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Rain Can’t Block RBVL Spikes

By John Sica                                                                           8/3/12\

check back this weekend for pictures


The Rockaway Beach Volleyball League watched the rain fall all day Wednesday and players did reverse rain dances at home to stop the precipitation.  By 6 PM, the gods had listened and cleared the air for volleyball action.  As we head to the final week things are heating up in the RBVL.  The division races are starting to clarify themselves in many cases and getting more confusing in others.  Meanwhile it is interesting to observe that on some of the nicest summer days when you think it will be perfect volleyball you get down to Riis Park and can’t believe how such a day could turn so windy.  On the other hand, this Wednesday was a miserable day and as we descended on the beach there was a perfect calm in the air, no sun in players’ eyes, and a perfect night for volleyball.  And as the games winded down, the night was capped by a beautiful sunset. 

In the Wave division, the fourth place Mahooshkas, or the Mashooganas as the ref called them, took the fifth place Blackwater Boarders 4-1.  The Boarders made some valiant comebacks in some of the losses, but could not pull them out.  The youth picked up the slack for the older-timers who are nursing injuries.  It was good to see Steve back, but the Boarders missed Timmy “the Stint” Smith who was out for the second consecutive week.  Coach John Sica was disappointed in the no-show saying, “If only he was crazy enough to play through this we would have a chance.”  At least Timmy was there in spirit.  Get well soon.  In the Ocean division, Jimmy Mack and the boys won a match for the first time in their new surroundings, the top division.  They had great all around play by TJ, Jimmy, Chris and the girls.  They might be peaking at the right time.  The Flip Cup All Stars were anything but.  However, they do hope that Mike and Liz are enjoying their cruise to Bermuda.  Sullivan and Galleshaw had some great play from Shannon and Kerry, who were playing like it was 1999.  They even made Bobby Whalen look good.  By the way, Bobby “Darth Vader” Whalen  was coming off his dominant play with the evil empire in the Sugar Bowl tournament. Kudos goes out to the great legal work of Sullivan and Galleshaw who always represent the hard working over those who expect others to take care of them.   

Connolly’s won three from Miley’s.  Mr Happy parlayed his yoga Mondays into getting back early, and was in rare form due to his Zen therapy.  Jenny added a twist this week with her back sets.  Unfortunately none of her teammates have ever seen a back set so they were big spectators for those.  George was hitting his best of the year and Jim rose to the occasion as well, making some big hits.  Steve-o  was recovering from some serious back pain but played through the pain on coca cola and something from Duane Reade that had a co-payment and a warning.  Meanwhile Miley’s left on a high note since their two victories came after they were down three-zero.  The ladies of the Light Horse Tavern rocked the court tonight with three wins against Serves ‘Em Right.  The girls were stirring up the Kool Aide.  Knuckles, Fancy and Cookie were on point.  The Tavern realized the games are more fun when their opponents are having more fun than you are.  Thai Rock pulled out one victory, setting the tone in the first game.  Even though they didn’t win another game they stormed back every other game to put a scare into Serve Pro.  Every game went to the limit but in the end Serve Pro prevailed behind great play by the Fab Four, KC, John , Bob and Mike.  They were supported heavily by the great sets of Jo, Kristen, Joyce and Marissa.  Great sets, girls.  Game four was Thai Rock’s best comeback ever.  They were down 18-10 and tied the game at 19, but ran out of steam in the end.  The blocks, dives, and digs were over the top.  Pat Tansey, John Fabry and Casey O’Brien showed why summer Wednesday nights in Rockaway provide lifetime memories. 

How many Stanii does it take to call the line?  Apparently three is not enough as Kathleen, Matty and Michael were too busy talking to help the team out.  In set two against the Odd Couples, Michael Fraser had more rolls in the sand the American Women Gymnasts when he dove for a ball and dislocated his shoulder.  It was a great night of volleyball as the first place team, Stanii, beat the second place team Odd Couples, 3-2.  The Beach House were amazed by the new record set for their team by John Burke hitting 11 straight master serves.  The House were down 2-0 and stormed back thanks to Burke’s leadership.  The Baranha’s won 3-2 in a great match.  Maeve Rita Grace was the greatest supporter in the losing effort and will surely be one of the best players in 2027.  Casey thought she was looking in a mirror, through the looking glass, Alice.  The Baranha’s have been transforming their own uniforms for ten years.  They have been revolutionary in their style for years.  They give Kudos to the Beach House for modifying their shirts this year.  However the Beach House might want to stop by for some pointers.           

Katie of West End Tents gets the Florence Nightingale award for bandaging up her own teammates and her opponents, Dig This, in a match that was a bloodbath, because of the injuries.  Juliana Moule made her debut as ref/scorekeeper and even had to make a few tough calls on her favorite student teacher, Miss Ramos.  Now the whole family is in the RBVL.  Congratulations.  Commissioner Patty could not have been happier than she was sitting out at the Wharf, munching on a delicious fish taco and flavorful rice under the clearing skies.  Good job, Wharf. 

Two teams from the Sun Ray Division will not qualify for the playoffs.  Unfortunately, IFMA’s are out and one other squad will be determined next week when the division has their own position week.  Cub reporter Coach was sent to London to investigate the growing badminton scandal.  Were players actually juicing their shuttlecocks just to win medals?  Is Dong Moon Kim the Roger Clemens of badminton?  And what a surprise, beach volleyball is the most popular spectator sport in London.  However, Olympic players complained about cold toes and called for trainers to bath and massage their feet.  Why don’t they come out to Riis Park and try jumping over the concrete and spikes hidden in the sand?  They won’t worry about cold feet anymore.


John Sica has been locating and posting on YouTube old videos taken at prior playoff extravaganzas.  Check them out because they are priceless.  Video #3 will be posted this weekend.  Visit the website and watch.  Next week the post-game party is at the BHYC, which is traditionally the season-ending finale.  Clear your calendars.  No one is going home early.  And then the RBVL season ends on August 11th.  Is that possible?  Is the season really only 8 days from being over?  Wow! 

See you on the beach!