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RBVL Pennant Races Tighten Up

By Joe McGivney                                                          7/15/16

 The Rockaway Beach Volleyball League played under misty, cloudy yet perfect volleyball conditions and players are wondering when the bad weather is going to arrive at Riis Park.  For now, they are enjoying the wonderful nights and bumping and spiking their faces off.  The new kid on the block in the Ocean Division, Kobeyaki, had their shutout streak snapped in a hurry with a 1-4 loss to Freedhand’s, which dropped them to third place.  Apparently Freedhand’s didn’t like that changing of the guard talk they heard whispering about.  They now trail Hyper Athletic by 1 game in the standings.  The Ocean Breeze Division has 5 teams within a point of first place - JG Electric, The Mighty Boosh, BOP, Casino Auto Body and Jameson's.  That is parity, my friends.  JD Diggin ‘n Swiggin is 2 ahead of the Cabana in the Wave; Kiss My Ace is 1 ahead of the Breakaways in the Beach; It’s All Good is 2 ahead of Notorious D.I.G.’s in the Boardwalk; ServPro NW Brooklyn is one up on Coastal RE in the Sun Ray and Chicks to Go (Island) is 2 ahead of Rogers Irish Setters.  That means 9 divisions are as tight as possible just past the halfway mark of the season.  The Parts Are Us Sharks are the only team in the entire league to have a substantial lead; no competitor is within 6 points of their current total.  The average age in Cubby Cove was the lowest it has ever been.  The 60-somethings seem to have moved on and found a new home somewhere else, maybe one with rocking chairs and blankets.  TBG, it might be time to seek legal guidance on this title issue.


We noticed the sun went down a little earlier today, a painful reminder that summer doesn't last forever.  There's four weeks left of volleyball, and the games were fiercely competitive tonight.  The Beach House lost all five games in their race to the bottom against the Beach Orphans. Both teams are 3-27.  And you thought you had a tough week.  The Beach House is in transition like the actual Beach House on Beach 116th street. They played against the Atlantic Service Sand Sharks, whose bite was strong like a hammerhead.  The Odd Couples have made a u-turn; after winning two matches by 4-1 scores they have gone winless the last three weeks.  Tommy Lac smelled good at the bar even though his team smelled up the court at Riis, losing 1-4 to EZ Company.  And the Ocean Division finally sent some players to the after-party.  Tommy D. and Kevin O. represented Sullivan and Galleshaw on a night their team won big 4-1 over West End Tents.  And what a match that was.  Ref Extraordinaire Coach actually brought his family to the beach to watch him work.  They are home now looking up all of the cuss words they heard for the first time.  Ouch!  Remember when the Casino Auto Body girls were all in Fontbonne playing championship VB; well now they are all grown up and still playing championship caliber VB.  If only the old-timers on the squad would shake a leg.  Casino Auto Body played Owney’s Bootleggers, taking four games even without their star player Rocky, who sources say pulled a groin while aggressively drinking red wine.  A controversial play and call could have stirred emotions in game 3 but both teams shrugged it off in quite a sportsmanlike fashion and didn’t let it affect the high level of play and camaraderie.  And, children, that’s what it’s all about.  Good on you, mates.


Hall of Fame Billiards lost 2-3 to the Stanii in a closely contested match.  Mr. Happy was seen running off the court to run down a ball and wasn’t seen again until he arrived at the Community House to quaff an ice cold beer.  HOF played with two European standouts who came all the way from Poland just to play at Riis Park.  They are still learning English so “mine” and “yours” are giving them a little trouble right now.  The RBVL committee wants to thank and welcome their newly adopted committee member Frank Dima, who stepped in this year to help with the equipment. He's a great guy who's still figuring out the whole volleyball thing.  Please teams: if your five games are up, please break down and return the nets. The commissioners want to get to the after party as much as you do. The games have been starting later and that means a longer wait to head out to drink. Commissioner Patty urges you to please bring the nets back on time!  Community House Cheese fries finally won four games against the IFMAS and that’s the most they ever won on any Wednesday. The team features three brand new girls, who are still getting used to playing together. But the new blood is bringing some more fun to the team, and things are finally starting to gel together.  Ryan Vasselman and John Mooney had big ups on the net, and other team members made key plays to bring home the W’s.  The IFMAS gave themselves a C-.  All their key members were there, they promise, and they hardly miss the other players who didn't show up. They have been hovering around second or third place and hope the rest of the season picks up. They're still putting the pieces together before the big playoff day, and remain positive.


Freaky Tiki All Stars beat a ringer-less Bungalow Bar four games to one. The night’s stars were Mike and Trish Sica, with great play from the other team players as well.  The Bungalow Baranha’s would rather not talk about losing four games to Parts Are Us, whose plays were as long as their team name. On a more positive note, they'd like to congratulate new player Sergei, who moved to New York from Moscow exactly one year ago. And now he joins us every week on the beach!  The Community House outdid themselves for the after party, hosting with a buffet of chicken wings, pasta, sliders and giant mozzarella sticks, the four main food groups as Maf and Joe noted.  The bar and restaurant is one of the most beautiful spaces in Rockaway, with comfortable seating and a great vibe.  The Cape Cod Irish Villagers had their first winning week this season (and first in a long time in franchise history) beating the Beach Orphans 5-0.  Rookie of the year candidate Big Pat has moved up to the A squad, and claims the team is jelling.  RIP to Jimbo's chair, sadly destroyed in a game of Star Division volleyball. It's only a game, Focker!  Friday, 7/29, is the Gray Beard’s Family Fun Run with races for all ages and levels of competition.  It’s just fun!  Additionally, Bay Ridge’s top Tuesday night band, Gearth, Wind and Fireman (featuring long-time RBVL member Joe McGivney), will be playing live music for the races and subsequent BBQ.  Come on by and have some F-U-N.  And see what Joe does when he is not bumping, setting or spiking.


Next week is listed as a position week for 9 of the 10 divisions.  Because week two was cancelled this season there will be no position week on 7/20.  Instead, the games that were scheduled for 6/8 will be played on 7/20.  And that means that Casino will play Jameson’s in a match featuring players who were around when Eisenhower was President.  The Sun Ray Division will simply play their regularly scheduled matches for 7/20.  Also, a second beach bazaar night has been planned for the boardwalk on the evening of 7/20.  Hopefully, captains took the time to read over the RBVL rules.  This year, one new rule change went into effect.  ELIGIBILITY FOR FINALS - Players must have played in at least 5 regular season matches in order to be eligible for the playoffs and finals.  Captains are reminded that they can have team items entered in the weekly Wave article by showing up at the sponsor bar or by e-mailing Joe at jmcgivney2@nyc.rr.com by midnight on Wednesday night.  If you are wondering why some teams get a lot of coverage it’s because they send over some items and we transform the ideas into literature.  Amazing!  The RBVL has a Facebook page and, if you like it, you will receive timely updates, whoever you are, captain or not.  Your RBVL Committee members will be around each and every week to help out on any matters and answer your questions.


See you on the beach!