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Lightning Strikes Out RBVL

By Mike Sica and Joe McGivney                   7/4/14


If we said we didn’t try we would be lying.  Everyone had their fingers crossed, some hoping for clear skies and others for a week of just drinking.  Everyone showed up ready to play with the skies bright.  However, a deadly forecast loomed.  After five minutes, the clouds rolled in and we were saying our goodbyes as it looked like the world was about to end.  Our prayers held off the storm long enough to get 3 to 4 games completed, but it turns out that was the calm before the real storm. Thunder, lightning and rain forced the entire RBVL off the beach and Wednesday’s fate looked doomed. Regardless of the weather, Rockaway showed up with over 700 strong and brought the real thunder.  You Got Served had a poor showing but fought through with strong play by Michelle, Ashley, and Summer. They took the first two while Average Joe’s took in the beautiful weather.  Michelle and Benny’s dog Champ couldn’t attend the match due to a serious canine fear called thuderousfireshootingskyitis, or in human terms, a storm.  Sirg, with the self proclaimed hardest spikes, led U Got Served to a victory.  Knowing his team was short handed and had to rely on his “excellence,” Sirg did his thing with PB and Tom Mac throwing them down, too.  (When Sirg wasn’t taking all the balls.)  In the Ocean Breeze division, the Federation is getting back on track while Miley Home Improvements and Jameson’s continue to stay on top of the leader board. Pat Miley, happy with his team’s chances at a sweatshirt, was happier to see his team finally show up to the after party. His teammate Ken learned how to spike this week and teammate Ryan the previous week. The Federation is getting ready for their annual hiatus to Brant Lake in a few weeks but has enough players to field a World Cup Soccer match so they should be ok.


Connolly’s stole the first three right before the storm bailed them out.  Age would have prevailed if they went the distance. Someone should tell them there are still five weeks left and a long hot day of playoffs.  The Freaky Tiki All Stars had their annual friendly match against long time friend/foe Sullivan and Galleshaw. Tommy Dags and Rich McDade showing up late couldn’t help Bobby and the team win the short match due to Bri’s Sic-est serve or Ken’s “self honoring” hands-clasped-high digs.  First losing Liz due to pregnancy, and Connor living-up his last summer before college, the All Stars have high hopes for finally getting that monkey (or whale) off their back and winning the top division.  Is there such a thing as too happy?  Vinny doesn’t think so when he looks at a beautiful and soon to be mother, Liz Sica.  Muldoon’s ego took a hit in the Wet Bandits / Rincon Gringos matchup.  After losing 2-1 to the Bandits, McVeigh-day told Sean he couldn’t handle two more games, but Sean said, “No shot.  I’m not going to sit out the last two games.”  Even though the Gringos lost, both teams admired Steve Collins play. George said, “Steve hit better today than he did when he was twenty eight.”  Bungalow Baranha’s were evenly matched with 3 good tight games with Rogers Irish Setters. The final game tied at 6-7 until the crowd ran for cover.  Dan the birthday boy stayed and paid vigil of his Beiber Birthday Balloon, until next week. Happy Belated to Vinny who explored Block Island – Although Rockaway is the best, there are other beaches.  Rusty reminds the Baranha’s that the coveted championship party scarves are not won with a dance or two at 10 PM but by heavy lifting around 1 and 2 AM. 


As a reminder, here is the RBVL rule on rain and rainouts - The decision to cancel or postpone games due to inclement weather will be made at game time.  If the weather is questionable, we may not make the decision until we arrive at the beach.  Please be prepared to play.  Weather conditions at the beach are sometimes much different from where you are.  Games are only canceled for lightning, heavy rain and very strong wind.  Rained out games will NOT be made up on the following night.  If matches have begun and are stopped due to weather, the completed games stand.  Partial games will count if one team has scored at least 11 points.  Play will be suspended by the sounding of an air horn if league officials determine that games should not continue.  All play should stop immediately, no matter the score.  Of course, the most important part of the rainout rule is - In the event of a complete or partial rainout the party is still on at the sponsor bar.  And everyone got that part very right.  For the second week in a row, the chicken and beef tacos seemed endless and were delicious and the staff somehow managed to handle the sudden influx of thirsty customers smoothly. It may have been raining outside but it was warm and cozy inside Pico.  The hostess with the mostest, PICO, danced and kicked butt tonight.  This crew is a fun mix of Rockaway, Breezy, Bay Ridge and those crowd pleasing Mormon players.  Pico wants to thank God for the Mormon heavy hitters, bumpers, setters, and great teammates.  Just like their team, Pico hosted a great after party.  They put out a great spread.  How great?  So great it spread across their entire 20 foot community table. They were so packed the RBVL writer had to grab players’ stories on their way to the bathroom.


Last Call brought their “A” game to the beach tonight with the replacement of the Beer Boy and the addition of the commercial frozen drink maker.  Margarita's all around definitely improved the squad’s game and will definitely be a requirement moving forward.  MVP Big Brown was here, there and everywhere as he was backed up by MacGyver, Kate the Great, Surfer Girl, Dan the Man, Blondie, Nurse Ratchett and Hammy.  Who puts a kitchen in their house during volleyball season and who plays Mahjong with people they don't know?  As the games were called tonight it was no surprise that the Beer Boy called for all nonessential players to leave.  He and Jack Weber were a lovely sight, walking into the sunset together.  Welcome back to the Brunner family.  Hopefully, the weather will improve while they are in NY.  It is usually just a saying but in the case of Casino Auto Body it is really true – their knees are actually creaking out loud.  If you listen closely you can hear Rocky, Joe and Stan doing three part harmony while bending for balls in the sand.  The kid, CB, is too young to creak.  Players were still talking about last week’s road trip to the Cabana in Long Beach and that’s a good sign.  George Johnson and his brother Bob thank everyone for their support.  Kudos to George, Barney and Rocky who pulled it all together and made sure there were a few ice cold beverages on board for the lengthy 30 minute ride.  Inquiring minds want to know when Dancer will be performing again.  The odds are it will be after many hours of heavy drinking.  The RBVL can’t wait. All in all, the RBVL Bus trip to Long Beach was a rip roaring success and President Patty was rejuvenated by the event.  Every seat on the bus was occupied and the clientele was a perfect cross section of the league.  Young and old, new and veteran were all mixed together in one big party.  Maybe it will become an annual event.  Next week the Wounded Warriors Parade will be held on Wednesday night.  Their route has been changed to walk past the RBVL on the Riis Park boardwalk during the weekly matches.  Wear red, white and blue; carry a flag; cheer your head off if you like.  Sometimes small gestures mean a lot more than one knows.  A ten minute break to applaud the Wounded Warriors as they parade by is the least we can do.


A now an administrative reminder: Every year of expansion made filling referee spots tougher and tougher.  Thank goodness for the many youthful refs who have stepped in along the way to help us make ends meet.  Now the league is stretched to its limit and finding enough refs each week is a chore.  Be prepared to have a week where there are no refs in your division.  If that happens, play the games hard, with sportsmanship and report your scores when finished.  The Ocean Division, filled with the top players on the beach, did it last week without any trouble.  Follow their lead.  After all, everyone just wants to play volleyball.  It seems like a better option than cutting the RBVL back to 32 teams.  (Or maybe back to the Original 7.)  By the way, who were the original seven teams in the RBVL?  The Beach House, Raintower and Fort Wade were mentioned earlier and the Blackwater was added this week.  That leaves three more.  Send us an e-mail and let us know.  Nets better get returned promptly next week.  Then Patty and Steve will be very happy campers. Captains and players are reminded that they can have team items entered in the weekly Wave article by showing up at the sponsor bar or by e-mailing Joe at jmcgivney2@nyc.rr.com by 11 PM on Wednesday night.  The RBVL has a Facebook page and, if you like it, you will receive timely updates, whoever you are, captain or not.  If you have any questions please call Patty Moule at 917-613-0908.  (Call between 10 AM and 9 PM.) 


See you on the beach!