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RBVL Nears Mid-Season

By Joe McGivney                                                           7/7/17

 The Rockaway Beach Volleyball League was greeted in week 6 with more beautiful weather at Riis Park.  Will it ever end?  The Mighty Crom won 2 games in a hard fought match but made new sponsors, Chris and Sarah of Crom Physical Culture very proud.  Keep up the good work.  Where was the Invisible Girl when Casino Auto Body needed her most?  Out celebrating her birthday, that’s where.  Casino went down 2-3 to Fam Breakaway’s without her.  Welcome back, Stan.  It was good to see you again.  The Cape Cod Irish Villagers were edged 2-3 by Serves ‘Em Right.  Sponsor Tomas MacCormaic roots the team on, all the way from Cape Cod, MA, and that’s about as good as it gets.  The Irish village ladies played their hearts out again.  (So did the guys.)  The Moroney’s are headed to Europe for a couple of weeks and expect lots of wins from the Villagers.  Mr. Happy wasn’t happy last year and cleaned house on his old roster this year.  The youth and rebuilding have led to success and some happiness.  And that is a good thing for Your Name Could Be Here______.  Another win catapulted the squad into a tie for 2nd place.


The RBVL remains as popular as ever as evidenced by this collection of quotes from players.  "It's a great event to come out and play with friends. It's really nice to see the community come together to play the game," Elizabeth Bishop, Sand Spikers.  "We've been playing for nine years together. We're all childhood friends and it's fun to play all together," Carolyn Larsen, Atlantic Service Sand Sharks.  "There's sun, cold drinks, friends and volleyball. That's why I come to play," Kristin Seaman, Atlantic Service Sand Sharks.  "We've been playing for about eight to nine years. It's all about family when we come to play," Colleen McHale, Riis Park Beach Bazaar  "Even though you're not on the same team, it always feels like you're playing against friends at volleyball," Sinead Gallagher, Riis Park Beach Bazaar  The weekly after-party was held at the beach, highlighted by Bay Ridge’s Greatest Tuesday Night Band, Gearth, Wind and Fireman.  They sounded pretty good though it was a Wednesday night and players enjoyed classic rock songs of the 60’s and 70’s, one Spanish song and one Irish song sung in Spanish.  No ne nunca!  The band included volleyball legend, Joe Abbracciamento, Fireman Jack, the Whistling Upholsterer, Buddy II. and the Wind.  Guest artists joined the festivities and folks were thrilled with Sophia, Colleen and Bugsy’s renditions of some old classic tunes.


In the moon division CHICKS TO GO Island won 2 against the Harbor Light, which was a major cause for celebration.  Welcome to new additions Heather and Jimmy. And now a word from our sponsor - when you don't feel like cooking, order some delicious Peruvian chicken from CHICKS TO GO on 97th Street and the Blvd.  Rock Family led by Ted and Bob were able to take 3 of 5 over Notorious DIGs including two games that went into overtime. The DIGs were led by Erin, John and Willie. The teams at the end of the night were separated by just four points overall.  That is as close as it gets.  Team Riis Park Beach Bazaar had a stellar evening, winning 4 games and playing tight games with a girl heavy team but not a heavy girl team of Mary Gallagher, Sinead Gallagher, Colleen McHale, Mary Glynn and all star Colleen Gallagher.  Many of the men were missing.  (Thank God)  Billy Gallagher was stuck in Manhattan on the Wall Street Pier waiting for the overcrowded Ferry and John Glynn was stuck in Staten Island.  Kevin, Brendan and Connor Gallagher have perfected the Gallagher bump, set, spike.  Happy Birthday to John McHale who is a year older, wiser and a better server.  Noreen Gallagher, Jimmy and Robert McHale cheered the team on to victory, along with John Davis our biggest fan!  John also took the title as best dancer during the after-party.  He seemed to favor the Irish tunes over the Spanish ones.  Go figure.


A featured Ocean Division match was between first place Bungalow Bar and Kobeyaki Got Kills.  In a surprising upset, it was a Kobeyaki Tsunami in a 5–0 victory.  Kobeyaki’s CEO Patty and her daughters were away on vacation so the remaining team members put on their best performance in the RBVL.  While it was a true team effort, an early serving run in the first set by their youngest player Caroline was a key in establishing momentum for Kobeyaki.  After winning the first 3 sets rather handily, the fourth set went into overtime, with great serving, passing and spiking on both sides of the net.  However, the critical points were won by Kobeyaki in a 24 – 22 thriller.  Intense play continued in the final set with rallies and saves made all over the beach by both teams. In the end, the karma was with Kobeyaki.  It was noted tonight that Last Calls pimp my ride spells his name Danger, formerly known as the beer girl.  He no longer brings the beer for all.  He just brings his airplane Tito's.  He is up for auction to the highest bidder.  He was caught wearing his Nantucket pink shorts while kissing everyone calling them Mary.  Big Brown's diaper bag seems to be bringing the team good luck as the team won 4 games.  Con man was observed throwing his glasses when he was heckled from the sidelines; when will Daisy Girl follow suit?  Big Brown is trying to one up Daisy Girl by taking out MacGyver along the way.  Will Big Brown be up for auction this season or maybe the Gin Men are looking for his spot?  Dee was great tonight looking like a side walk nurse, here, there and everywhere.  This season, she is out to prove to the young bloods she deserves her spot.


Aviator’s 6-man co-ed volleyball tournament was held on July 1 and 2 and we would tell you who won if they had posted it on their website, which they didn’t.  So congratulations to Old Whoever You Are.  Captains are reminded that they can have items entered in the weekly Wave article by e-mailing Joe at jmcgivney2@nyc.rr.com by 11 PM on Wednesday night.  So far, hardly anyone has submitted items and your articles will get shorter and shorter each week.  And that’s OK if that’s your choice.  Otherwise, send a sentence or two to be printed.  Or, if you know someone in the league interested in writing, let us know.  Maria Perez is a reporter/photographer from the Wave and she will be taking pictures at the beach each week.  Make her feel welcome at our Wednesday night extravaganza.  I’m sure you’ll agree; pictures are nice.  If you have any questions along the way please contact Steve Gifford via e-mail at irvman331@verizon.net.


All Photos Courtesy of The Wave, Photographed by Maria Elena Perez









See you on the beach!