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A Cold Win Can’t Blow Away RBVL

By Rocky D. and Joe McGivney                    6/13/14

 The Rockaway Beach Volleyball League finished week three on a nasty evening for playing volleyball or for just being outdoors.  Alan J. Lerner (and TBG) may have called the wind Mariah, but of all the adjectives used to describe the wind on Wednesday night, Mariah was not one of them.  Most are not printable in a family newspaper.  In a night besieged by a multi- knot crosswind the players reacted accordingly:  The weather stinks but let’s play volleyball!   It was one of those nights that was so windy even people in top shape got winded.  For the many of you who have been wondering what it’s like to play in the jet stream, your curiosities have been answered or more accurately, blown away.  Kerry Hill lost 3-2 to the Kevin C. Buckley Sandstorms in five windswept games. The rookie Jenny asserted herself by boldly stating to angry Rob, “You have to play to the whistle, kid,” which only enhanced Rob’s anger.  Uncle Brady needs to pay more attention to the game, than to the kids he is babysitting.  What’s the difference?  Kerry Hills should not forget to text Sean next week and Katherine.  The team needs you back in full form next week.  Kevin O’Malley of Sullivan and Galleshaw flew in from London for two weeks to play.  He wanted to get away from the windy damp outdoor volleyball conditions in London.  Hey, how did that work out for you, Kevin?


Mr. Ranger, Mr.  Hockey himself, Dancer, of the Stanii did actually forego his tickets for the Ranger game to show up for his first night of volleyball.  What a loyal Stanii or perhaps a disloyal Ranger fan.  Sounds like somebody made Dancer an offer he couldn’t refuse.  Despite the Rockaway Breakers beating the Stanii 4-1, Patty was happy (not Mr. Happy) because all matches were friendly and fun.  One of the Breakerettes actually lent Patty a headband so she could keep the hair out of her eyes.  Patty’s Ace Hardware safety goggles must have fogged up.  

Legendary league original, Janet Timlin Fash showed up at the Kerry Hills and lent her stories of volleyball yore to an attentive crowd at the Hills.  She is back playing with her husband Bobby and rumor has it that their teammates are contemplating changing the team name to the McCoy’s and Hatfield’s.  Two respective captains led their squads with spectacular play in the Boardwalk Division.  John and the Beach House edged Ian and the Beach Bums 4-1 in close tightly contested games, highlighted by John’s unbelievable overhand serving which netted 14 and 12 consecutive points in two different games. And to top things off, they were the two finest sports on the beach.  And isn’t that what it’s all about?  Kudos to both John and Ian.


The windy winds did not stop the White Horse Tavern Beach Posse from winning 4 games against the Cheese Fries.  It wasn't easy.  The Fries gave them a run for their money with great serves and volleys.  Brendan, Jay and Sean were on it, both serving and digging.  Joe B worked 5 games like a part time job!  Billy, it'll be your turn in two weeks!  Talk about Rockaway Strong - Natalie, Nancy, Jeanmarie and Tara got it done in spite of the fierce winds.  However, Natalie may have to curtail flirting with the male members of the other team.  LOL.  As always, fun was had by all and we get to do it again next week.  Until then, remember three and over!  The wind blew hard but it could not daunt the spirits of team Last Call.  Oh, Captain our Captain, the game was not won but the girls’ night out planning must still be done.  Despite the cold, Greg demonstrated that not only is he the fastest motorist in the Rockaway’s but he can cover the court as completely as a lunar eclipse.  As our team MVP, Jenny Craig's newest spokesperson, was sporting his buff beach body.  Is 50 the new 40?  Also noted was the ever indefatigable Frankie.  He showed that he can still swish and sachet with the best of them.  Is 70 the new 60?  Meanwhile Dan the man was patrolling the net like a Marine on guard duty.  Thankfully our very own Bombshell demonstrated her explosive offense when it was needed most.   El Toro reminds everyone that if you mess with the bull you get the horns.  Comprendo?


The Federation nosed out Casino Auto Body 3-2 but fans noticed that the two Casino victories took place when John Begley arrived and Rocky and Joe moved to the bench.  Rocky and Joe first played against the Ford family back in 1991 and had many epic fun matches over the years.  Now they are vying with the next Ford generation and having just as much fun in just as epic battles.  But do the math.  How old must these two Methuselah’s be?  There was a time when Joe, Rocky and Seal walked into the bar and whispers were heard about the three mighty hitters of Abbracciamento’s.  Wednesday they walked into the Kerry Hills Pub together and once again there were whispers.  Only thing is people were whispering to watch how these three relics attack the buffet.  Colleen, John, Theresa and Rusty were the last men (and women) standing at the “Hills.”   Where were Vinny and his crew from the Bungalow Bar?  It sounds like William J. Lachner Painters has thrown down the party gauntlet once again.  Lachner Painters would like to welcome Jared Lachner and Mary Gallagher to the team.  As usual Carmel put out a wonderful assortment of home cooked comfort food that certainly warmed the innards of the refs and players.  It wasn’t happenstance that the refs were mentioned before the players.  Ref Carty was observed enjoying a wide variety of foods and commented that he was starving since he missed breakfast and lunch.  It seems as though this happens eleven Wednesdays every summer.  Probably just a coincidence.     


Mr. Happy acted just like Lou today, not his usual Lou Costello imitation but rather a version of Lou Gehrig.  His consecutive game attendance streak ended when he missed volleyball to attend his son’s HS awards dinner.  The last time he missed a volleyball night was the evening that the Rangers last won the Stashu Cup (Polish for Stanley Cup) in 1994.  Does that make Sean the next Wally Pipp?  Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio?  And how did the team do in his absence?  Well Connolly’s won their first match of the year 3-2 over the Rincon Gringo’s with captain Steve miles away in his much beloved borough of Brooklyn.  And another streak ended Wednesday – TBG had no recordable quotable quotes, although he had a lot to say at the Cubby Cove.  DisFUNctional, Harbor Light Sandhogs, Last Call and Wine with Sue Island are currently tied for first place n the Star Division.  Look for an exciting pennant race the rest of the way.  Kiss My Ace needs a few aces, a few kisses and a victory.  Let’s go Aces!  St. Francis De Sales Father’s Day (6/15) Beach Mass will be celebrated on 129th St. at 10:30 AM.  Bring your own chairs and please arrive by 10:15 AM. 


Many RBVL players were in the Final Four of the Aviator indoor Spring Volleyball season which finished up last Friday.  The Flying Tigers beat the Nice Guys and their glowing pink socks and the Freaky Tiki All Stars advanced past the Jabronies in the semi-final bouts.  The finals were anticlimactic as the All Stars thumped the Tigers, highlighted by Brian Sica’s 13 consecutive jump serve ace/winners.  Watch out for the Freaky Tiki All Stars this summer in the Ocean division.  Wednesday night, June 25th, is The Cabana's night for the RBVL party.  So get ready for something completely different.  The Cabana is located at 1034 W. Beech St. Long Beach, NY 11561 (the corner of Georgia & W. Beech Streets).  And the RBVL will be providing a large coach bus with a bathroom for anyone interested in making the trip.  And if enough people sign up, a second bus will be added.  George Johnson has heard from some folks but really needs to get a good estimate so email him at fdnyrocket@gmail.com ASAP.  Tentative plans are for the bus to leave BHYC at 9 PM and return at 11:30 PM.


Many referees seem to be making mistakes reporting the weekly match scores.  We are working with them to shape up but please check the standings to make sure your results are accurate.  Starting this week, all captains are required to sign the referee’s official score sheet after the game, confirming your wins and losses.  We have had so many errors already this year that we need your help in correcting this problem.  We will be speaking to the refs as well to shape them up.  Thanks.  Cold weather motivated everyone to return their nets on time and that’s a good thing.  Do the same thing when the weather is nice, too.  Last week the Big Mahooshkas got mistakenly called out for not returning a net but it was found and apologies go to the team.  If your roster was not submitted Wednesday night, be prepared to see a point reduction this week or next.  Captains and players are reminded that they can have team items entered in the weekly Wave article by showing up at the sponsor bar or by e-mailing Joe at jmcgivney2@nyc.rr.com by 11 PM on Wednesday night.  The RBVL has a Facebook page and, if you like it, you will receive timely updates, whoever you are, captain or not.  If you have any questions please call Patty Moule at 917-613-0908.  (Call between 10 AM and 9 PM.) 


See you on the beach!