the schedule is the away team and is responsible for returning the net to the POD, where Steve is waiting for you.  Bring it back as soon as your match finishes.  Check the bag for the ball and all other equipment.  Wait until it has been marked “Returned” and then go on your merry way.  On Wednesday night another two teams joined the forfeit and probation brigade.  Rock Fam from the Beach Division never returned their bag and will forfeit any wins they had this week.  Also Serves ‘Em Right from the Star Division never returned their bag and will forfeit, too. They are now the 4th and 5th teams placed on probation in 4 weeks which means they could be out of the league with any other violations, including unsportsmanlike conduct, forfeits, etc.  Be very careful, folks.  The weekly after-party was held at the beach but no one was eating Whit’s pizza anymore.  All gone.


Friday 7/28 (tonight) is the Gray Beard’s Family Fun Run with races for all ages and levels of competition.  It’s just fun!  And, if it rains, we pour, if you know what I mean.  There is no rain date; we just play in the rain or in the gymnasium.  Additionally, Bay Ridge’s top Tuesday night band, Gearth, Wind and Fireman (featuring long-time RBVL member Joe McGivney), will be playing live music for the races and subsequent BBQ.  Come on by and have some fun.  And see what Joe does when he is not bumping, setting or spiking.  Captains are reminded that they can have items entered in the weekly Wave article by e-mailing Joe at jmcgivney2@nyc.rr.com by 11 PM on Wednesday night.  Just send a sentence or two to be printed.  Maria Perez is a reporter/photographer from the Wave and she will be taking pictures at the beach each week.  Make her feel welcome at our Wednesday night extravaganza.  I’m sure you’ll agree; pictures are nice.  If you have any questions along the way please contact Steve Gifford via e-mail at irvman331@verizon.net.  

See you on the beach!






ROCKY AND JOE - “98.7% accuracy since 1990.”



"Our parents have a team and now we have one. It's like it was passed down from generation to generation," Victoria Ramos, Co-Captain of IFMA


"When we signed up, there was one more spot left for the team. We didn't have a name, so we just blurted out the name IFMA. It stuck ever since," Vanessa Ramos, Co-Captain of IFMA


"We've been playing together for 10 years. We're like a family coming together to play a sport we all enjoy," Captain Natalie De Sanctis, White Horse Tavern Beach Posse


"It's a lot of fun and very competitive. We want that champion sweatshirt and hopefully this will be our year," Rick Keim, Captain of Breezy Point Lumber.


"We're proud to be one of the original teams that has been doing this for 28 years," Bugsy Goldberg, Captain of It's All Good


"We spend the whole week working, but this is a night for ourselves to have fun and spend some time with a good group of people," Bugsy Goldberg, Captain of It's All Good