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RBVL and GWF Make Alphabet Soup

By John Sica and Joe McGivney                                             7/22/16


The Rockaway Beach Volleyball League played under beautiful weather with perfect volleyball conditions and players are wondering if bad weather will ever hit Riis Park this summer.  Keep enjoying the wonderful nights.  This week the boardwalk was filled after the matches and the league reveled to the sounds of Brooklyn’s Best Tuesday Night Band, Gearth, Wind and Fireman, featuring the RBVL committee’s own Joe McGivney.  In other words RBVL plus GWF equals F-U-N.  The Strawberry Moon was spectacular, perfect timing for the Rockaway Bizarre to host the RBVL night.  With the great live music serenading the packed boardwalk, the barbequed treats kept the crowd in a party mood late into the evening.  Kobeyaki Got Killed by Sullivan and Galleshaw 4-1, which gives S&G a 10-5 record over the last three weeks, moving them up to 4th place with an 18-17 record.  All night the S&G crew had a little fun with injured players Kevin O. and Crowley texting them about how they were getting crushed until they finally spilled the beans to say they really won 4-1.  Still how did S&G win 4 but lose the last game 21-3?  Well a 21-3 loss counts the same in the standings as a 22-20 one so what the heck.


Coach John Sica missed four weeks due to that four letter word, (WORK) and in his absence a funny thing happened.  With no coach, everyone became a coach.  Luckily if anyone on the Rincon Gringos makes a mistake there are twelve people to point it out to them.  With that kind of encouragement it’s surprising that the team doesn’t have a psychiatrist.  The Gringos though were able to pull out the rubber game after being down 17-15 thanks to the ex-coaches run of seven straight aces to ice it.  Aces to Ice It, could be a good name.  The girls Morgan, Billy and Mary were setting beautifully to raise the men’s game in the victory.  Owney’s Bootleggers continued their five week losing streak by dropping four to Playland.  Ice Man was his usual self.  They’re just trying to get themselves out of the hole and get their plays together for the playoffs – which Pat Miley believes can be a big win for them.  The second division is tight and Miley predicts a lot of upsets on that Saturday in August.


Patty finally came back, fully healed, to The Stanii. They took two against Beach House, who had their team stacked with a few younger players.  Their resident cheerleader, Maf, their Baryshnikov, doing a triple pirouette on the sidelines in his traditional fashion. Greaney did a great job, but Debbie was still tired after a week of work this summer.   Watch out for the Beach House in the playoffs; they are on a roll.  After losing three in a row, Hall of Fame Billiards finally figured out how to talk to each other.  No H says the secret to winning came after Mr. Happy left for the evening, which they may try every week.  By The Beach Cocos started out on the wrong fit.  Elefant had to work again and the team would like to thank him for the $75 donation to his other teammates. PB and his creepy mustache are tickling Mickey in Disney, and DP is losing his pants in Ibiza. We thank the NYPD for giving Tom Mac off this week. The team beat Star Wars Cantina four games after dropping the first game. Ryan Sirg was able to get out of baby and house duty, and Mike P. refused to lose.  Dalton’s dropped three games to the Sand Spikers and were disappointed with their play.  There was a little black rain cloud over their heads the whole night, which improved only during the after party.



Chicks to Go Island took 3 from Boarders in 5 close games with great sportsmanship all around from both teams.  Tim from Chicks to Go reawakened the blocking monster for his birthday and blocked numerous spikes from Boarders that would have crushed his teammates.  Lil Den picked up the slack from his old time teammates diving and grabbing drops, aided by his dad with ace serves. Pat smacked the ball over with every hit with Tracy, Cathy and Jac bumping and setting their teammates. The Morleys worked together to finish up Chicks to Go’s victorious night.  EZ Company went 3-2 against the Odd Couples.  There were distractions galore as Jill confessed she can get wine not with ice, but in ice. This was greeted by the ladies with awe and wonderment and countless, "Can you get me some?"  Greg the Keg revealed that he now has a device that holds 4 gallons of his patented Rum Bash in a backpack, and it has an attachment that dispenses perfect 18 ounce shots.  The ladies loved Jill's ice wine and the guys all want Greg's device.  But with these distractions there was still volleyball to be played.  TJ did his best impersonation of a way downtown lifeguard circa 1980, meaning he was on break a lot.  Old Dan got the boot while the rest of his clan trains in the Donegal Forest for the Naked and Afraid TV show.  Mother of Butterflies rested her balky hinge but everyone expects a big return next week.  Speaking of returns, welcome back Sheila Ray.  (Maybe someday we'll see something in the paper about Sheila's husband, who's rumored to also be in the league.)  KKRN breathed some life into the group even when it looked like some players should be DNR.  Coach and Double M ran home to settle a bet, was the gorgeous moon more orange than Donald Trump's hair?  Gerritsen Girl raved about the mixed drinks at the Bazaar and said they were even better than the Sloe Gin Fizzes she was weaned on.  The Cape Cod Irish Villagers won the week for the second week in a row, beating Downtown Digga’s 3-2.  Tall Pat had to leave early, but the team gelled.


Is Casino Auto Body the first team in league history to have a squad of 20-something women playing with SSI-collecting men?  It’s All Good has won all 7 of their matches in the Beach Breeze Division and Cement Shoes and TBG come down later and later each week.  Is there a correlation?  Perhaps.  Last Call has won all 7 of their matches, too, and they sit on top of the pack in the Star Division.  Nice going.  When was the last time the Baranha’s went 1-4 two weeks in a row?  Wednesday night.  When was the last time before this week?  Nobody can remember.  Look for them to bounce back next Wednesday.  Special thanks to the Brooklyn Faithful who made the trip out to Riis Park for the concert – The McGivney’s, Maffa’s, Borowiec’s, Mary Kae and Barbara – and the NJ fans who came a long way to hear some old songs – Marie, Julia, Lenny and Diane.  Renegade blood runs thick, my friends.  Friday, 7/29, is the Gray Beard’s Family Fun Run with races for all ages and levels of competition.  It’s just fun!  Additionally, Bay Ridge’s top Tuesday night band, Gearth, Wind and Fireman (featuring long-time RBVL member Joe McGivney), will be playing live music for the races and subsequent BBQ.  Come on by and have some fun.  And see what Joe does when he is not bumping, setting or spiking.


We know it’s hard to think about life after volleyball, and the fall, but September brings its own joy. The beaches are now open a week after Labor Day, the weather cools down and the water stays warm. And on Saturday, Sept. 17, the second annual Poseidon’s Parade will kick off at Beach 106th St., ending at the Beach 95th St. plaza. Last year’s parade, organized by some volleyball players, was a huge success. Locals of all ages got dressed in amazing costumes, made creative floats and had a great time celebrating the end of summer. This year’s should be even more successful. There are new categories this year to win, like Best Block or Building, Best Business and more. Get your neighbors together to build a float and battle it out with the houses around the corner.  Poseidon’s Parade is also hosting a contest for kids art, so if you have a budding Picasso, have him or her send a sea-inspired drawing or painting to PoseidonsParade@Gmail.com. The contest is open to kids up to 10 years old and the winner will be printed on the kids t-shirt. Find the page on Facebook, like it and stay up to date on everything that’s going on.


Captains are reminded that they can have team items entered in the weekly Wave article by showing up at the sponsor bar or by e-mailing Joe at jmcgivney2@nyc.rr.com by midnight on Wednesday night.  If you are wondering why some teams get a lot of coverage it’s because they send over some items and we transform the ideas into literature.  Amazing!  The RBVL has a Facebook page and, if you like it, you will receive timely updates, whoever you are, captain or not.  Your RBVL Committee members will be around each and every week to help out on any matters and answer your questions.


See you on the beach!