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Rockaway Beach Volleyball League Prepares for 2017 Season


Preparations for the Summer 2017 Rockaway Beach Volleyball League are underway.  Each year the first order of business is to find out which teams will be returning and which will not.  Last year, 10 divisions of different playing levels were fielded with a record-setting 78 teams.  There are no expansion plans this year and that total will remain the same for '17.  The entry fee for 2017 will once again remain at $750 per team and covers all expenses (referees, park fees, insurance, equipment, etc.)  To streamline the collection of money and rosters, we will hold only one meeting this spring.  That has worked well the last couple of years so there is no need to change it up.  All team captains are required to attend our first and only pre-season meeting of the year on Thursday, 3/23 at 7:30 PM.  The meeting will take place in one of our sponsor’s venues – Jameson’s Pub at 421 Beach 129th St. (718- 474-9364).


Captains must bring a full roster (unsigned is OK, signed is even better) and their full payment for the 2017 season - $750.  If a captain is unable to attend he must send a representative in his place with both the money and the roster.  Roster and uniform order forms are available on our website – www.rbvl.com.  Each team is entitled to 10 uniforms with their entrance fee.  If you need additional uniforms, please write a second check just for the extra uniform payment.  Please note that we need one check of $750 for your team and possibly another check for extra uniforms.  We will not accept cash or multiple checks made out to captains or the league from individual players.  KISS – keep it simple, stupid!  The fee for anyone who registers after the 3/23 meeting is $800, which includes a $50 late fee.  At midnight on Sunday 3/26, registration is closed and no more teams will be accepted.  (That means late teams have March 24, 25 and 26 to get their rosters and fees in before it is too late.) 


All players are welcome to come out of hibernation and join the festivities as well.  The general feedback on the 2016 season has been very positive and the league is grateful for everyone's input and assistance.  Feel free to attend the meeting and to voice any of your personal likes and dislikes.  We are always striving for improvement.  Prospective new referees are welcome to come by if you would like to be worked into our rotation.  You do not need to be a certified ref to work in the RBVL.  In fact, many refs have been quite successful with a strong playing background (college and high school) and limited referee experience.


Captains must supply two names with e-mails and text #’s as part of your vital information on your roster.   These will be the e-mails and texts we contact this season with important league information.  And they will be the contact information we use when we have to make short notice decisions, particularly concerning the weather.


3/23 is the first critical date for your team but you can mark a few additional special dates on your calendars as well.  Wednesday, 5/24 will be our first night of volleyball at the beach. It will be a practice night for all and uniforms and schedules will be given out at that time.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate as it did last year when we had a record turnout at Riis Park.  Wednesday, 5/31 will be opening day and play will continue every Wednesday until 8/12.  On Saturday, 8/12, the league championships will be played – keep your schedules clear.  Every year it’s a blast!  Opening day will arrive quickly and there is much to be done beforehand.   


See you at Jameson’s on March 23rd.